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5 Best Weapons in Destiny 2

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5 best weapons in destiny 2

A first-person shooter game wouldn't be epic without a complementary arsenal of weapons to choose from. The satisfying feeling of unleashing rounds of ammo at your enemy and swapping weapons in action is always to die for. Destiny 2 is not short on this experience. From shotguns to SMGs and Scout rifles, the game is endowed with different classes of weapons, each with unique perks and abilities. 

A neat way to progress in the online-only free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter game is through playing Crucible matches and public events. These intense PvP events require the best combination of weapons to defeat your opponent skillfully. If you're wondering which weapons these are, worry not. We've got you covered. We've selected the top-tier deadly pieces guaranteed to subdue the mightiest of bosses. Here are the five best weapons in Destiny 2. 


5. Stormchaser


Weapon Class: Linear Fusion Rifle

Damage: Aggressive Frame/3-Round Burst

Stormchaser is the newest addition to “Season of the Hunters.” This linear fusion rifle stands out for its new archetype, the aggressive frame, which gives it the unique ability to fire a 3-round burst. As a result, the damage you inflict with this weapon is undoubtedly higher than any other linear fusion rifle in Destiny 2. Hence making it one of the most favored weapons in the game.

You can access the weapon in the Duality Dungeon during the second and final encounter. However, you will need a dungeon pass to access this level. The dungeon is the newest addition to the game and requires 1,550 power to commence. This means your character may need at least 1550+ power to access the lethal weapon. 

In addition, the sword chaser is the best suited weapon for dungeons and raids. Although it may not have substantial PVE perks, I'd recommend the Arrowhead Brake, which improves recoil and makes it easier to handle. What's more, you'll also get liquid coils, which increase damage; but come at the cost of a longer charging period. The other downside to the weapon is that it relies on the RNG algorithm, and you may need to play the game a few times before accessing it. 


4. Salvager's Salvo 

Destiny 2 - You Need The Salvagers Salvo for ARC 3.0

Weapon Class: Grenade Launcher

Damage: Arc

The Salvager's Salvo is your to-go-to arsenal for PvE and PvP in the game's “Season of the Chosen.” The grenade launcher has four traits that make it the greatest addition to the Destiny 2 catalog. For starters, unlike other weapons in the roster where you can only fire once and then reload, with the Ambitious Assassin, more kills result in more reloads. Also, the Vorpal Weapon trait increases any damage you deal to bosses, Guardians, and vehicles. My favorite trait is the chain reaction, a series of explosions that causes a bit of a flare after a final kill. And finally, the Demolitionist trait activates and recharges your weapon's grenade energy after every kill. 

Moreover, you can undertake an entire raid with this grenade launcher because of its expansive reserve. It is advisable, however, to include scavenger and finder mods for a satisfying bloodbath. 

To access this weapon, you need to complete the Messy Business quest. However, beforehand, you will need to pay the gunsmith, Banshee-44, whom you can find in the tower. Speaking to the gunsmith during the Season of the Chosen's inception will add the quest to your inventory. 


3. The Hothead

The Hothead Roll You NEED To Get! (Destiny 2)

Weapon Class: Adaptive Frame Arc

Damage: Arc

The Hothead is one of the legendary weapons to behold in Destiny 2. The rocket launcher is a fantastic option for raids and launching massive carnage. It has an adaptive frame arc, a firm grip, and high reload speeds. As a reprised weapon, the Hothead gives PVE a new definition, making it a grand tool in the Destiny 2 weapons roster.

It features an explosive light that increases the blast radius and heightens any damage you inflict on vehicles, weapons, and guardians. Moreover, you can swap the explosive light with a clown cartridge for more extensive damage than any other exotic rocket launcher, thanks to its blast radius and projectile speed. Although this weapon is not the best option for PVE, the Vorpal Weapon and Tracking Module traits can deal with any boss.

You can get hold of this weapon by conquering the Grandmaster Nightfall, which allows you to leverage the Adept weapon mods. Moreover, the recent patch update allows you to earn two Rocket Launchers when completing the Nightfall activities, which feature a limited-time double-reward bonus. The Hothead features other perks, including confined launch, quick launch, and volatile launch. Also, the impact casing boosts the rocket launcher's reloading speed. With these and more, you can defeat an army of renegades with one blast.


2. Fatebringer


Weapon Class: Hand Cannon

Damage: Arc/Kinetic

The Grand Hand Cannon returns and debuts as number two on our best weapons list in Destiny 2. Due to an infusion cap, the Fatebringer and other year-one weapons were scrapped from the weapon's roster. However, it makes a comeback in Destiny 2 with better perks and massive carnage. 

The Fatebringer has a couple of good perks, which label it a suitable weapon for PVE and PVP combat. The firefly and explosive payload cause extensive AoE damage, with the former weakening any enemies around the one you maim. The former will make your enemies retreat with just one shot and reduce its range falloff. The Rewind Rounds replace ammo in the magazine once you empty the clip, which is a valuable perk in high-risk situations. What's more, tunnel vision is an essential tool during Crucible events. However, it may be a steep price to pay to swap it for an explosive payload. Furthermore, Kill Clip increases damage inflicted on enemies by 30% during a reload.

After defeating the Gatekeeper and Templar, you can access the Fatebringer in the Vault of Glass raid. After three or four rounds in the raid, there's a neat chance the hand cannon will be part of the drop. If you're looking for a powerful hand cannon to help you take down your enemies quickly, then the Fatebringer is definitely worth considering.


1. Funnelweb

Funnelweb Might be the BEST SMG in the Game (PvP and PvE) | Destiny 2 Witch Queen

Weapon Class: Hand Cannon

Damage: Void

As a successor to the Recluse SMG, the Funnelweb is a Legendary Submachine Gun with an impressive 900 RPM. The right roll and mod will push your build to its full potential making it a solid successor and the strongest Primary in the game. Moreover, the gun is an excellent pick for PVP and PVE.

In PVE combat, you're better off using the Corkscrew Rifling or Arrowhead Brake for the barrel. The Veist Stinger perks gradually reload ammo when you hit an enemy. You can include Subsistence for a quick reload. For the magazine, you can opt for the Appended Mag or Tactical Mag. The former has a better reload speed you can leverage in case of an ambush. Another primary perk to consider is Frenzy of Adrenaline Junkie, which transitions the SMG into an add-slaying weapon, perfect for PVE. Adding Range Finder and Killing Wind to the first column makes it very effective in close-quarters and long-range combat.

Since the SMG is a Veist product, you can access it from any drop or during the general world loot. Taking part in Crucible matches, Strikes and Gambit will also increase your chances of coming across this masterpiece. 

And there you have it, the five best weapons in Destiny 2. Is there a specific weapon you can't wait to try? Let us know in the comments or over on our socials here.


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