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Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming action game from the team at HoYoverse. With such a talented studio behind the game, expectations for the game are really high. The fast-paced action in the game looks stunning from what we have been able to gather, and this free-to-play title is sure to be near and dear to a lot of players' hearts. For players who want to learn more about a stylish and astonishing upcoming title, we have you covered. Enjoy Zenless Zone Zero: Everything We Know.

What is Zenless Zone Zero?

One of the most important questions to answer when a highly-anticipated title releases, is what what kind of experience it offers players. In the case of Zenless Zone Zero players are going to be able to explore a stunningly created urban sprawl, each with its own nooks and crannies to be discovered and explored. For fans of roguelike titles, this game has many roguelike features for players to enjoy. Players are able to play as a Proxy and recruit many allies to their side along the way. Managing to do this within a wildly stylized world really makes the game stand out. This makes the city of New Eridu one that simply begs to be explored, and we cannot wait to see more of what this game has to offer.


The story for Zenless Zone Zero is a rather interesting one, pulling from many sources of inspiration. Being a new IP, there is a lot of ground that has to be covered within this title. However, it would appear that the story of the game seeks to take the epic scale of other HoYoverse titles and bring them into an urbanized world. While there isn't a ton of information on the story elements of the game so far, what is in place already, the player will have tons of freedom. This is due to the game appearing to have a phenomenal social element to it that allows players to shape their own stories. The world of New Eridu appears to have more going on bubbling under the surface, waiting to be uncovered.


Gameplay is somewhat of Zenless Zone Zero‘s bread and butter, so to speak, as much of the game's trailers we have received so far focus heavily on combat. This is hardly a bad thing, however, as the combat animations and character models all appear stunning. There is a heavy emphasis on team cohesion and setup in the game. This can be seen in the characters in the game's reactions to one another. The combat synergy between characters plays an exceedingly important role in the game's combat as well. This makes how you interact with your team really important in the game,

Several gameplay mechanics also back up this design philosophy. This can be seen in things like the Evasive Assist systems and much more. When players dodge an opponent's attack at the opportune time, they are treated to aid from an ally. This greatly rewards the player's individual skill in a way that enhances the gameplay. Helping the fantastic feeling of combat in Zenless Zone Zero are stunning animations. The animations for each of the characters' unique attacks really impress. This is due not only to their fluidity, but the attention to detail in their design.

It also appears that players will have the ability to greatly customize their playstyle as well. This means that player's team compositions will certainly matter, especially for more difficult content. This is wonderful, as it adds another layer of complexity to an already amazing-looking game. Additionally, players will have the option to free roam or tackle story content as they see fit. This freedom will surely be great for players when this title is released.


Development for Zenless Zone Zero appears to be going smoothly, and they hope to work out a lot of the game's issues within the Tuning Tests, which are essentially closed beta tests that allow tweaks to be made to the game. All in all, we can expect great things when this title releases. But if the gameplay trailer shown recently at Gamescom 2023 is any indication, then fans are in for quite a treat when this title does finally release.


As far as trailers for Zenless Zone Zero go, there haven't been too many to speak of. However, recently a trailer dropped at Gamescom 2023. In this gameplay trailer, we can see quite a bit of gameplay. In fact, there was around twenty minutes of content that players got to see for the first time. Within the trailer, players see not only the game's fantastic combat in action but also its stunning character designs. Both of these aspects work together really well to make for an overall really appealing product.

As far as gameplay mechanics displayed within the trailer, there were quite a few interesting things of note. First, we see that the player character can stagger and stun enemies with certain attacks. This is great, as it will allow players to create space and control the flow of battle. We also see very stylized and impressive teamwork mechanics that are wonderfully animated as well. We also see the method used to tell the story during cutscenes, which are themselves stylish and sleek. In short, this trailer, while not showing too much as to spoil the surprise, manages to bring players a great amount of information in a fun and exciting way.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

As far as a solid release date for Zenless Zone Zero goes, we don't have anything concrete as of yet. It should be noted, however, that players are able to sign up to be made aware of the release date through the game's website. Now, as far as the platforms that it will be available on we are aware of this information and it is as follows. Zenless Zone Zero will be available on PC, PlayStation 4PlayStation 5, iOSAndroid. And lastly, we have Editions. As of writing this, there are currently no editions to be collected of Zenless Zone Zero.

So, what's your take on Zenless Zone Zero: Everything We Know? What are you looking forward to the most from this title? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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