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10 Best Sandbox Games on iOS & Android (March 2024)

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Sandbox Games on iOS & Android

Sandbox games provide fans with the most freedom, from the blocky creative awesomeness of Minecraft to the many ways to play Grand Theft Auto Online. All thanks to the technological advancements in the gaming world that have given video game fanatics more influence over their gaming experiences. And for Sandbox games lovers, the genre only gets better. Not only is mobile gaming a popular alternative to conventional playthroughs, but it's also super convenient and accessible. For those looking to catch some fun Sandbox moments, here are the 10 best Sandbox games you can play on iOS and Android.

10. The Sims 4

The Sims 4: Official Launch Trailer

The Sims 4 comes with fresh attributes and emotions, an intuitive and redesigned Create a Sim, and enhanced construction tools. The game includes My Wedding Stories 2, with the Sims slicing cake and having a messy child. In Build Mode, rewards include new furniture and items, new jewelry and hair for Create-A-Sim, and a new Sim characteristic. Once you've given your Sims a life, you may choose how they use it. You can also install a list of great DLCs and modifications to increase the experience.

9. Terraria

Terraria – Update 1.4.3 Official Trailer

In the game world of Terraria, you get to journeys and destinations that are as distinctive as they are. You could purchase more than a thousand hours of content that a dedicated development team spent ten years carefully developing for a few hundred dollars. Build a small house first, then start digging for materials like ore. Face hundreds of opponents with more than 500 different magic, melee, ranged, and summon weapons you have discovered and crafted, along with armor.

8. Roblox

Roblox | Official Trailer (2019)

Roblox is a lot more than just building things like houses or weapons. Players can design entire games that other people can play. You can create your own adventure story, racing game, or even a big competition. Your level of creativity determines how good your game is. Players on this site have created amazing things. With so many games already made by other players, there's no limit to what you can create on Roblox.

7. Lost Ark

Lost Ark: Launch Gameplay Trailer

You may spend time perfecting your trading skills and betting in the auction house, or you can sail a ship to discover new islands or strengthen your stronghold. The game tells its story through a blend of quests, challenges in unique dungeons, and exciting moments. Once you reach level 50, which is the end of the first part of leveling up, you'll unlock three new types of in-game missions to accomplish. Raiding, dungeons, worldwide events, PvP, collecting, doing daily and weekly quests, and leveling up alts are all part of the endgame activities.

6. Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online: Official Gameplay Video

Los Santos is still a joy to explore at will in Grand Theft Auto Online. Using the Content Creator tool set, you may design your job criteria, such as racetracks and deathmatch weapon spawn spots. To accomplish tasks, players form organized teams called crews. Rockstar Games Social Club allows you to bring your crew from Max Payne 3's multiplayer over to the game. You can join existing crews or create your own with up to five friends. Your crew leader can even promote or demote members to different roles.

5. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact - Official Gameplay Trailer

The game has an action-based fighting system and a beautiful, open world. To acquire additional characters, weapons, and other materials, you may use elemental magic, character swapping, and a gacha monetization system. The game has a multiplayer option that supports up to four players per world.

Additionally, elements in Genshin Impact include crafting and cooking. You gather various materials, some of which you can cook to create foods, craft to make potions, and used to create Character Development Items. Dishes can refill a character's health, boost their attack or defensive skills, and reduce their stamina consumption.

4. Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII - iOS Launch Trailer

The plot of Final Fantasy VII revolves around mercenary Cloud Strife, who works for the eco-terrorist organization AVALANCHE. Barret Wallace is the group's leader. They are fighting Shinra Electric Power Company, a mega-corporation that wants to use the planet's lifeblood as a source of energy to increase its profits. At first, Cloud is motivated to fight by his interests and his pledge to his childhood friend, Tifa Lockhart. Eventually, Cloud finds motivation to fight for a cause other than his own when he teams up with many people to preserve the Earth.

3. Among Us

Among Us Beta Launch Trailer

In Among Us, you work to finish objectives aboard a space station or spacecraft. The game has elements of puzzle gaming, murder mystery, and survival. The twist is that some players are imposters working to eliminate the crew from their group. It shows a crew of up to 10 individuals attempting to maintain a ship by doing simple chores. Then, there is at least one imposter who will attempt to murder every passenger on board. Crewmates must do their jobs while attempting to identify the impostor. The impostor wins if they don't before the game ends.

2. Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous Trailer

The game expands upon the heritage and pillars of the earlier Elite games. The goal is to bring it into the present day and include new elements never seen in the Elite series. Elite Dangerous lets you play with others or by yourself and experience the wild things that happen in space. It could be characters taking others hostage and forcing them to mine resources before letting you return to the starting area. Luckily, the game itself punishes these bad guys.

1. Minecraft

Official Minecraft Trailer

In Minecraft, you place bricks and go on adventures. Create basic objects like weapons or containers and construct buildings like homes, castles, and cities. You also build some pretty complex mechanical systems. Imagine it as an infinite environment with intricate, programmable LEGOs that let you build whatever you want. There are two different game modes in Minecraft: Creative mode and survival mode, which tasks you with protecting your little hut from zombies. The objective is to construct tools and buildings out of weatherproof materials.

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