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The Night Wanderer: Everything We Know

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Vuko in The Night Wanderer: Everything We Know

If you’ve been a part of the community pushing for a video game adaptation of the Polish novel “Lord of the Ice Garden” by Jarosław Grzędowicz, well, I'm happy to say that you’re in luck. It may not be the Witcher. Or, who knows? It might be just as good or even better. What we know for sure is fans are beyond elated and simply cannot wait for the final drop. Before then, you want to be well prepared. So, we’ve compiled everything we know so far about the upcoming video game, The Night Wanderer.

What is The Night Wanderer?

The Night Wanderer

The Night Wanderer is an upcoming sci-fi and fantasy role-playing game with Soulslike gameplay that's currently being developed by Magic Koi. The developer describes the game as an interplay between RPG and Soulslike genres. Moreover, they plan to incorporate “tried-and-true mechanics,” like Metroidvania-like level design and Soulsborne-like fast-paced combat, to curate a unique and innovative dynamic and tactical gameplay system. 


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Any fan of classic RPGs will be familiar with The Night Wanderer’s mission design. You’ll unravel a neatly outlined and compelling storyline as part of the main game. With The Night Wanderer primarily based on the award-winning novel “Lord of the Ice Garden” by Jarosław Grzędowicz, you can expect striking similarities between the two. You’ll control an elite Viking warrior called Vuko, who takes on a solo mission on an uncharted alien planet called Midgaard, home to “beings remarkably reminiscent of the people of our Early Middle Ages.” 

Midgaard drastically mimics the Viking age, and when a group of scientists go missing en route to the alien planet, Vuko is sent to rescue them. However, since the planet has a dangerous radiation field that destroys advanced technology, Vuko crash-lands his spaceship, forcing him to give up his fancy tech for the traditional sword and armor combo. Midgaard’s secrets and mysterious forces will influence both combat and character interactions. As you gradually unravel Midgaard’s mysteries, you’ll get closer to discovering what happened to the scientists you’ve been sent to rescue.

Furthermore, you won’t be alone. You’ll have a biological AI called Cyphral attached to your neck to keep you company and support you with boosts to your endurance, strength, and reflexes. Interestingly, Cyphral is actually Vuko’s lost love, embodied in his nervous system. According to Steam’s story description, you’ll “experience a classic RPG-style quest design, all while navigating the omnipresent Cyphral and intertwined Corruption. Brace yourself for a gaming spectacle that defies convention and delivers unparalleled excitement!”


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The Night Wanderer will intertwine several genres, including sci-fi, fantasy, RPG, Soulslike, Metroidvania-inspired level design, and medieval-like settings. It’ll uncover a story-based mission across bouts of discovery and exploration. It’ll merge action and adventure, controlling an elite soldier on a rescue mission across an alien planet. Cyphral, your ever-present AI companion, harbors secrets that affect your journey. She’ll come in handy in helping you navigate dangerous landscapes, fight formidable creatures, and unravel the secrets of Midgaard, which I assume is the game’s interpretation of character progression.

As you progress, you’ll run into people and beasts driven by their darkest impulses. These will either lead you down a path of darkness or that of light. Your decisions will impact not only your soul but also the fate of Midgaard. Check out the key features to expect via Steam below.

  • Delve into an otherworldly realm! – Play as Vuko Drakkainen, an elite soldier revered by some as a god among men who is cast from the stars to an unknown destiny.
  • Omnipresent AI companion – Cyphral provides guidance, strategic support, and emotional solace as you navigate the unknown.
  • Absolute power corrupts… – Vuko's wit and sarcasm may be your best defense against this internal threat, forcing you to make difficult choices that ripple through the story's fabric.
  • Face formidable foes and make crucial decisions that shape the unfolding narrative.
  • Immerse yourself in a rich storyline, stunning visuals, and dynamic, meaningful, and challenging gameplay that seamlessly blends science fiction with dark fantasy.


Vuko Drakkainen

Polish Warsaw-based Mighty Koi is currently working on developing and publishing The Night Wanderer. The studio does have experience adapting science fiction and fantasy stories from other media. So, we have high hopes they’ll deliver a quality entry with a worthwhile experience. They’ve released an announcement trailer with a cheeky “when it’s ready” release date attached. You can also catch early concept artworks of the characters and environments to expect right here

It’s unclear when the game will be ready, especially with another game in the works. Mighty Koi is also working on a Thorgal video game adaptation, which is a cosmic series created by Grzegorz Rosiński and Jean Van Hamme.


The Night Wanderer - Official Announcement Trailer

Yes, an official announcement trailer is out now, delving deeper into what to expect. You can catch sneak peeks of the characters and environment visuals to expect. You also get a rough idea of the story, infusing futuristic and medieval Scandinavian mythologies. Hopefully, a more in-depth gameplay trailer will come soon.

Release Date, Platforms, & Editions

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Developer Magic Koi confirms that The Night Wanderer will come out “when it’s ready.” Okay, there's not much confirmation there. In fact, it hardly suggests even a launch window to look forward to. That leaves us with speculation, or more practically, keeping an eye out for any updates on the Magic Koi website. At least, we have confirmation that the game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC platforms via Steam and the Epic Games Store. 

We even have a Steam store page ready, with the option to add the game to your wishlist to get a notification when it drops. As for the editions, they have yet to be confirmed. Do keep your eyes peeled for updates via the official social handle here. Meanwhile, we'll post new information as soon as it comes up on

So, what’s your take? Will you be picking up a copy of The Night Wanderer when it drops? Let us know over on our socials here.

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