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Best Grand Theft Auto Mods in 2022



Mods have played a vital role in Grand Theft Auto's development over the years, forever pushing boundaries to new heights with innovative and downright ludicrous ideas. Fast-forward to present day, and the game is littered with the things. For PC players, it's a playground made up of a million different games all bundled into one. And as for the main story? I mean, it's basically an afterthought when the modders are in town.

It's 2022, meaning Grand Theft Auto V has been kicking about for just shy of a decade. What that also means, of course, is that the game itself has found room for the countless mods that have been gravitating toward it for nine years. The question is, which ones are worth plucking out, and which are worth keeping? Well, let's run through them. Here are, in our opinion, the best mods for Grand Theft Auto V in 2022.

Online Vehicles in Single Player

The name sort of says it all with this one, to be fair. Online vehicles, available only in the multiplayer counterpart, are essentially ported over to the main story, meaning you can both buy them from the in-game marketplace, as well as find them cruising the streets. A pretty minor thing, perhaps, but an essential one for any online player.

Grab the mod here.


Modded Cars DLCPack

Another solid choice for the fellow petrolhead, no doubt. In a nutshell, Modded Cars DLCPack bolsters your current in-game library of vehicles by adding a further line of luxury imports. By that, it means you can pretty much hijack a Dodge Charger or a Nissan Skyline between main story missions. Beats hijacking a bus, that's for sure.

Grab the mod here.


Alien Invasion War

If, by chance, you have ever pictured Los Santos succumbing to an otherworldly race in an all-out invasion, then you'll probably want to go ahead and install Alien Invasion War. In short, this mod allows for you to pick a side, whether it be with the military, FIB, or the police, and then ushers you into conflict with another species. Think War of the Worlds, only with a much brighter palette of colors. That's what you're getting at with this one.

Grab the mod here.


The Agency

Remember the Lester missions that had you bagging kills to help tilt the stock market? Well, The Agency basically follows that design, only it leans more toward the killing side of things, as opposed to helping you gain an upper hand on leftover stock shares. It isn't exactly tiptoeing in the shadows of Hitman, but it is a quirky accessory for anyone that enjoys taking down random figures for extra cash.

Grab the mod here.


Carmageddon V

You know, because Grand Theft Auto isn't chaotic enough. What better way to flesh out the mindless vandalism than to throw in an endless volley of spawning vehicles all over San Andreas, right? In all honesty, next to all the other wired and wonderful things that occur in and around the city, having cars hitting the ground like bullets and spinning uncontrollably like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz's twister doesn't seem all that bad. Might as well enable it.

Grab the mod here.


Fleeca Bank Heists

Robbing banks and getting paid was the primary goal of the main story, sure. From that, it was only natural for modders to expand on it by creating another line of heists for players to experience outside of the online world. True to the base game, prep work is a crucial part of the job, and can often lead to loftier scores and bigger payouts. With another six banks to case and rob, you can pretty much push the story out by another few hours or so. Perfect for those who fear the online world, for sure.

Grab the mod here.


North Yankton DLC

Unfortunately, your time in North Yankton is cut rather short when sludging through the main story. In fact, you only spend a couple of hours there at most, and it all disintegrates shortly after mopping up a few missions. However, the North Yankton DLC mod allows for you to reopen the door and return to the region. Within, you can find a living, breathing community, complete with explorable buildings and safe houses. All it takes is a flight from Los Santos airport.

Grab the mod here.


LS Life

If you've ever fancied yourself as a drug kingpin and haven't quite managed to move on from Grand Theft Auto 4's Lost and the Damned DLC, then you'll be thrilled to know that LS Life gives you the chance to check both boxes with one humongous green tick. With the mod enabled, you can run an elite gang of drug dealers and dominate the criminal underworld. As you work to move up the ladder, you can obtain new perks and vehicles, all while keeping a lid on your citywide operations.

Grab the mod here.


Zombie Outbreak Simulator

If you're just about done with cracking alien skulls with the Alien Invasion War mod, then you might want to draw your attention over to the next global outbreak. Zombies. It was only a matter of time, right? San Andreas has become the next victim to fall in line to the undead army, and it's up to you to turn the tide before it cloaks the entire world. No pressure.

Grab the mod here.


Prison Mod

How is you have managed to get away with countless murders and armed robberies and not had to face the consequences? It seems a good stretch in prison ought to straighten you out. Thankfully, the prison mod does exactly that. It puts you in jail, leaving you to form alliances, go on bail, or simply break out to be a burden to society all over again.

Grab the mod here.


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