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5 Video Game Characters That Are Overjoyed



It is about time for another top 5 list and what could the topic be now? Could it be 5 video games that make you want to say, “I don’t feel like filling out a resume”? A quality video game will make you feel like you earned a high-paying job as a bed tester (with an ice cream taster as a side job) and if not, maybe you were playing the wrong video games. Oh, you do not need to know what video games can give you a lackadaisical spirit, so let’s switch things up. 

Some video game characters can brighten your mood, but seem to be obsessed with happiness. You ever wake up and think, “I want to be as happy as the supervillain, The Joker,” then wonder if The Joker is actually happy? Countless villains laugh on their way to prison, but The Joker laughs like someone experiencing nonstop laughing gas, even with the henchwoman, Harley Quinn, by his side. Here are 5 video game characters that are overjoyed. 

5. Pikachu (Pokemon):

PikaSpeak is a language, which was coined by Team Rocket, in a 2009 episode of Pokemon, called Stealing The Conversation! Nomatter what Pikachu says in PikaSpeak, “Pika. Pika” usually sounds adorably positive, somewhat like a cat meowing or purring.

Pikachu Moments ♥

4. Mario (Super Mario Bros.):

Nintendo’s Mario reacted with sadness from failure in the Mario Party series, but in Super Mario Bros, you will continuously see him happy. Then again, what does Mario have to be happy about, while desperately trying to rescue Princess Peach? The charismatic plumber has the resilience you could only ask for in life.

3. Sackboy (LittleBigPlanet): 

A happy sack doll lives in a world where a handicraft universe is designed to resemble an Oliver Postgate animation. Sackboy is too happy while traversing, but it does make us happy. 

2. Isabelle (Animal Crossing):

Originally, Animal Crossing was released on N64 (Nintendo 64), before being released on Nintendo. From the anthropomorphic animals, to learning paying off mortgages, debt, the game remains fun. The golden-colored Shih Tzu, Isabelle (also known as Shizue in Japan) debuted in the 2012 release Animal Crossing: New Leaf, as an extroverted secretary.

Animal Crossing Isabelle Singing HD

1. The Joker (Batman series):

One of the most infamous clowns, The Joker needs no introduction, causing the Caped Crusaders relentless suffering. The crime boss, Two-Face (Harvey Dent) would look more evil, laughing as much as The Joker. 

Isaiah Joshua is an author and poet and has a love for video games. In May 2016, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Arts and Science. As an avid gamer, some of his favorite games are "WWF No Mercy, Hitman, Manhunt, Sims 3, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. Conscious in gaming culture, he is always researching gaming history, as well as the latest games to write about.