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5 Reasons Why You Should Play BitLife in 2022



It's true, text-based story games have been around for a good few decades. Though, no game has ventured into both childhood and adult life as well as Candywriter's highly praised BitLife sim. The fact is, even with the quantity of DLC the devs have put out for it—it's still showing vacant branches that are in need of a few leafy embellishments. And as it stands today, in 2022, it's still only in its infancy, with a pile of twigs and leaves that have yet to blossom.

For those who don't know about BitLife, one can only describe it as a text-based adventure, where you, the player, run through an entire life, year by year, and make choices along the way. But it's far more than a simple journey with a couple of stray pathways. It's an entire labyrinth of decisions, and each and every one can impact your career, your love life, and your health. And if that hasn't convinced you to pick it up—then allow these five features to sway you in the right direction.


5. So, you can act

If you've always pictured yourself an award-winning superstar with a cabinet of trophies for Best Actor and what have you—then you'll be pleased to know that BitLife has made the move on a new Acting branch. Of course, in order to become a successful actor, you'll first have to spend your younger years taking on extracurricular activities outside of school. And, to put it bluntly—you'll need to be somewhat attractive to land your first role.

BitLife isn't short on careers. That much is true. But seeking stardom as a celebrated actor is a path many would have wanted from day one. Fortunately, that can now come to fruition, so long as you develop your character with the right mindset and go all-out on the extra activities. Do that, and you'll rake in more than shiny awards and leftover royalties.


4. Be a star!

Of course, in order to live lavilshy, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to be an actor or anything. You're not contracted to follow any specific path, regardless of what your parents may tell you when you're fresh out of elementary. You can, in all fairness, be anything you want to be—royalty on the silver screen included.

BitLife gives you plenty of choices to make from a young age, meaning you can start polishing your skills from the moment you're able to speak. If it's a child prodigy you want to be—then hit the books at age five. If it's a celebrated tween popstar—then ask your parents to take you to singing lessons before puberty hits. Whatever it is that laps your inner desires, BitLife has a way of accomodating most—if not all wishes.


3. Or, just be a drone

Although becoming a star seems like a primary goal for most, it isn't always a viable option, and it all boils down to the circumstances you're born into. Similar to the harshness of reality, BitLife makes sure to bundle in its fair share of regular nine-to-five careers, too. That's not to say you can't work your way up or anything. But if you're a fresh out of water student with a bit of a sour history with the law—then by all means, punch a little lower on the ladder.

The good thing about BitLife is, even though there are plenty of routes to take that are likely to lead you to stardom, there are also a whole bunch of alternatives that lead you to living out a semi-regular life. And that's great, because at the end of the day—not everybody wants their name embroidered in lights. If it's a regular life you want, then you can most definitely find it on BitLife.


2. If you can't do the time…

It's a known fact that causing trouble is more or less the equivalent to wielding a double-edged sword. Committing a crime has its consequences, and BitLife enjoys enlightening you on that fact. Of course, you're more than welcome to be an unruly child in school, but being bad rarely pays off—and BitLife shows you that in a textbook fashion.

What's great about this is the depth of the story. Should you choose to be a poor role model and go on a villainous binge—then life behind bars is more or less guaranteed. But what you choose to do in prison is another story, which effectively ushers in a whole new game within a game. Whether it's starting a riot, attempting to break out, or just biding your time until your sentence is carried out—BitLife envelopes two games in one, and it does it remarkably well.


1. The world is yours for the taking

There's no denying the fact that BitLife isn't short on gameplay. In fact, it boasts so many options in and outside of its main narrative, that you're practically guaranteed a new experience every single time. And for that reason alone, we have to push BitLife back into the spotlight for 2022, despite the fact that it released way back in 2018.

BitLife is like a fine wine, in the way that it only gets better with age. As more DLC comes to fill out the family tree, so do the reasons to boot up yet another virtual life from the comfort of our own devices. With updates being pushed out on a regular basis, it basically means you'll never run short on things to do. And so, with that, we'll let you decide what happens next.


BitLife is available on Android & iOS. You can follow the game's official social handle here for more news and updates.



So, what's your take? Have we convinced you to start a new virtual life? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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