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Best Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach Mods



It was always in the cards — a treasure trove of mods finding their ways to Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security BreachIt isn’t all that much of a surprise, either, given the fact that survival horror games are widely known to frequently receive the backhand of a good old-fashioned tweak or two. And let’s face it, there isn’t a franchise in the world that has as many holes to fill and characters to exploit than Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy’s. It just so happened to be Security Breach that found its way to the epicenter of the modding community’s wrath, of all things. Go figure.

Granted, there aren’t an enormous amount of mods to get ahold of in 2023, but there are enough to turn an otherwise great survival horror game into something else entirely. And if you’re wondering which mods in particular are worth adding to your file system, then be sure to read on for a list of the most effective add-ons the likes of Nexus Mods currently has to offer. Without further ado, here are the best mods in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach. 

5. MontyVerse

If you’d rather cut out the entire roster from Security Breach and reduce it to a single character—a gator who goes by the name of Monty, for example—then there isn’t a better choice of mod than MontyVerse, a chaotic add-on that goes hand-in-hand with the actual storyline itself. It’s mindlessly entertaining, wholehearted fun, clear as day — and it’ll keep you on your toes from the moment you step foot into the Mega Pizzaplex, to the very second you flee from it at the crack of dawn.

Its purposes is as simple as they come: lumber the player with a new Monty animatronic every fifteen seconds or so. That’s really all there is to it, and it’s absolutely traumatizing, to say the least — doubly so if you’re petrified of the jaded gator and his starry-eyed shades. Nevertheless, it’s a great mod for those who’d much rather opt out of the main quests and go straight for fleeing from animatronics around the clock.

4. Replace Glamrock Chica With Classic Chica

Granted, there isn’t a whole lot to cower before when it comes to tackling the rockstar versions of the FNaF troupe, nor is there any reason to avoid confronting them when, quite frankly, there isn’t a whole lot left to scare you. Chica, for example, is one of the most unnaturally terrifying animatronics in all of FNaF, though not anywhere near as terrifying when squelched down to a neon-sporting glam star. Thanks for that, Security Breach.

The good news is, the modding community already went ahead and produced numerous mods to essentially swap out certain characters for their classic and, let’s face it, scarier counterparts as depicted in earlier chapters from the series. So, if you’d much rather wipe the slate clean and opt for a roster that’s slightly more rugged and sinister, then be sure to have a good old shuffle through some of the active switch mods here.

3. The Chaos Mod

The Chaos Mod is exactly what it sounds like — a mod that boasts endless mayhem for anyone who dares install it and give it a whirl. What it really is, though, is a selection of random events, all of which unravel within the confines of the Mega Pizzaplex itself. As for what these events are is another question, as only few have let slip its deepest, darkest secrets. Whatever it is, just know that over 30,000 FNaF fans have added it into their game files, so clearly there’s an underlying interest in the unknown.

Going by the modding community and its recent download history, The Chaos Mod is one of the most noteworthy of its kind. And while anyone who dares activate it will no doubt need a pretty sturdy bit of hardware to support it, it’ll definitely spice one or two things up upon installation. That is, if your PC doesn’t crash and burn in a last-ditch effort to boot it up, anyway.

2. Glamrock Foxy

While you could argue that Security Breach only featured the best of the best in its active roster, many will argue that others, including Foxy, should’ve been a small part of it. That’s why one modder, in particular, swapped out Roxanne Wolf with none other than a brand-new glamrock-themed Foxy.

Gameplay-wise, not a whole lot is different here. That said, as far as visuals go, it’s definitely one of the better mods out there, and of course a credit to the animatronics who simply failed to make the original cut. So, if you have little time for the likes of Roxy, then consider swapping her out for another antagonist altogether by implementing any of the available mods here.

1. Roxy’s Mega Pizzaplex

Sure enough, there are a lot of mods out there that let you remove the all-star Freddy Fazbear from the spotlight and, with a little file magic, replace him with another character altogether. Take Roxy, for example; although a secondary villain in Security Breach, there is in fact a mod that you can install that lets her assume the lead role. And again, while it doesn’t change all that much mechanically, it does add a new element to the overall formula. If only slightly, anyway.

As far as the Roxy Mega Pizzaplex mod goes, its purpose is simple: overshadow Freddy and transform the iconic Pizzaplex into a Roxy-themed kingdom, complete with branded outlets and attractions. Installing it, of course, means being able to take Roxy for a walk, too, and not the usual Glamrock Freddy. A minor change, for sure, but one that any fan of Roxy Wolf will no doubt want to implement at some point or another.


So, what’s your take? Will you be adding any of the above mods to your Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach file? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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