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5 Games You Should Play if You Liked Dorfromantik



City-building games have been around for decades, often changing in style with each passing year. Dorfromantik is no different, and follows the same goal of trying to one-up its counterparts by bringing something new to the table. Delivered with a grid-style board in the shape of a honeycomb nexus, the relaxing puzzler sees players building a fresh and vibrant community with all the bells and whistles to constitute a personal Shangri-La.

Echoing the fact that there are, of course, thousands of other city-building games out there, it does mean the search for something similar is far less monotonous. In fact, there are choices that run right alongside the same vein as Dorfromantik, and they're all relatively easy to find. So, if you're looking for another city-building game to keep you occupied this weekend, then be sure to check out these five hits.

5. Townscaper

Townscaper Launch Trailer

If city living isn't for you, and you're best suited in a quaint town with a body of water to envelope it, then perhaps it's time to uproot and settle in Townscaper, a cutesy island builder by Oskar Stålberg. Inside, you will find all the same tools you would use to erect eye-popping metropolises in other major games. The only major difference here, of course, is that the world around you is set on a much smaller scale. That said, smaller worlds doesn't necessarily mean tighter restrictions.

Of course, the option to build sky-high cities with cathedrals and highways is still there, though you may find that bigger worlds lead to bigger problems. And bigger problems, lo and behold, equals more unwanted stress. Therefore, if setting up shop on a network of remote islands to build various havens sounds good to you, then perhaps it's time to make the move on Townscaper. Paradise awaits.


4. Islanders

ISLANDERS: Console Edition - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

While on the topic of remote island getaways, now would seem to be a good time to introduce Islandersa unique city-building game by indie studio Grizzly Games. Like Dorfromantik, as well as Townscaper, the idea is to develop a chain of scenic islands that can push its townsfolk to flourish and prosper under your gentle rule. How that is done, of course, is entirely up to you.

Islanders combines a colorful world full of ocean blues and sandy whites with a relaxing city-building creation suite. Challenges are few and far between the bulk of the gameplay, and the only real drawback is the wedge in your creativity. The rest, as they say, is plain sailing. With that, you can take the world of Islanders at your own pace, be it at full speed, or an apprehensive shuffle.


3. Cloud Gardens

Cloud Gardens Launch Trailer

I don't know about you, but I think gardening in a backyard has become a little dated. Gardening up in the clouds, on the other hand, is a thing of the future. Just take Cloud Gardens, for example, The dreamscape city builder from Noio presents all the fascinating quirks of such a concept, that it actually makes it pretty hard to go back to bog-standard agricultural duties.

Although you won't be able to build a full-on city up in the puffy white clouds, you will be able to make a luscious utopia crammed with greenery and wild flowers. Think of it as an open canvas with a neglected interior; you can paint it with whatever tools nature provides you. Banish the derelict world of yesterday and fill it with a flourishing arc of greens and pinks. Show the world just how beautiful nature can be — but up in the clouds.


2. Timberborn

Timberborn Gameplay Trailer: "Beavers thrive!"

Humans are out, beavers are in. Say goodbye to the manmade structures of yesterday, and say hello to the beaver-based woodland of tomorrow, where everything is built and branded by the beaverfolk. And yes, that does mean you get to play as a community of beavers. Does that mean you'll be any less of a creative? Not really. If anything, it will boost your vision, and will even open your eyes to a whole new palette of opportunities.

Timberborn is a city-building game that opts for a different route. Unlike other games of its kind, the beaver-oriented world has you taking control of one of two factions: the Folktails, or the Iron Teeth. As either clan, you will have to build a community from the remnants of mankind, using lumber and natural resources to erect a thriving colony. The question is: how long do you think you can survive the droughts?


1. Before We Leave

Before We Leave - Launch Trailer

Before We Leave is a city-building game that keeps the honeycomb structure alive and kicking. As a survivor of a great calamity, you must return to the surface and learn to rebuild from the ashes of disaster. Through each and every upgrade, a new spark of hope will ignite in your heart, which you can then use to expand your horizons and connect with new planets.

Of course, with a lot of pressure on your shoulders, it does make the goal a little more weighty than Dorfromantik's. That said, there's plenty to fall in love with here, and the space for opportunity is abundantly clear. So, if you enjoy building on hollow grounds that once homed an entire civilization—then you'll definitely find sanctuary somewhere in Before We Leave.


So, what's your take? Do you agree with our top five? let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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