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Best Life Simulation Games on Roblox

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Best Life Simulation Games on Roblox

I love life simulation games because there's always a chance for you to be whoever you want to be in a world where no one will judge you for it. You can always return to life simulation games, pick up where you left off, nurturing your chosen character into someone you’re proud of. 

Today, life simulation games are more in-depth than ever before. They allow you to make friends, attend parties, build a home, a career, you name it. And in Roblox, there are plenty of games like these that you can explore during your leisure hours. 

Because of how flooded Roblox is, it can be difficult to pick the games that won’t waste your time. So, if you want to play only the best quality games available, here are the best life simulation games on Roblox (April 2023) you should consider.

5. Emergency Response: Liberty County

Seattle Roleplay | Updated Trailer | Roblox Emergency Response: Liberty County

It’s all hell broke loose in Emergency Response: Liberty County, where players take on various roles around rendering emergency services. You can play as a civilian, a criminal, a cop, a firefighter, a sheriff's deputy, or a transportation worker. 

Each role has its perks. Civilians can work shifts as farmers or hospital workers. Not many perks besides immersing yourself in an environment likely different from your job. Criminals have all sorts of perks to help them do their worst. They can even get spray paint to create graffiti all over town. Cops get body cameras that you can get from dispatcher rooms.  

Generally, it’s a multiplayer city life simulation game that’s free to play and stretches your wildest imagination. Players get access to an impressive array of vehicles. Can you rise through the ranks to become the most wanted criminal, GTA-style? Be sure to watch out for new features and updates constantly released every now and then.

4. Welcome to Bloxburg

Welcome to Bloxburg - Roblox Trailer Remake

If you’ve played Town & City, then you’ll have a smooth transition into Welcome to Bloxburg. The gameplay is fairly similar, with players tasked with building and designing their homes, owning vehicles, driving to hangouts with friends, working, or freely exploring the city of Bloxburg. 

In short, it’s a simulation of activities you would normally engage in on a daily basis, except most of them are simulated in a virtual world. The activities focus on running a household in a city. You can combine forces with other players, helping each other build and design homes. That way, it’s never a dull moment finding things to do with friends.

You can go beyond the household, like running a class as a teacher. And if, say, your class doesn’t meet minimum requirements, it’s canceled, and the student’s parents are refunded. Do note, though, that Welcome to Bloxburg has a price tag attached to it. You could also buy more building tools if you prefer.

3. Cabin Crew Simulator

Cabin Crew Simulator Trailer

One of the points of life simulation games is to step outside your comfort zone. What better way is there to experience virtual pilots' emergencies? They vary; literally, any emergency you can think of is likely to happen mid-flight. Like fires or plane crashes into water or land. What would you do then?

You start off as a flight attendant, sworn to protect the safety and comfort of your passengers. As you take to the skies and travel the world, unexpected emergencies occur, and it’s up to you to put your big boy pants on and get to work.

There’s more to awe over, thanks to the flexibility in creating and designing your plane’s outside looking in. You can even choose which meals to serve your passengers. Put simply, you’re put in the shoes of the cabin crew, whisked off to different flights, and tasked with making sure all the passengers make it safely and happily back home.

2. Bee Swarm! Simulator

Bee Swarm Simulator Trailer

Bee Swarm! Simulator feels like a pretty niche game to play. However, before you make up your mind about it, you might want to give it a shot first. It’s become a rather popular game on Roblox that packs an insane amount of fun.

Players work their way up toward becoming bee-keeping masters. You start off with just one vee. As the game progresses, you engage in bee-keeping activities like collecting pollen and making honey. If you put enough hours into the game, you can grow your bee collection from one to more than thirty different species.

Although it sounds like too much of a grind, filling up a huge container with bees and bringing them to the hive, then converting your hard work into in-game currency, turns out to be mad fun. 

Additionally, you can give your bees treats to level them up, or use your currency to get hats and belts, which increase your stats and take you a step higher to becoming bee master.

1. Work at a Pizza Place

Work at a Pizza Place Game Review

If you’re afraid of heights, virtual or not, why not check out the workings of a pizza place? It always seems like an easy task when you go into a restaurant and order something to eat. However, if given the chance to run the kitchen, serving multiple customers at a time, will you be able to do so?

Work at a Pizza Place has gained striking recognition for its unique, user-generated experiences. You won’t do it alone, instead, bring on a team of online players to help you fulfill food orders. Do a splendid job, and you get a paycheck that you can use to upgrade your house and build furniture.

If you don’t fancy the cooking process, you can choose to be the cashier, the supplier, or the delivery guy instead. There are tutorials to help you get a handle on things, then you’re free to take the driver’s seat.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best life simulation games on Roblox (April 2023)? Are there more life simulation games on Roblox we should know about? Let us know down in the comments or over on our socials here.


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