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Best Fighting Games on Roblox

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Best Fighting Games on Roblox

Let's face it, we've all had days when we wanted to punch something and let out all our rage. In most cases, boxing is a great way to unwind from daily stresses or even go out for a walk. But if you don't fancy leaving the house and want a neat way to decompress, say hello to fighting games.

Naturally, engaging in physical fights is never a solution, but within virtual reality, it becomes a prime outlet for stress relief. Roblox has all sorts of fighting games that speak to your taste. And the best part is that it's absolutely free. 

So instead of burning a hole in your pocket looking for online multiplayer action, look no further than these best fighting games on Roblox. 

5. Boxing League

Boxing League Trailer

We start off our list with a game that puts you in the ring, and you get to step in the shoes of Muhammad Ali. Boxing League is a close-range fighting RPG that occurs in an open world. The game uses a progressive system, where you start as a novice boxer with a simple pair of boxing gloves. To rise up the ranks, you need to defeat other players to access better gloves.

Your key to victory is using the provided move sets against your opponent. Every attack or defense consumes your energy. Therefore, you need to be strategic in the moves you make. To execute multiple skill moves, you'll require more stamina. It could help if you saved this for the last round to execute the perfect knockout.

Moreover, the game offers an array of customization options. You can change your character's clothes, skin, and accessories. You can also upgrade your gloves. Ideally, your gloves are the tools you need for ultimate victory. The game offers a variety of glove types that all come at a fee. If you want to upgrade them, you can sell your pair and buy a new one.

4. BedWars

Contrary to its name, there are no beds involved in this game. But there is definitely war. BedWars draws inspiration from Minecraft, where players in teams of four set up bases on an island (beds). There are other islands with players around, but neither of them are connected. You and your team must gather resources and fortify your base before the other islanders attack.

Think of this as an episode of Lost. But instead of looking for a way back home, you must defend your newly found home from an invasion. Moreover, you must craft better weapons than your opponent to attack their bases. 

To win the game, you must conquer other Islands. You must also avoid dying by falling off the island or taking damage. Thankfully, your character can respawn. But losing any member can easily give your opponents the competitive edge they need to win. 

3. Saber Simulator


Star Wars fans gather here. If a lightsaber is your choice of weapon in any fight, then this game is ideal for you. Saber Simulator places the elegant and iconic energy blade in your hands. You need this kind of weapon for the chaotic battle that awaits you. Instead of fighting against teams, the game places you on a battlefield where everyone is gunning for each other. 

To win the game, you must be the last man standing. And to be the last man standing, you need to build your character's strength through training. The training is relatively easy. Your character just needs to swing its sword a couple of times to build muscle. The stronger your character, the more formidable you are against opponents.

Furthermore, you can upgrade your character by selling some of your strengths. The coins also give you access to new sabers. You can choose from a regular saber, dual saber, quad saber, or quad blades. The more powerful your saber is, the more strength you need to wield it. This is one fighting game on Roblox you can never get enough of.

2. Combat Warriors

Combat Warriors Trailer


As the name suggests, Combat Warriors is where the action is. If bloodshed and gore fuel your adrenaline, this is a game worth checking out. In Combat Warriors, chaos is at the heart of the game. You spawn in an open world with primary weapons for attack and defense. It'll only take a second to realize that other players are eager to snuff out your existence.

The game provides a handful of hiding spots. However, due to their limited number, you may easily run into a foe or vice versa. Your best option is to upgrade your weapons and join a clan. The clans give you a competitive edge since you'll have someone watching your back.

Furthermore, to upgrade your weapon, visit the main menu and purchase one using in-game currency, or Robux. The weapons vary in range and damage output. Additionally, the game rewards you with credits and XP for every successful kill. 


HOURS April Fools Trailer

What makes Roblox a popular platform is the ingenuous creativity every developer exhibits in their games. With over 40 million games on the platform, it's common for developers to think outside the box with their new releases. A grand example is our number one game in the best fighting games category on Roblox, HOURS.

In HOURS, your greatest enemy is time. You can choose a character from a rooster of 15 known as ‘hosts.' You can play as the Vestige, the Invader, the Witness, or more. Every host starts the game with a unique set of abilities. You may upgrade your host's abilities at the start of a new round.

The battles occur in arenas where you face various bosses and enemies. Here's the twist:The game gives you a choice of powers known as ‘Tempos.' With these powers, you can bend time and predict the future. But it becomes meaningless when you die, since your character spawns back to the beginning. Think of this game as The Matrix meets Mortal Kombat. Are you willing to fight until the end? 

So, what's your take? Do you agree with our list of the best fighting games on Roblox? Are there other puzzle games on Roblox we should include? Do let us know over on our socials here.

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