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All Animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, Ranked



Steel Wool Studios’ Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is home to many things, though mostly to the tattered and hostile animatronics that roam the vacant hallways of the eerie Pizzaplex past midnight. Question is, which of the glamrock-sporting bots boast the toughest shell, and not to mention the raw power to scare the living daylights out of anyone who dares trespass past closing time? Well, here’s how we’d slate them based on not only their abilities to conjure a shudder or two, but their value as some of the series’ newest arrivals.

Security Bots

We’ll be the first to admit that, in spite of their undying love for the art of scaring us senseless, the security bots in Security Breach really aren’t all that memorable. And whilst you could argue that appearing in an abundance is noteworthy in itself, the simple truth is, the standard security bot has about as much personality as a wet paper napkin. Yes, they’re appealing in their own problematic sort of way, but remove the cutesy flashlights and boggle eyes, and you’ve really just got a template drone on wheels doing mindless back and forth maneuvers.

Map Bot

Granted, the best scares in Security Breach don’t necessarily stem from the copy and paste drones that roam the Pizzaplex, but boy — those Map Bots sure know how to provoke a fright. And while their screen time isn’t the most fleshed out, they’re still a solid addition to the roster. Not that they’d be missed if Steel Wool Studios removed them from the lineup altogether, mind you.


Montgomery is a funny one, mainly down to the fact that his screen time in Security Breach can vary depending on the choices you make throughout your time at the Pizzaplex. For the most part, though, the starry-eyed gator doesn’t boast a great deal of purpose, other than the fact that he’s one of Fazbear’s lackeys and one of the Pizzaplex’s all-stars. Needless to say that Steel Wool Studios could’ve given Monty a few more lines, and not to mention a slew of additional opportunities to snap at us out of the blue.

DJ Music Bot

Ah yes, DJ Music Bot — the largest antagonist of the bunchand not to mention the villain who just so happens to spend most of their screen time either asleep, or knocking down bathroom stalls with enormous animated arms. Forgettable, in some ways, and yet somehow a footnote that’s weirdly, albeit briefly entertaining for what it’s worth. But then, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t take me a few minutes to remember the thing.


It feels strange, slotting the series’ poster child this far down on a list that, should it have been on any other, would’ve made the top spot, no questions asked. Truth is, though, Freddy Fazbear just isn’t the usual all-seeing evil animatronic that we’ve seen in previous instalments. On the contrary, he serves as Gregory’s closest ally, and as a result, doesn’t add a great deal more to the overall fear factor that Security Breach tries so endearingly to bleed dry. That said, our mutual love and respect for Freddy is enough to cement him somewhere — and that just so happens to be right around the midway point.


Arguably one of the best new additions to the FNaF roster, Sundrop, or Moondrop if we’re going by its alter ego, is one to watch. A children’s soft play entertainer at heart, Sundrop transitions into a darker and horrifyingly creepier version of himself when engulfed in darkness. Let it be said that these segments in Security Breach are some of the most nerve wracking in the entire game — and perhaps even the franchise as a whole.


Anyone who’s ever experienced the horrors of trucking through the SCP universe will have no doubt felt a burst of nostalgia when confronting the dreaded Endoskeletons in Security Breach. Similar in design, the half-finished animatronics move only when you’re not looking at them — and with great haste, no less. Needless to say that having to swiftly move through an entire labyrinth of underground halls and factories with an army of the things in tow certainly make up for some of the greatest scares in all of Security Breach.


Roxy is yet another clean-cut example of what makes Five Nights at Freddy’s the powerhouse IP that it is. In Security Breach alone, the homicidal wolf delivers not only some of the most bone-chilling chase sequences, but also one of the best boss fights in the entire saga—an interlude that consists of dodging her rapid movements and running blindly between crags, crevices, and blazing infernos. Plus, let’s not forget that the bulk of her dialogue is borderline eerie — doubly so when provoked by a sudden glint of movement. Does this make her the best antagonist in Security Breach? No. That said, it’s certainly cutting it close.


There’s no doubt about it — Chica is hands down the best animatronic in all of Security Breach. Why? Well, because for starters, she’s arguably the most recognizable in all of the FNaF universe, and not to mention one of the OG characters that started it all back when Scott Cawthon developed the concept. Add the fact that her entire presence in Security Breach is littered with cat-and-mouse chases, dingy boss battles, and a surprising amount of fantastic dialogue, and you’ve got yourself one monster of a bot. Case in point: when I, for one, picture my time romping through Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach, I strongly recall one face and one face only — and it’s Glamrock Chica.


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