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5 Best Heroes in Overwatch 2: Season 9

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Best Heroes in Overwatch 2: Season 9

In the ever-evolving world of Overwatch 2, mastering the art of hero selection is paramount for success. As Season  9 unfolds, players find themselves navigating a dynamic landscape of strategies and compositions.

Each Overwatch 2: Season 9 character has unique strengths that give them an edge over the other characters. However, they also have certain weaknesses that put them at a disadvantage.

Blizzard continuously tweaks the characters’ power levels in Overwatch to balance the playing field. The changes are usually subtle and have minor impacts on the gameplay. However, Overwatch 2: Season 9 comes with major changes that shake up the game from the ground up. Notably, the changes make some characters significantly stronger or weaker than before, necessitating a review of your roster. Here is a comprehensive overview of the five best heroes in Overwatch 2: Season 9.

5. Kiriko

Overwatch 2 Animated Short | “Kiriko”

Kiriko is one of the best support characters in Overwatch 2: Season 9. Notably, her healing abilities make her a valuable team member, enabling her teammates to last longer in battle.

For example, the Healing Ofuda, her primary healing method, enables her to shoot precisely targeted talismans that provide continuous healing to her allies. Additionally, her Swift Step ability enables her to teleport to allies who need instant healing. Moreover, her Protection Suzu ability provides healing, makes her allies invulnerable, and even cleanses them of negative effects.

In addition to being a reliable healer, Kiriko can also cause considerable damage. For example, her Kunai weapon can cause critical damage from a safe distance. Interestingly, she can also easily evade enemies with abilities like Wall Climb, Swift Step, and Kitsune Rush. However, it is worth noting that the recent updates and global health increase in Overwatch 2: Season 9 slightly reduced her general kill threat. Overall, Kiriko has a 4.18% pick rate and a 47.96% win rate.

4. Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 Origin Story | Overwatch

Soldier: 76 is a formidable damage hero and one of the easiest characters to play in the game. Notably, the projectile changes in Overwatch 2: Season 9 make him more accurate and lethal, increasing his efficiency in battle. Notably, he has a 50.00% win rate and a 4.29% pick rate.

76 is well-equipped to deal considerable damage. Notably, his Heavy Pulse Rifle weapon shoots an overwhelming hail of bullets and is effective at both medium ranges. Moreover, his Tactical Visor ability increases his accuracy, enabling him to target and hit evasive enemies with ease. Interestingly, he can also move faster using his Sprint ability, enabling him to evade enemies or go after items. Finally, he can always use his Helix Rockets to deal burst damage, quickly killing enemies before they use their abilities.

3. Mercy

Everything NEW with Mercy in Season 9 | Buffs!!

Mercy is a supporting character with some of the most impressive healing abilities in Overwatch 2: Season 9. Moreover, she is also potentially lethal and boasts one of the highest kill rates. Interestingly, she can also considerably boost her allies’ damage rates, making her an integral part of the team.

Sympathetic Recovery is one of Mercy’s most convenient healing abilities. Notably, the ability provides continuous healing to Mercy’s allies at 13.75 HP per second while also healing her in the process. Moreover, you can also accelerate the healing rate to 15 HP per second by combining the ability with Valkyrie, an ability that boosts Mercy’s other healing and damage abilities.

Interestingly, Mercy can also provide healing to dead allies, bringing them back into the fight. Notably, her Resurrect ability restores full health to a dead ally and makes them invulnerable for 2.25 seconds. Additionally, her Guardian Angel ability enables her to fly to hurt or dead enemies to provide healing and crucial assistance. Interestingly, she also has an emergency sidearm that fires five rounds per second and causes 20 damage points.

Mercy also has some impressive movement abilities. For example, Angelic Descent enables her to fall slowly from great heights. Overall, she is a formidable character with a 50.32% win rate and a 6.48% pick rate.

2. Genji

Genji Guide from a Top500 Genji Player - Overwatch 2 Guide

Genji is a damaged hero and one of the original characters in Overwatch 2: Season 9. Notably, he has an impressive arsenal of weapons and abilities that make him formidable on the battlefield.

Genji’s Shuriken weapon shoots three projectiles with 27 damage points per projectile. Moreover, you can also use the Shuriken Alt Fire version of the weapon to throw the projectiles in an arc, covering a wider scope. Interestingly, he can also use the Deflect ability to deflect incoming projectiles and redirect them towards enemies.

He is also efficient at close-range combat. Notably, his Dragonblade ability enables him to use a Katana to strike anyone within range, causing 110 damage points. Moreover, his Swift Strike ability enables him to use his Wakizashi weapon to dart forward while slashing through all enemies within range. Overall, he has a 50.00% win rate and a 4.44% pick rate.

1. Ana

The Ultimate Overwatch 2 Ana Guide

As Season 9 unfolds, Ana continues to reign supreme as one of the most powerful healers in Overwatch 2. Ana is a truly formidable support hero who would be an invaluable addition to your team. Notably, she is both efficient at killing and reliable at healing, making her a versatile character. Overall, she is one of the most popular characters in the game, with a 48.61% win rate and 8.17% pick rate.

Ana has several impressive weapons and combat abilities that can potentially turn the tide of a fight when used properly. Notably, most of her weapons cause damage to enemies while providing healing to allies. For example, the Biotic Grenade causes 60 damage points to enemies caught within the radius and 60 HP to allies. Moreover, the grenade also increases allies’ healing rates by 50%.

Additionally, Ana also has a Biotic Rifle that provides 75 HP to allies and causes 75 damage points to enemies. Her ultimate ability, Nano Boost, enables her to instantly refill almost any character’s health with an instant 250 HP. Moreover, it gives allies 50% more immunity to incoming damage for eight seconds. Interestingly, her Sleep Dart temporarily disables enemies, essentially making them sitting ducks until damaged. Notably, Ana’s complex abilities require a strategic playing approach and a lot of practice for beginners.

So, what’s your take on our picks for the five best heroes in Overwatch 2: Season 9? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below. 


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