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5 Best Horror Games of 2022, Ranked

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Horror games offer players the experience of feeling fear from the safety and comfort of their own homes. These experiences are designed to stay with the player long after they finish playing. While there may be various types of scares, the fundamental concept remains the same, invoke fear or stress within the player. It is partially due to this design philosophy that the games leave such an impact. That said, here are what we believe to be the 5 Best Horror Games of 2022. Ranked.

5. Scorn

Scorn is a rather unique horror game. H.R.Giger heavily inspires the game in its grotesque depictions and design choices. This game is an FPS that allows for players to fight the monstrosities that they will find throughout this game. The main blend of horror on offer here is the melding of man and machine. While this is often shown in a pristine way in media, the depictions here are absolutely horrifying.

While the gameplay within this title might not be the most dynamic, the various scares are sure to stick with you throughout the game. The game is meant to invoke feelings of being in a nightmare trapped within the game's world. The game attempts to vary the gameplay by incorporating puzzles, which it does to a significant effect. These puzzles are designed to break up the gameplay, which does tend to become tedious at points. However, if you are looking for a title that is more grotesque in nature to play, then definitely check out Scorn, as it is one of the best horror games of 2022.

4. Gloomwood

Gloomwood is a game that oozes style. The game has an aesthetic that pulls from the same Victorian era as Bloodborne. This means that this game might be up your alley if you enjoy that gothic aesthetic. Players will have to skulk about the city streets and evade enemies. This lends itself well to the stealth gameplay, which really ramps up the tension at times. This game feels reminiscent of older horror titles, which greatly rewarded exploration.

While it may not have garnered the most attention, what is on offer in this game is absolutely fantastic. Classic horror fans are big fans of this title because of how the game is structured. The game takes advantage of an in-depth sound system that tracks the player's movements and noise level. This means players must be careful not to alert their enemies if they want to be successful. All in all, Gloomwood wears its influences on its sleeve, so if you are a fan of games such as the Thief series, then definitely give this title a go.

3. The QuarryGames you should play this June

The Quarry is a game that pulls inspiration from the FMV era of horror games and allows the player to step into a more interactive experience. The game is developed by Supermassive Games of Until Dawn fame. Many of the facets that make that game great are also on display here. The game allows for a surprising amount of choices, each with its own consequences. Players will have to navigate this dialogue-heavy title with an amount of caution, as choices mean everything in this game.

In fact, how you answer certain questions can completely change certain characters and their motivations. The game features a plethora of endings with up to around 150 possible outcomes. The developers took everything they learned from Until Dawn and seek to improve upon it, giving players more freedom within the game. One unique mechanic within the game is the Death Rewind feature, which allows players, following their first full playthrough, to essentially undo the death of three characters in following playthroughs. In short, if players enjoyed the narrative-based horror of Until Dawn, then The Quarry serves to stick the landing as one of the best horror games of 2022.

2. The Closing Shift

What The Closing Shift lacks in terms of gameplay, it makes up for in atmosphere and overall creep factor. This game features one of the tensest and most unnerving situations in gaming in 2022. The game takes place inside a coffee shop, for the most part. The most mundane of settings quickly start to feel off as you play through this game. The main threat in the game is a stalker that starts preying upon our protagonist.

This quickly makes the game shift in tone from relatively calm to absolutely bone-chilling. The aesthetic of the game is drenched in this retro-VHS-type look that lends itself well to the overall creepiness of the game. This title certainly sits more on the side of psychological horror as it begins toying with the player throughout their playthrough. While this game may be short, it does more in a short time than some games deliver in hours. Altogether, The Closing Shift is a game that, if players are into deeper horror games, you should definitely check out in 2022.


MADiSON is one of the scariest horror titles in recent memory. However, the game is a first-person psychological horror game that really hones in on the fundamentals of what frightens us. Players who start this title immediately find themselves part of a dark ritual. While the main story is macabre enough, many of the game's side stories blend into the main narrative, making for a cohesive experience.

A number of random events can occur during a player's playthrough, which adds to the replayability of this title. While it may not have the name recognition of other titles on this list, this game truly delivers in terms of the fear factor. This game distinguishes itself from other titles with how its horror is presented. It may use familiar tropes and scares, but the implementation of these scares is what really sets this game apart. Additionally, the game has a heavy puzzle focus, which does serve to break up the scares in the game quite a bit for more players to enjoy. In closing, MADiSON is one of the most frightening games you can play this year and one of the best horror games of 2022.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Horror Games of 2022, Ranked ? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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