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10 Best Games Like Infection Free Zone



Chaotic scenes with varied characters in game like Infection Free Zone

For fans of post-apocalyptic settings and strategic base-building, Infection Free Zone offers a compelling blend of survival, construction, and defense mechanisms. If you find yourself captivated by such gameplay, the following list explores the ten best games like Infection Free Zone.

10. Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition – Official Console Launch Trailer

Age of Empires IV: Anniversary Edition adds exciting new features to a popular strategy game series. In this game, players can lead one of ten unique civilizations, from the English to the Chinese to the Delhi Sultanate. Your tasks include building cities, managing resources, and leading your troops in battles across land and sea. The game unfolds across four campaigns with 35 missions, spanning 500 years from the Dark Ages to the Renaissance. Plus, the Anniversary Edition introduces fresh content with new civilizations like the Malians and Ottomans, each offering distinct advantages. The Malians are known for their economic strength in gold mining, while the Ottomans possess powerful military capabilities with their large gunpowder siege weapons.

9. Timberborn

Timberborn - Official 2nd Anniversary Trailer

In Timberborn, players discover a world where humans no longer exist, leaving a dry, barren landscape behind. Here, beavers have evolved to become the dominant species, ready to build thriving civilizations. The game allows you to lead one of two beaver factions: the nature-embracing Folktails or the industrially focused Iron Teeth. Each faction offers unique buildings and traits, shaping your approach to city building and resource management. The primary material for building in this world is wood, used from constructing simple homes to intricate machinery. Your task in Timberborn is to develop a prosperous beaver city that can withstand tough environmental challenges.

8. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars - Release Trailer

Surviving Mars invites you to establish the first human colonies on a distant planet. You start with essential supplies, oxygen, and a clear mission to transform Mars into a new home. This sci-fi city builder challenges you to select a space agency, which provides you with resources and financial support. After landing, you build domes, infrastructure, and use drones to shape and expand your settlement. Your tasks include cultivating food, mining minerals, and ensuring the colonists have everything they need to thrive. Keeping everyone alive is crucial, given Mars' harsh conditions and lack of breathable air.

7. Endzone – A World Apart

Endzone - A World Apart | Gameplay Trailer

Endzone – A World Apart draws players into a post-apocalyptic world where survival is paramount. After a global ecological disaster, you lead the remnants of humanity from underground shelters called Endzones back to the surface. Here, you must build and manage a new settlement under harsh conditions. The game tasks you with constructing over 70 types of buildings and sustaining a growing population. You need to ensure a stable supply of food and water and provide all settlers with shelter and education. And managing these essentials involves gathering and refining numerous resources while developing a robust economy supported by well-planned infrastructure such as streets and depositories.

6. They Are Billions

They Are Billions - The New Empire Campaign Trailer | PS4

They Are Billions is a strategy game set in a future where humanity teeters on the brink of extinction due to a zombie apocalypse. Players are tasked with building and defending colonies from the relentless attacks of countless infected zombies. Every choice is crucial here. You must build homes, gather resources, and ensure your colony’s energy needs are met to survive. Strategic placement of walls, gates, and defense towers is vital to protect your colony from the swarms of zombies determined to overrun it. Additionally, the game excels in its detailed management and defense strategies. Players train and oversee a group of mercenaries—each with unique abilities and distinct personalities—to defend the colony.

5. Surviving Mars

Surviving Mars - Release Trailer

Surviving Mars is about building a thriving colony on Mars, a planet where humans normally cannot live. This challenge needs good planning because small mistakes can be dangerous, like power outages in a place with no oxygen. The game starts by choosing a space agency that provides resources and money. Then, you decide the best spot for your colony. Building involves everything from creating living domes to setting up the infrastructure needed for survival. You'll also manage food production and mineral mining, while keeping colonists healthy and content. In this game, each colonist is unique, bringing their own strengths and challenges to the community.

4. Laysara: Summit Kingdom

Laysara: Summit Kingdom - Official Trailer

Next up, we have Laysara: Summit Kingdom, a city-building game that sets you the task of constructing and managing mountainous settlements. This game challenges you to develop thriving towns atop unique mountains, each presenting distinct challenges. You need to plan and build production chains effectively to satisfy the needs of a society divided into three castes. The gameplay involves carefully managing resources available in varying quantities across different mountains, which vary in vegetation, resources, and weather conditions.

3. Songs of Syx

Songs of Syx - Trailer

The world of Songs of Syx immerses players in a fantasy setting where a small colony grows into a grand metropolis and an expansive empire. Starting with a simple settlement, the game escalates into a complex journey filled with life-like challenges where even minor events can dramatically shift the fate of empires. Each gameplay session is unique, dynamically generating content, stories, and surprises based on a rich narrative that unfolds over time. Players manage transitions from day to night, changes in climate, and migrations of diverse creatures. They also face droughts, diseases, and threats from invaders, which ensures a varied experience in every playthrough.

2. Frostpunk

Frostpunk | Official Launch Trailer

Frostpunk places you in charge of the last city on a frozen Earth. In this society survival game, keeping the heat running is crucial because it means life itself. You make tough decisions about how to manage both the city's infrastructure and its people. Every choice carries weight, impacting your community's chances of survival. You must balance the need for strict laws and routine with the wellbeing of your citizens. Decisions about healthcare, food, and work routines shape the day-to-day life in your icy enclave.

1. RimWorld

RimWorld Launch Trailer

RimWorld is a game where you manage a group of people who have survived a spaceship crash on a distant planet. You start with three survivors, each with their own skills and backgrounds, like a nobleman, an accountant, or a housewife. The game revolves around setting up a colony that can stand the test of time and various challenges. You build shelters, grow food, and craft equipment to survive. Players have to manage the colonists' health, moods, and relationships, which can change based on their experiences and interactions with each other. The world is full of dangers, including pirates, wild animals, and deadly insects, which you must defend your colony against.

So, do you agree with our picks? Are there any other titles you would add to this list of the best games like Infection Free Zone? Let us know on our socials here!

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