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5 Best Games Like Endless Dungeon



Endless Dungeon is an upcoming tactical rogue-lite game that appears to be very promising. The game offers gameplay reminiscent of many rogue-lites, with a few personal twists that add a more personal flair. These games appeal to players for many different reasons. Whether you enjoy the endless waves of enemies or the boundless progression, these titles are something extraordinary. So join us as we bring you our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Endless Dungeon.

5. Dead CellsBest Roguelike Games on Steam Deck

Today, we begin our list of the best games like Endless Dungeon with Dead CellsDead Cells is a game that greatly embraces its roguelike roots and allows the player to progress through the game at a steady pace. There are varying difficulty modes in the game that manages to vary the gameplay quite a bit as well. For example, the game does feature permadeath if the player chooses to use it. This greatly ramps up the tension of each playthrough as every mistake, could cost you your life.

The gameplay is primarily made up of action platforming, which is a perfect vessel for this type of game. Challenging, but with a simple gameplay premise, Dead Cells manages to strike a perfect balance between challenging and rewarding. The progression system is another shining star within the game, as players can look forward to one of the most well-put-together systems within the roguelike genre. So, all in all, if you are looking for a fantastic experience that games like Endless Dungeon can offer, definitely check out Dead Cells.

4. Gunfire RebornTips for Beginners

Next up, we have a title that beautifully blends roguelike elements, with FPS gameplay. Gunfire Reborn is a game that takes the fast frenetic gameplay of FPS games and places it within the thoughtful challenges of tactical RPG games. This allows players to make their way through many varied levels, and grow in power along the way. This is wonderful, as player progression, becomes enough of an incentive to keep the player playing the game. This game is also a blast to play with friends, which also adds to its appeal greatly.

The game is level-based so that players can easily jump in and play. The characters for the game are easy enough to understand and get the hang of as well. This makes it a great game for players who aren't yet experienced in the genre. Additionally, the levels within the game are randomized meaning that players cannot simply learn the layouts and have that knowledge carry them through the game. In conclusion, if you are looking for fantastic games like Endless Dungeon, make sure you check out Gunfire Reborn.

3. Risk of Rain 25 Best RPGs You Can Get for $20

Next up, we have a title that is quite possibly, one of the addictingly playable roguelikes on the market. Risk of Rain 2 is a game that beautifully blends fluid third-person gameplay, with phenomenal dungeon and boss design. This makes it stand out, and the level of challenge presented in the game is simply fantastic. The cooperative elements of the game also shine through, as players are always willing to help one another out.  As far as interesting mechanics go, the ability to combine the loot you find is a great one.

This keeps things fresh and allows players to not get bored of the endless drops the game has to offer. As far as itemization goes, the game features over a hundred items for the player to equip, which is great. This ensures that even if players walk down a similar path in the game, few characters are ever exactly the same. There are a total of eleven playable characters in the game, each of which feels unique from one another. Altogether, Risk of Rain 2 is simply put, one of the best games like Endless Dungeon currently available.

2. Dreamscaper

Continuing on with our list of the best games like Endless Dungeon, we have DreamscaperDreamscaper is a title that definitely deserves more attention, as the mechanics within the game are all incredibly solid, and the gameplay feels phenomenal. The art style for the game is wonderfully stylized and manages to pull the player into its world rather easily. This is great, as oftentimes with roguelikes, many titles fall short in the atmosphere department. However, this is simply not the case with this title.

The game does feature permadeath, which greatly ups the ante for the player. There are multiple bosses in the game, each of which has thematic and mechanical relevance. The combat system in the game is also top-notch as is something players must try. The game has a few unique systems, these systems include things like the Dreaming and Waking systems. Players will have to manage their time in both states in order to get the most out of this title. In conclusion, Dreamscaper is a fantastic title and one of the best games like Endless Dungeon on the market that players should definitely give a look at.

1. Hades

For our final entry on our list of the best games like Endless Dungeon, we have a modern roguelike masterpiece. Hades is a title that aesthetically, looks amazing. Pulling heavily from influences from Greek mythology, this game simply will grab players' attention rather quickly. The combat in the game is also wonderfully balanced and is replayable enough to keep players playing for quite some time. Each run of the game's dungeons is also made unique by the game's buffs system. Every time players inevitably die, they are allowed to choose buffs to take on their next run of the dungeon.

This is great, as it not only takes things a little easier on players but allows them to clear the levels easier next time. This is a game that greatly respects your time and allows you to play through it wonderfully. Another great aspect of the game is its replayability, as players can spend quite some time learning more about the game. The game's presentation is also stellar, making it one of the cleanest roguelike experiences to date. To close, Hades is a phenomenal game, and players who enjoy games like Endless Dungeon should definitely have this title in their libraries.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Endless Dungeon? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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