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5 Best Games Like Evil Diary



Shooting zombies in upcoming pixelated shoot-em-up Evil Diary.

Evil Diary is an upcoming shoot-em-up title focusing on a post-apocalyptic world with stylized graphics. Many shoot-em-up titles on the market invoke a similar sense of visual flair and fantastic gameplay. These titles have a gameplay loop that is incredibly replayable. Each also brings its own spin on the shoot-em-up genre, as well, which is amazing. To highlight some of the best of the best, here are our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Evil Diary.

5. Nova Drift

NOVA DRIFT - Early Access Launch Trailer

For the first entry on our list of the best games like Evil Diary, we have Nova Drift. Despite visually being quite a departure from Evil DiaryNova Drift contains much of the same classic arcade-style DNA within it. This not only gives the game a distinct feel but also brings the two games together in terms of their presentation. Despite being in an Early Access state, this roguelike title's content is impressive. This, coupled with the game's high sense of replay value, makes it an excellent pick for those who enjoy the roguelike genre as a whole.

Throughout the player's journey in Nova Drift, they are able to customize their ship extensively. In doing so, they can affect the outcome of their battles and build their ship in a way that suits their individual playstyle. Over two hundred modifications can be made to your ship, each affecting how your ship performs. Additionally, the game's randomized nature means you will always have something new to return to. In short, Nova Drift is one of the best games like Evil Diary.

4. Time Wasters

Time Wasters 1.0 Trailer

We are staying somewhat in the same vein for the next entry on our list. Here, we have Time Wasters. If players are looking for an action-roguelike title that not only emphasizes its sense of style but also does so in a way that feels impactful, Time Wasters is for you. Players are able to fill the boots of Captains, each of whom has not only their own sense of personality but also different strengths and weaknesses. There are primary weapons that each character can use, as well as upgrade. This does a great job of giving the player a way to affect the outcome of their battles.

For players who simply enjoy the gameplay of Time Wasters, there is an Endless mode. As the name would imply, this sees players facing off against endless waves of enemies in a true test of skill. Along the way, there are many pickups that players can use to affect their experience. This makes controlling the massive waves of enemies easier, allowing the player more breathing room. All around, if you are looking for one of the best games like Evil Diary, give Time Wasters a try.

3. Dead Estate


We are switching things up quite a bit and taking a turn for the gory with Dead Estate. Within Dead Estate, players can find themselves immersed in a wonderfully stylized world, all the while participating in phenomenal roguelike gameplay. In terms of the sheer variety afforded to players within this title, it is certainly impressive. To begin with, players are able to choose from ten different characters, which manage to feel completely distinct in their playstyle, as well as general feel. This makes Dead Estate a title that players can not only return to again and again, but they will also gain something new with each playthrough.

The game also puts significant control in the player's hands. This can be seen in the game's inclusion of many different difficulty settings. Each of these settings manages to add its own spin to the game's strong foundation. Additionally, for fans of added content post-launch, the game doesn't have DLC; instead, it opts to give players all released content for free. This, coupled with the game's level variety, makes Dead Estate one of the best games like Evil Diary.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge - Release Trailer

For our next entry, we are changing things up quite a bit. Here, we are covering a title that brings players a blast to the past but with a modern sense of polish. For fans of old-school beat-em-up titles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is just what the doctor ordered. The game itself features a stunning pixel-art graphical style that looks phenomenal rendered on modern hardware. In addition to this, the vibrancy of the game's color palette shines through wonderfully as well. When coupled with the game's nostalgic but incredibly satisfying gameplay, players are sure to have a great time.

This makes this game a visual treat for the eyes, which is wonderful to see. That is just where this game begins, however, as the gameplay is extremely solid. For fans of multiplayer gaming, especially in local play, this game is a must-have, featuring up to six-player cooperative play. The story mode for the game also manages to keep the charm of its source material intact, which is great to see. In conclusion, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge is one of the best games on the market like Evil Diary.

1. Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors - Official 1.8 Adventures Update Trailer

We are closing today's list with a fantastic title. Here, we have Vampire Survivors. For fans of the action-roguelike genre, this is a title that players cannot afford to sleep on. The game not only does a phenomenal job of reinforcing the player's good and bad decisions but does so in a way that feels impactful. Additionally, for fans of local co-op, this title can be played with up to four players locally, which is wonderful to see. Players must face off against wave after wave of enemies in order to survive, which is much easier said than done.

Along the way, players can pick up weapons to help them in this endeavor, each of which can be upgraded. Giving the player the ability to upgrade their weapons not only makes the game more adaptable to different playstyles. But it also rewards the player's hard work. Aesthetically, the game features a pixelated art style seen in many roguelike titles. With a number of treasures and upgrades to find along the way, Vampire Survivors is one of the best games like Evil Diary available.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Evil Diary? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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