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5 Best Games Like Dark Deception



Dark Deception is a game that wonderfully blends horror gameplay with the mental challenge of a puzzle game. In doing so, this game has created a unique identity for itself. This distinct identity has sparked many titles with a similar vision. That being said, it is hardly the only game with a comparable premise. No matter which title you choose and why, these games are great. So, if you are into puzzling horror games, we hope you enjoy our list of the 5 Best Games Like Dark Deception.

5. Escape the Backrooms

We begin today by starting off our list of the best games like Dark Deception with Escape the Backrooms. This cooperative horror title allows for up to four players to work together as they explore this twisted world. Along the way, players will have to stave off and escape from entities who are out to harm them. This immediately ramps up the tension in the game and makes for an easy-to-understand premise that is simple to get behind. Additionally, players who want to immerse themselves even further in the game's world can enjoy the game's VR mode.

For players who are fans of minimal HUD elements, this game also has you covered. Having such little visual information given to the player really makes players pay more attention to their surroundings and details. There are well over twenty levels for players to make their way through. Each of these is sure to give players plenty of variety in each individual play session. As far as enemy types go, they vary as well with twelve enemy types in total. All in all, if you are looking for a great horror puzzler, check out Escape the Backrooms, as it is one of the best games like  Dark Deception available.

4. The Outlast Trials

For our next entry, we have a title that undoubtedly has horror game fans intrigued. The Outlast Trials is a game that manages to carry the torch for the Outlast series. It manages to do this in a few ways, most notably with the inclusion of cooperative multiplayer. This allows players to move throughout the world of fears and frights alongside one another. As is always the case within the Outlast series, the atmosphere is oppressive and palpable, to say the least. To the point where maneuvering throughout the game's levels can cause real-world tension within the player.

While the game is currently in Steam's Early Access program, it functions remarkably well and manages to bring players together for a horrifically good time. Additionally, for players worried about progressing through the game without a cooperative partner, the game has you covered. All of the game's main objectives can be completed solo, it is only with more challenging optional content that cooperative play is a must. In conclusion, if you are looking for one of the best gaems like Dark Deception, look no further than The Outlast Trials.

3. Dead By DaylightJanuary Sale 2023: Best Deals on Steam

Next up on our list of the best games like Dark Deception, we have Dead By DaylightDead By Daylight is an isometric multiplayer game in which players are pitted against a killer, and must make their escape as survivors. First, the game allows for players to implement a great deal of strategy when it comes to surviving the night, which is fantastic. Secondly, the game features many iconic horror characters, which adds to its overall appeal. And lastly, the gameplay loop for this title is incredibly solid and sees players playing round after round.

Throughout a match of Dead By Daylight, there are many outcomes that can be reached. But ultimately in the end, either the killer can thwart the efforts of the survivors, and emerge victorious, or the cooperative efforts of the survivors will prevail. The addition of iconic horror characters and actors really makes the game stand out and adds a palpable sense of fun and excitement to an already enthralling experience. So, if you are looking for a cooperative horror title to get into, then Dead By Daylight is a great choice.

2. Resident Evil Village

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Our next entry is one that players will no doubt have heard of, if not played. Resident Evil Village is a game that takes the more classic elements of the Resident Evil franchise. All the while bringing them into the modern era. Sees by many fans as a love letter to older fans, players must survive throughout a village of monsters looking to devour them. The game overall has a great sense of style, which comes across really well throughout the game's runtime. The first-person perspective of the game manages to bring players closer to the horror than ever before.

This lends itself well to the tense moment-to-moment gameplay of Resident Evil Village. However, this is far from the only aspect that the game excels at. The unrelenting horde of enemies that chase the players also feels great. As they are enough to be menacing and an ever-present threat, but never so overbearing that it is reductive for the overall experience. So, for fans of classic horror games and puzzling horror games like Dark DeceptionResident Evil Village is a must-have in your library.

1. Sons of the Forest

Wrapping up our list, we have Sons of the ForestSons of the Forest is a sequel to the highly-praised atmospheric survival game The Forest. As a sequel it manages to ramp up the quality of the game, and simply brings more of what the players want to the table. This is wonderful, as the game already had a strong foundation to begin with. Players will find themselves surviving against mutated enemies. The sound design in the game lends itself well to a calming lull. A feeling which is often punctuated by moments of pure terror.

Additionally, as the game is in Early Access, it still has plenty of time to grow. This will allow players to choose whether or not to opt into the game's journey. Rather than a puzzling title, this title focuses more on the player's instincts and how they use the resources on hand. It is for its strong survival elements, as well as its palpable sense of atmosphere and tension, that we consider Sons of the Forest one of the best games like Dark Deception.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Dark Deception? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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