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Overwatch vs Overwatch 2



Overwatch and its sequel, Overwatch 2, share a lot of similarities. While this may be true, the games have a few core differences in their gameplay or the philosophy behind each respective title. While some fans of the series will argue much has been lost since the first game, many others will praise perceived improvements made in Overwatch 2. We will examine each match objectively and compare them on their own merits. So, here is Overwatch vs. Overwatch 2.

Whether or not you enjoy the original game or the sequel. It can be agreed upon that both games have elements that make them shine. At the same time, some players may be reminiscent of the 6v6 gameplay. As well as how it affected team composition, many others could easily detract from this in favor of Overwatch 2‘s current 5v5 system. Minute changes such as this have an incredible impact on how the game is played. Do you prefer a  more tanky game? With more attrition-based team fights, or are you a fan of the newer system, let's compare Overwatch and Overwatch 2 below.

What are Overwatch and Overwatch 2?

Released in 2016, Overwatch is a hero shooter with MOBA elements. That pits players against each other in various objective-based game modes, with a traditional 6v6 team composition format that usually consists of two supports, two tanks, and two DPS characters. This team composition philosophy made team fights longer and would typically come down to which team could outlast the other. This is not the case in Overwatch 2, as teamplay is more based on individual performance. As opposed to team play itself.

While Overwatch 2 takes a more direct and skill-based approach to combat. It can initially be somewhat jarring for players returning to the series from Overwatch. This is not where the changes stop; this is just the beginning of the differences between these two titles. While many of the differences between these titles are gameplay based, there are quite a few that are not.


Pay to Play vs. Free to Play

One of the most glaring differences between Overwatch and Overwatch 2 is their price tag. While Overwatch serves as a full-price game, Overwatch 2 can be acquired by owning a copy of Overwatch or simply downloading the free game. This has opened the floodgates for new players into the series. Making Overwatch 2 free means that effectively anyone can play regardless if they paid or not. it can be argued that this is for the betterment of the game as it allows for a more healthy player base. Furthermore, removing the barrier to entry by Blizzard serves to keep the game population more stable and thriving in the future.


Loot Boxes vs. Battle Pass

Overwatch had a traditional loot box system for its progression of cosmetics and various other items. This has been done away with in Overwatch 2 in favor of a Battle Pass system. Like many other titles on the market, Overwatch 2 uses the Battle Pass system to entice players to progress through their tiers to gain more items. This change allows players to unlock things without the randomness of a loot box, opting instead for the transparent Battle Pass system. Many players have preferred this way of doing things, and while there are detractors on both sides, the answer to how this is handled is more complicated than some give it credit for.


Reworks and New HeroesGames Coming to PC October

There have been many heroes reworks in Overwatch 2. Taking their predecessor's lead and using its characters and building upon it.  Overwatch 2 has changed how these heroes function quite a bit. Adding unique damage passive ability to almost all the damage characters has given them more sustain and maneuverability by granting them damage and speed buff upon killing enemies. This change encourages players to be more aggressive in activating this passive. Additionally, this completely changes how fights play out in Overwatch 2 compared to Overwatch. 

They make for a more fast-paced experience. The new damage passive changes the game quiet. Rewarding skillful deliberate gameplay as opposed to the more attrition-based system of Overwatch. Accompanying these recent damage changes are new heroes as well. Ranging in their class and functionality, these heroes seem welcome to the Overwatch 2 roster.

A roster bolstered by many new DPS characters accounts for over a third of the hero roster. Whether it is the tank and destructive Junker Queen or the Soldier 76 like Sojourn or the healer Kiriko. These new characters have been a smash hit among new and returning players to the series. In short, the changes and additions rework, and new heroes have made to the game compared to its predecessor are staggering.


So Overwatch or Overwatch 2?Best MOBA games of 2022

As with many things in life lot of these things come down to personal preference. Some players may enjoy the 6v6 model of Overwatch. While some enjoy the innovation of taking the team count down to five. Some players may like the changes to heroes, while some who are fond of Overwatch might find the old heroes they used to play with unrecognizable in their current state. I'm sure many players enjoy the new Free to Play model that Overwatch 2 has implemented. However, I can see people being more divisive about their new Battle Pass system. One might see it as a tedious grind with numerous tiers to unlock.


Overall, Overwatch 2 does a splendid job of building on the previous game in the series. However, some players may feel like this has come at a cost. I hope you enjoyed how we laid out comparisons and contrasts of each game to inform the player further. Whether you prefer Overwatch or Overwatch 2, both games offer much fun. Players of all different opinions can agree that the Overwatch series has some of the most fun gameplay moments available on the market. That can serve to be enjoyed by everyone.


So, what is your take on Overwatch vs Overwatch 2? Which of these two games do you prefer? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.


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