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5 Japan-Exclusive Games The World Wants To Play



Japan-exclusive video games just make most gamers want to move to Japan, but you have to admit, when there are North America-exclusive games, those in North America may not go on a preliminary rant. Numerous games have been placed in this article, but for your valuable time, this is a list of just 5 Japan-exclusive video games that the world wants to play.

Mother 3 JPN Trailer

5. Mother 3:

In the ‘90s, when Mother 3 was under development on the N64 (Nintendo 64) platform, the idea was canceled, in 2000. The game is about a young boy named Lucas, with psychic abilities, and a party of characters, attempting to prevent others from destroying the world. 

4. Sweet Home (1989):

Sweet Home is a survival horror game, developed and published by Capcom. Based on a Japanese horror film, which shares the same name, a team of 5 filmmakers explore an old mansion in search of precious frescos hidden. They encounter countless ghosts on their journey. 

3. Jump Ultimate Stars: 

The manga version of the Super Smash Bros. franchise is the best way to describe Jump Ultimate Stars, besides, the critics agree that it is the manga version, featuring over 300 different characters from 41 different Shōnen manga series. Use manga panels to create your grid, where each panel has a different size and represents a single manga character. The panel will fit into one of 3 different battle mods: battle, support, and help.

Custom Robo - Nintendo GameCube - E3 2003 Trailer 1

2. Custom Robo: 

In this science fiction, action/role-playing game, take on robo rivals, collect new part, and increase your power. Reduce the opponent’s hit points from 1,000 to 0 by using different Robos, guns, pods, bombs, and dash attacks. Oddly, the robot may refresh your memory back to the humanoid robot, Megazord, from the Power Rangers. 

1. Animal Forest: 

Before there was Animal Crossing, there was Animal Forest, playable on Nintendo 64. While you may be totally unfamiliar with the title Animal Forest, the game can be played in English thanks to a dedicated modder (and there are decent graphics for it’s time).

New Yo-kai Watch 4 Trailer (English Subbed)

Bonus: Yo-Kai 4:

Just like Pokemon fans may love Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, if you are one, maybe you are aware of the RPG (role-playing game) Yo-kai Watch 4. Yo-kai Watch was first released on Nintendo 3DS back in 2013. The Yo-kai Watch series has a similar format to Pokemon, where you collect creatures in a similar function. There will be a brand new item called the Yo-kai Ark, giving players access to travel between three worlds, all set up in different time periods, (featuring their own protagonist). 

Also, you can play this game without worrying Japanese. Try learning to read lips first before you fluently learn any second language. The Yo-Kai series was released outside of Japan before, but as for the fourth installment, still, the Nintendo Switch version remains Japan-exclusive. 

Isaiah Joshua is an author and poet and has a love for video games. In May 2016, he graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor's Degree in Cinema Arts and Science. As an avid gamer, some of his favorite games are "WWF No Mercy, Hitman, Manhunt, Sims 3, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter. Conscious in gaming culture, he is always researching gaming history, as well as the latest games to write about.