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10 Best Extraction Shooter Games on PC



Soldiers engage in stealthy extraction shooter gameplay on PC

Extraction shooters blend first-person shooter action with strategic missions where players must retrieve valuable items under fire. This genre mixes player vs. player and environment challenges, requiring careful planning and sharp skills for successful extractions. And due to their thrilling gameplay and strategic depth, extraction shooters have become highly popular. For fans of the genre, we have curated a list of the 10 best extraction shooters on PC.


Hawked - Launch Trailer | PS5 & PS4 Games

First up, HAWKED offers a thrilling free-to-play experience where players dive into a world of adventure and danger. This online Extraction Shooter invites you to explore the lush and mysterious X-Isle, a paradise filled with dense jungles, beautiful beaches, and ancient ruins. As a Renegade, you hunt for lost relics, battling both monstrous Disciples and rival adventurers. The game is rich with PvPvE action, where you not only face fierce creatures but also other players keen on claiming the treasures for themselves. You can play alone or join forces with friends in small teams to increase your chances of survival and success. And alongside the action, the game lets you customize your Renegade's appearance and gear.

9. Quasimorph

Quasimorph - Early Access Trailer

In Quasimorph, you step into the boots of a seasoned leader of a Private Military Company in a future where outer space is the new battleground for corporate giants. This turn-based extraction RPG blends dark, roguelike challenges with intense survival gameplay. Command a ship and a crew of clones, venturing into hostile environments like alien planetary bases and derelict spaceships. The rule is simple yet harsh: survive and keep all your loot, or perish and lose everything.

8. ZERO Sievert

Zero Sievert | Gameplay Trailer

ZERO Sievert immerses you in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster in post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe. This top-down extraction shooter challenges you to navigate a harsh, procedurally generated wasteland. Every venture into this desolate world offers a unique experience, filled with unforeseen dangers and shifting resources. Your mission is simple, scavenge equipment, loot abandoned gear, and conquer a landscape where survival is a rare commodity. Once you step out, the real challenge begins. This game features five distinct biomes, each presenting its own set of deadly challenges. You start with basic supplies: a gun and a bottle of water. From there, you must secure more items, overcome bandits, and make it back alive.

7. Hell is Others

Hell is Others - Announcement Teaser [2020]

Alternatively, Hell is Others captivates players with its unique blend of top-down shooting and roguelike elements, set against the eerie, perpetual night of Century City. Here, players step into the shoes of Adam Smithson, a lone apartment dweller whose survival hinges on venturing into the noir cityscape below. The game intricately ties the need for blood, used as currency, into every aspect of gameplay. Adam must brave dark streets to harvest this vital resource to sustain his own life and nurture his bonsai tree and other blood-thirsty plants at home. This cycle of survival turns players into hunters, where the prey might just be as desperate and dangerous as they are.

6. Deceive Inc.

Deceive Inc. - Launch Trailer

Deceive Inc. is a thrilling multiplayer game where players step into the shoes of the world's most skilled spies. The main goal is to outsmart rival agents and extract valuable objectives. In this high-stakes world, disguising oneself is key. Players can instantly transform into any character they encounter, from guests and security guards to other spies, using a high-tech holographic watch. Each location is a complex puzzle, with numerous people to watch, electronics to hack, and restricted areas to explore. Additionally, players have access to an impressive arsenal of gadgets that can turn the tide of any mission. Tools such as the Inflatable mat, holo-mimic, and bulletproof umbrella offer creative solutions to obstacles and threats.

5. Expedition Agartha

Expedition Agartha 1.0 Launch Trailer

Following up, Expedition Agartha is a medieval extraction looter that plunges players into a high-stakes first-person slasher adventure. Set in a dark fantasy world steeped in rich mythology and esoterica, this game offers a unique twist by merging medieval combat with extraction mechanics. Players embark on perilous expeditions alone or with up to two allies, navigating a mysterious island brimming with danger. The land hosts bandits and mythological beasts, each encountering intense combat and the chance to unearth ancient treasures. The gameplay centers around tactical melee battles where mastery of light and heavy attacks, blocks, and dodges is crucial for survival. This makes every fight a thrilling test of skill, where the stakes are life or death.

4. Marauders

Marauders - Official Announcement Trailer

Marauders is a tactical first-person multiplayer shooter set in a dystopian sci-fi universe. The backdrop is an alternate 1990s where the Great War never ended, pushing Earth to the edge of industrial collapse. This forces many to escape to the stars. Players become space mercenaries, known as Marauders, and pilot their ships through dangerous galactic territories to find and salvage resources for survival. The game centers on navigating hostile battlegrounds, hunting for loot, crafting weapons and gear, and engaging in fierce combat encounters. Survival depends on their ability to raid large spaceships and secure valuable items while defending against enemy teams and AI opponents.

3. Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 - "The Fight for Freedom Begins " Launch Trailer | PS5 & PC Games

The world of Helldivers 2 plunges players into the elite ranks of the Helldivers, soldiers fighting for freedom across a hostile galaxy. This fast-paced third-person shooter challenges players to make rapid decisions in a universe where every planet presents a new battlefield. Players join the Helldivers to uphold the values of Super Earth—freedom, peace, and democracy. With the entire galaxy's fate hanging in the balance, squad members must coordinate their efforts, using a vast arsenal of weapons and strategic assets to conquer formidable foes. Constant threats of friendly fire amid chaotic combat conditions underscore the importance of teamwork. Here, success hinges on careful collaboration and mutual support.

2. Incursion Red River

Incursion Red River || Early Access Trailer

Incursion Red River stands out among PC extraction shooters, set against the dramatic backdrop of a modern-day Vietnam embroiled in civil conflict. This tactical first-person game focuses on single-player and cooperative play, where you can join forces with up to three friends. You take on the role of a contractor hired by private military companies that profit from Vietnam’s chaos. The mission is clear yet perilous: fulfill contracts from these PMCs, customize your equipment for every operation, and execute flawless extractions or risk losing it all. Moreover, the game excels in creating a rich, tactical environment where player choices significantly impact outcomes. Weapon customization is extensive, which allows you to modify everything from scopes to stocks to match your combat style.

1. Hunt: Showdown

Hunt: Showdown - Launch Trailer | PS4

Concluding our list of the best extraction shooter games on PC, Hunt: Showdown shines with its mix of PvP and PvE elements. This game places you in 1895 Louisiana as a Hunter tasked with eliminating terrifying monsters and outsmarting other players who want the same bounty. You can choose to hunt alone or with others. Your job is to find clues, defeat powerful bosses, and survive against beasts and hunters alike to claim your prize and escape. In this game, successful matches reward you and improve your Hunter’s skills, but one fatal error could cost you your gear and Hunter forever.

So, do you agree with our picks? Or does any other extraction shooter game deserve a spot here? Let us know on our socials here!

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