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5 Things That Would Make Overwatch 2 Better

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Overwatch 2 is not a perfect game by any stretch of the imagination. As no game is without its flaws, this sometimes makes it simpler to see what can be added to a game to solve a particular woe. With so many variables to balance and keep track of, it can sometimes be challenging to ascertain what the game needs. As some changes will be suitable for some and yet wrong for others. Without further ado, here are 5 things that would make Overwatch 2 better 

5. Remove SMS

The SMS system has been one of the most glaring missteps for Overwatch 2. For those unfamiliar, SMS is a system in which players would have to give their phone numbers. As well as attach it to a Battlenet account. This was deemed unacceptable by most players. Several players have stated that it should be optional rather than mandatory, as some players wish to enjoy the game. The system was deemed unacceptable because of how invasive it is toward the player, with many players expressing their disdain for the system online. This has caused Blizzard to question their decision regarding the SMS system.

No matter which side of the  SMS issue that players stand on. One thing is sure: the community outrage over this issue has caused Blizzard quite a bit of trouble. While there are currently plans to roll back the system, how fans see it has already marred its reputation. This has led players to distrust the company and its ability to address player needs and concerns. Removing SMS is the first step in fixing what many consider a botched launch.


4. A Better Tutorial


Overwatch 2 can be a somewhat complex game at times. As a result, the game's tutorial is relatively simple and has effectively been rolled over from Overwatch. This tutorial, however, is rather barebones and doesn't necessarily serve its intended purpose of teaching players how to play the game effectively. While it is technically accurate that the tutorial shows players what to do, either most players will skip the tutorial altogether, or it does not provide a precise representation of actual gameplay.

Showing the gameplay this way does a disservice to just how dynamic the Overwatch 2 gameplay can be. So it isn't easy to get an accurate feel for the game in the current hypercontrolled setting. Also, with hardly any variables in its current iteration, the tutorial does not serve the players well. Solving this issue would also solve many other problems with the game. Such as getting into games with players who haven't had a chance to learn. Having the tutorial tucked away in the menus is also a problem, as some players never find it. A better tutorial will make for a more knowledgeable player base and better Overwatch 2 games overall.


3. A Separate Queue for New Players

Adding a separate queue for ultimately new players will accomplish two vital tasks. First, new players will only play with new players, balancing matchmaking better. Secondly, it will allow players to learn the game in a space where they aren't pressured by being matched up with players with a higher skill level, as there are few feelings worse in a game than being wholly stomped on and dominated in a match. Allowing a separate queue for new players will accomplish both of these tasks relatively ergonomically.

Separating the queues would alleviate many matchmaking woes players tend to face. For example, being placed against a fully queued team when you are a solo player never feels good. As you are almost assuredly going to lose. Eliminating this problem would improve the player experience in both directions for those who seek a challenge and those who need to learn a bit more. In short, adding a separate queue for new players would solve many issues that currently ail Overwatch 2.


2. Push Gamemode Improvements

Push is a game mode that Blizzard added to the list of game modes in Overwatch 2. Unfortunately, the game mode has received a somewhat lukewarm reception from players. The game mode involves players pushing and controlling a giant robot instead of the traditional payload. This type of gameplay can be offputting for players initially. In addition, the mode requires a ton of communication to play effectively, and the game mode does not lend itself well to casual play.

Players on the losing end of a Push game will find it tough to return from a losing state simply because the game mode relies heavily on winning team fights at the start of the round. However, if players lose this initial fight, it becomes increasingly difficult to recover. However, there are a few potential fixes for this game mode, such as changing how the ten-minute timer works to allow teams to regroup and recover more effectively. In conclusion, adding purposeful changes to the Push game mode would help the overall player experience when playing this game mode, Overwatch 2.


1. Adding a PvE Game Mode

Adding a PvE game mode would improve Overwatch 2 significantly. Since Blizzard added PvE into Overwatch, it has become an element of the game with a niche fan base that sorely misses the experience in Overwatch 2. Serving to add to the game, rather than doing anything subtractive, a PvE mode would be a wonderfully welcome addition. Additionally, before the launch of Overwatch 2, one of the most praised elements of Overwatch was its PvE, which Blizzard stated they would expand upon in Overwatch 2. While this has not yet come to light, it would be wise for the developers at Blizzard to seize the opportunity with a PvE mode.

In conclusion, adding PvE to the game would only introduce more variety. Seeing that the PvE mode is currently sorely missed, it would be a no-brainer to add it to the game later. While Blizzard may not have implemented the feature at launch, a PvE mode for Overwatch 2 would undoubtedly be a hit with players. These are why adding a PvE mode is our top pick for 5 things that would make Overwatch 2 better.


So, what do you think of our list of the 5 things that would make Overwatch 2 better? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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