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Best Armor in Monster Hunter Now

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Best Armor in Monster Hunter Now

There happen to be some dangerous monsters roaming your town. And even though your job description might not include hunting monsters, you’re all your people need to survive. Okay, so maybe the stakes aren’t as dire as I’ve made them seem. It’s true, though, that thanks to augmented reality and the devs over at Niantic, Inc., and Capcom Co., Ltd., you can now head out into the real world and slay some of the Monster Hunter franchise’s most formidable beasts. 

It’s a venture whose thrill of the hunt calls for solo and group parties. Unlike Pokemon Go, your job isn’t to collect monsters. Rather, take them down, which means you have got to be prepared to put up your best offense and defense strategy. Luckily, we’ve got the latter covered with our best armor in Monster Hunter Now. So, read on if you’d like to amp up the ante against all the monsters who dare challenge you to a fight. 

5. Kulu Headpiece

Kulu Headpiece

The Kulu Headpiece armor protects your head from damage as part of the Kulu Armor Set. As the name implies, you’ll need to collect the armor’s crafting materials dropped by Kulu-Ya-Ku, which is the egg-stealing Wyvern monster with the head of a Dodo bird. Although the Kulu Headpiece defense stats start low at 20, it increases with each upgrade up to a whopping 182. 

Besides defense, the Kulu Headpiece equips you with one of the most important skills you’ll need in battle: the lock-on skill. Without the lock-on skill, it’s extremely difficult to aim for specific body parts of a beast. However, you can craft and upgrade the Kulu headpiece to reach Grade 2. This will allow you to unlock the lock-on skill and enjoy precision like nobody’s business. You can start to target the area of the monster you’d like to hit, and almost always achieve accurate hits.

Furthermore, upgrading the Kulu Headpiece to Grade 4 will unlock an additional skill called the Critical Eye Effect. This helps to bump up your affinity, which prescribes an accurate hit’s critical damage rate. Typically, critical hits deal more damage than normal hits. So, having increased affinity in your corner definitely helps to make your hunting sprees a whole lot easier.

Defense: 20 to 182

Equipment Skills: Lock On at Level 1 (Grade 2) and Critical Eye at Level 1 (Grade 4)

4. Barroth Helm

The Barroth Helm armor is also protective gear for your head and a part of the Barroth Armor set. Similar to the Kulu Headpiece in Monster Hunter Now, its defensive stats start low at 20. However, you can continue to craft and upgrade it, bumping its defense stats to a whopping 182. 

Unlike other armor sets, the Barroth armor set will give you extra buffs in both defense and offense. You’ll have to craft and upgrade it to Grade 2 to unlock the Defense Boost skill. As well as reach Grade 4 to unlock Offensive Guard. 

Defense Boost is a solid skill to have in your corner, especially since it also increases resistance to elemental damage. Meanwhile, the Offensive Guard ensures an increase in attack power upon performing a perfectly timed guard. Combined, they prove well worth the effort, especially in the mid to late stages of questing.

Defense: 20 to 182

Equipment Skills: Defense Boost at Level 1 (Grade 2) and Offensive Guard at Level 1 (Grade 4)

3. Lumu Coil

 Lumu Coil Best Armor in Monster Hunter Now

Moving on to the waist, you’ll want to wear the Lumu Coil as your protective gear. That’s because it’s the best armor that fully embraces the “defense is the best offense” strategy. For starters, its defense stats start much higher at 49 and can be further bumped up to the full 182 points. 

Moreover, Lumu Coil helps to land the Divine Blessing skill, which reduces your damage intake levels. You’ll want to drive it to its maximum, where you’ll receive a boost in your HP at Level 1 and a further increase in percentage at Level 2, Grade 6. The Divine Blessing is a blessing you won’t want to miss.

Defense: 49 to 182

Equipment Skills: Divine Blessing at Level 1 and Divine Blessing at Level 2 (Grade 6)

2. Rathalos Greaves

Rathalos Greaves

Greaves are worn on your legs and feet, and the Rathalos Greaves armor is your best bet. It starts by giving you a higher defense stat of 82, which can be further upgraded to 182. Additionally, it gives you the Fire Resistance Skill, which comes in handy against monsters unleashing fire elemental damage. 

With the defense part covered, you’ll need to bump up your offense, which Rathalos Greaves’ second skill covers. Upon reaching Grade 6, Rathalos Greaves helps unlock the Weakness Exploit skill. This increases your affinity to exploit a monster’s weak spot. Then further, increase the damage output of each successful hit. I mean, at this point, you’re practically untouchable.

Defense: 82 to 182

Equipment Skills: Fire Resistance at Level 1 and Weakness Exploit at Level 1 (Grade 6)

1. Leather Mail

 Leather Mail

You’ll want an armor that protects your chest, too, and the Leather Mail will have that covered for you. It’ll give you an 82 defense level at the start and build up to the maximum 182 stat. What’s more? You can unlock its Attack Boost skill once you craft and upgrade the Leather Mail armor to Grade 2. So, each attack will deal drastically more damage with a higher affinity, thus tipping the scales in your favor.

Furthermore, you can unlock the Fire Resistance skill in Grade 4. As aforementioned, Fire Resistance will reduce the damage taken by a fire-element monster. It can also prevent any damage intake, depending on your armor’s upgrade level.

Defense: 82 to 182

Equipment Skills: Attack Boost at Level 1 (Grade 2) and Fire Resistance at Level 1 (Grade 4)

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best armor in Monster Hunter Now? Is there more armor in Monster Hunter Now we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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