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Overwatch 2: 5 Tips for Beginners

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Overwatch 2 is a game that has been released to much fanfare in the competitive and casual gaming market. The game is a sequel to the highly successful Blizzard title Overwatch. The game features a smaller team roster that hopes to increase team cohesion. Communication with teammates as well as the role queue has been streamlined as well. This was done in hopes of making Overwatch 2  a better experience from a teamplay standpoint. Without further ado, below are Overwatch 2: 5 tips for beginners in Overwatch 2.

5. Team Composition is ImportantGames Coming to PC October


While it may be very enticing to simply play whatever character the player's heart desires this isn't exactly how Overwatch 2 works. With even more of an emphasis on team roles than its predecessor, the game is quite demanding in this regard. Whether it be a switch during the middle of a fierce game that had to be made, or something more fundamental no one enjoys playing with players who can't adapt. This can be seen in many forms, with players often being at odds with each other over their decisions.

That being said, it is important for players to be aware of Team Composition. This is what heroes make up the team and how they synergize with and match up against enemy players. For example, if an enemy Pharah is being rather pesky, it would be wise to switch to a character such as Cassidy or Soldier 76 to shoot her out of the sky. Doing things such as this will be sure to help your team to victory. So if your team ever needs a switch, don't be afraid to discuss the idea with your teammates. All in all, Team Composition is extremely important to Overwatch 2 regardless of the level of play. This is the first of our 5 tips for beginners in Overwatch 2.

4. Know your RoleBest MOBA games of 2022


Knowing one's role in Overwatch 2 is extremely important to the teamplay mechanics of the game. This manifests itself in many different ways. Whether you are a DPS character that is focused on shooting heads and racking as much damage as possible. Or one of the many other important roles that exist in the game. This can be a stalwart tank that focuses on defending their team or a specific position for leverage against the enemy.

Or perhaps you are a truly selfless support player healing your allies when they need you most. Either way, knowing your role in Overwatch 2 is exceedingly important. Players who fail to do this will be at a decidedly devastating disadvantage over players who do these things well. It is for this reason that it is so important to the overall player experience. Overwatch 2 is a game that thrives off of team and player synergy. This is essential to a victory for the player's respective teams. It is for this reason, knowing your role is the fourth tip that we have in our 5 tips for beginners in Overwatch 2.

3. Communication is Key


While it may seem like a no-brainer, teams that actually communicate effectively have a much higher success rate in matches. As compared to those that don't. With the added benefits of being able to relay enemy abilities and locations to teammates, communication is vital in a game like Overwatch 2. This can manifest itself in many ways as well. Whether it be an out-of-position ally or enemy, communication can make or break an encounter. Add the effects of these skirmishes up enough, and they will be able to lay out the flow of battle.

With wise players being able to predict what their teammates are going to do and synergize with these actions, communication serves as an extra weapon against opponents. If, for example, you find that your support is out of position and vulnerable, it would be wise to tell them to retreat. Doing so will make it so that you don't suffer any unnecessary losses to your team. Waiting for players to respawn and get to the frontlines can also take up a lot of time that would be better used in other ways. It is for this reason that communication is key in a game like Overwatch 2. Making it the third tip that we have in our 5 tips for beginners in Overwatch 2.

2. Use the Practice Range


The practice range is a wonderful tool for new players. The practice range serves the purpose of being an open area in which players can practice and learn new characters. Or brush up on old favorites, offering a danger-free zone where players can get damage stats on their weapons and abilities the practice range is vital for newer players. Featuring the entire roster of Overwatch 2 the practice range has a lot to offer new players in the way of knowledge about the game. Players are able to test mechanics as well as adjust settings in this place, and it can make a huge difference to gameplay.

The potential of a space such as the practice range is massive and often understated. While it may be overlooked by some, the practice range is a valuable tool in the hands of a wise player. It is for this reason that we choose it as the second tip on our list of 5 tips for beginners in Overwatch 2.

1. Simply Have Fun


Overwatch 2 is a game that is designed to be enjoyed. Doing so will allow players to learn as they go along, and as the old adage goes, experience really is the best teacher. So if you are just starting out, take your time. The lessons of the game, both harsh and soft, will be learned given enough hours. So what if you don't have a perfect aim?

Perhaps you will learn something about the game through your errors. As long as you are having fun, then that is all that matters. So if you have a bad game or see a player having a bad game, don't be afraid to lend a hand.  Because everyone has to start somewhere in their journey to become better, it is for this reason that simply having fun is our number one tip on our list of 5 tips for beginners in Overwatch 2. 

So, what do you think of Overwatch 2 5 Tips for beginners? Do you agree with our top five picks? Are there any games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.



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