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10 Best Isometric Shooters Like KILL KNIGHT

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Isometric shooters are an adrenaline-filled dose for gamers who revel in fast-paced action. These games stand as pillars of strategic intensity and visual splendor. Plus, with their distinct top-down perspective, you get a bird's-eye view of action-packed battlegrounds. Kill Knight, an upcoming title, uses this formula, dousing its entire gameplay in a vibrant red backdrop. The title has everything you’d want from an isometric shooter, with its trailer turning fans into eager-maniacs. If you’re part of the bandwagon waiting to unleash your inner knight, here are a few games to warm you up before the game drops. Let’s explore the best Isometric Shooters like KILL KNIGHT.

10. Fallout 1

Fallout 1 - Trailer

In another humanity-centered isometric game, Fallout 1 transports you to a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by nuclear war. Set in the year 2161, the game unfolds in the desolate wasteland of Southern California, where players emerge from Vault 13. You must traverse the wasteland, where you will encounter mutated creatures, rival factions, and the remnants of civilization. 

The isometric perspective offers a panoramic view of the harsh landscape, allowing players to explore ruins, towns, and underground vaults in their quest for survival. Decades after its release, Fallout 1 remains a seminal title in the RPG genre. Owing to its innovative design and storytelling, the game is a pace-setter for countless others. 

9. Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami - Official Trailer

Hotline Miami thrusts you into a neon-soaked, 1980s-inspired fever dream of ultraviolence and mystery. Developed by Dennaton Games, this top-down action game challenges players to navigate levels filled with ruthless enemies and deadly traps. With its fast-paced gameplay and brutal combat, the game calls for precision and strategy. Also, you must unleash a barrage of gunfire and melee attacks to survive.

8. Otxo

OTXO - Official Release Date Trailer

Otxo, a new title by Lateralis Heavy Industries, is an unforgiving, top-down shooter with roguelike elements. Your mission is tied to romance, as you must rescue your loved one from an abstract house. 

The game uses a monochrome art style, which highlights the gore with every kill. The game resonates with fans of John Wick, especially if you’re into tons of violence. There’s plenty to do in the game and mysteries to unravel. The gameplay might be punishing, but clearing levels is incredibly satisfying.

7. The Incredible Adventured of Van Helsing

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Extended Edition - Launch Trailer | PS4

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing invites you into a dark and fantastical world steeped in gothic horror and steampunk aesthetics. Developed by NeocoreGames, this title follows the exploits of the legendary monster hunter Van Helsing. The game is set in a world where monsters roam the streets and dark magic runs rampant. 

6. Hatred

Hatred Gameplay Reveal Trailer (new version)

Hatred by Destructive Creations comes close to the gore and killing spree Kill Knight promises to offer. Ironically, in this game, you don't play as the protagonist but as the antagonist. After being fed up with my human’s despicable ways, The Antagonist takes up the role of ridding the world of evil. 

The isometric shooter gives you the task of offending civilians and authorities on the map. Ideally, the quests focus on blatant destruction and death. Moreover, while some sites have criticized the game’s blunt gameplay, in which strategy and wit are non-existent, the twin-shooter is still a delight to play. You can unleash your inner berserk in the survival mode, where you face it off with hordes of soldiers. 

5. Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded

Alien Shooter 2 - Reloaded

Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded thrusts players into a chaotic future overrun by alien invaders. Developed by Sigma Team, this isometric shooter offers relentless action as players take on the role of a mercenary fighting to cleanse Earth of extraterrestrial threats. With a focus on fast-paced combat and sheer firepower, the game challenges players to adapt and survive in the face of overwhelming odds. 

While some may criticize its straightforward gameplay, Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded excels in delivering adrenaline-fueled thrills and intense firefights against a variety of alien foes. The campaign provides hours of non-stop action, and the inclusion of co-op multiplayer adds an extra layer of excitement. For fans of intense isometric shooters like Kill Knight, Alien Shooter 2: Reloaded offers a gripping experience filled with explosive combat and relentless challenges.

4. The Ascent

The Ascent - Official Launch Trailer

A Neon Giant creation, The Ascent is an electrifying journey through the neon-lit dystopia of Veles. The fictional land is brimming with corruption and violence. As a cybernetically enhanced denizen, you navigate its gritty streets and towering skyscrapers in pursuit of freedom and fortune. 

Set in a future where corporations reign supreme, The Ascent offers a visually stunning isometric perspective. From bustling markets to seedy back alleys, every corner of Veles is alive with detail, immersing players in its oppressive atmosphere.

3. Neon Chrome

Neon Chrome - Launch Trailer | PS4

Neon Chrome draws parallels to Kill Knight as an isometric shooter. However, instead of navigating the underworld, you explore a vibrant cyberpunk world. The game map opens up to procedurally generated levels filled with relentless enemies and deadly traps. 

Developed by 10tons Ltd, this isometric shooter offers a dystopian landscape filled with neon lights and futuristic technology. You take on the role of a hacker seeking to overthrow the authoritarian Overseer, who controls the titular megastructure.

2. Hades

Hades - Announcement Trailer | PS5

Hades is a captivating isometric action roguelike set in Greek mythology. Developed by Supergiant Games, the game features you as Zagreus, the son of Hades. The underworld appears to cramp your style, and your quest is to escape your father’s lair. 

Each escape attempt is unique, thanks to procedurally generated levels and a wide array of weapons, abilities, and upgrades to discover. With its engaging narrative, fluid combat mechanics, and stunning visual design, Hades offers an unforgettable gaming experience. 

1. The Hong Kong Massacre

The Hong Kong Massacre | Release Trailer | PS4

The Hong Kong Massacre is at the top of our list because of its uncanny resemblance to Kill Knight. In this top-down shooter, you play as a former detective on a quest for justice after his partner's brutal murder. Developed by VRESKI, it combines intense gun play with a captivating noir-inspired storyline set against the backdrop of Hong Kong's criminal underworld.

With its challenging gameplay, gripping storyline, and stylish presentation, The Hong Kong Massacre offers an adrenaline-fueled experience that will keep players on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

And there you have it, the best isometric shooters like KILL KNIGHT. Do you agree with our list? Are there any other games we should know about? Let us know in the comments or on our socials here.

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