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5 Best Swords in Destiny 2

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5 Best Swords in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an action MMO that has gripped the online gaming community since its release in 2017.  So much so that the game won “best community support” at The Game Awards. Perhaps it's for the fact that anyone can jump in at any point in the game, joining the adventures of a rapidly growing online player base in a single open world. Or the fact that Destiny 2 features one of the strongest storytelling campaigns. I believe, though, it’s the fact that developer Bungie never shies away from a redesign, having consistently evolved the franchise through several updates and expansion packs.

In the past years, swords were heavily overshadowed. However, they’ve since been reworked with impressive stats, perks, designs, and overall power. These heavy hitters, while difficult to master, do come in handy in some of the season's most intense boss fights. And so, as more updates and expansion packs arrive, and more weapons are added to the PvE and crucible rosters, you won't have to worry about which swords will deal the most damage, simply because these five best swords in Destiny 2 are an unrivaled cut above the rest.

5. Quickfang

Destiny 2 - How to get Quickfang (Legendary Hunter Sword) and God Roll Guide

Light, quick, and precise, Quickfang is the kind of sword most people would imagine their best swords to be like. That they cut through flesh like a piece of cake and pull back as easily as striking a match. Well, of course, Quickfang honors the wild imaginations of gaming so it takes it a step further and gives you a faster-than-normal speed so you move and sprint like the wind.

Although Quickfang has been around for a while, its extended-time period only speaks to its legendary status and reputation in the gaming community. Most gamers gravitate toward it when they want a lightweight frame that lands the first strike and completes it with a sharp katana finish. With the adaptive sprint speed, Quickfang adapts itself to a silent ninja’s tactics. However, it’ll have to be a trade-off with dealing the most impactful damage. 

Unfortunately, Quickfang is a class-specific sword only accessible to the Hunter class. On the other hand, though, it’s easy to access and offers a unique lightweight frame fit for a samurai hunter.

4. Falling Guillotine


Falling Guillotine is the kind of sword capable of taking down an enemy in just one swing. That’s how powerful and top-tier this weapon is. With its higher base damage, many gamers vie to have Falling Guillotine stay on ever since its debut in Season 11. At least before The Lament came and completely kicked the ball out of the park on any confidence folks had in Falling Guillotine.

Still, Falling Guillotine remains a top-choice weapon for crowd control or taking down bosses in PvE. Using its Vortex frame, you can unleash continuous heavy spin attacks that can bypass shields and knock down any remaining health bar stats on enemies. Of course, there are now much cooler Vortex frame options to choose from. But Falling Guillotine was the OG that catalyzed the attention on vortex frames. Because of its time spent in Destiny 2, it’s likely the easiest sword to acquire and most reliable for the diehards.

3. Hero of Ages

How to get the Hero Of Ages (Legendary Sword) Plus God Roll Guide in Destiny 2

Hero of Ages feels like a familiar-looking Vortex frame sword much more powerful than other Vortex swords. So, essentially, it deals more damage with the ability to recharge at a rate as powerful as a grenade explosion. Besides the grenade recharge rate called the Demolitionist perk, Hero of Ages also has a Chain Reaction perk that when merged with Demolitionist, sprinkles a paired extra potent explosive action on enemies like it’s Christmas. 

Now, Hero of Ages, however medieval and elemental it feels, still won’t beat The Lament of Black Talon swords. Yet when you combine the Relentless Strikes and One for All perks in column two, the high damage potential and decent ammo build come pretty close. Consequently, you’ll find more and more gamers farming for Hero of Ages among Vortex swords in PvE.

3. The Lament

Destiny 2: How to get THE LAMENT Exotic Sword! | Beyond Light

At first sight, The Lament sends chills down your spine. This is a sword specifically designed to unleash pure raw damage on opponents. It may even feel familiar-looking to Warhammer 40K’s exotic chainsword with the embellishments of a higher base stat. So what makes The Lament so special? Well, unlike the rest of its contenders, The Lament allows you to amp up its damage-dealing capabilities by blocking a handful of attacks and following it up with two to three light attacks. 

Combined, these sequential light attacks can unleash a devastating heavy attack on the most powerful bosses you can think of, potentially taking down their health bar to a ludicrous amount. When used in this exact way, taking down the toughest opponents will feel like a walk in the park. The only icing on the cake you can ask for is how easy it is to get The Lament. Well, it’s not quite easy. However, I’ll say acquiring The Lament remains the most engaging, fun mission you’ll find in Destiny 2.

1. Black Talon


Black Talon is a fancy-looking sword that lives up to its long-range expectations. Because of its lengthy design, the worry over having to commit to close-range sword fights no longer needs to be a concern. With Black Talon, you’re free to just as easily deal devastating damage while maintaining the safety of most long-range slash weapons. 

Particularly, Black Talon’s ability to launch both fast-moving and far-reaching Void projectiles, that, actually, track down targets, means you’re free to engage enemies from far across a room. If not for Black Talon's impressive base stats, players often choose Black Talon simply because of the purple gem on its core that gives it a pretty elegant finish. And, I mean, if you can have the highest possible defense, unleash the most powerful slash attacks, and look good while at it, then why not?

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our five best swords in Destiny 2? Are there other swords in Destiny 2 we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or over on our socials here.

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