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10 Best Games Like Dread Delusion

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Skeleton enemy attacking with club in game like Dread Delusion

If you’re captivated by the eerie charm and open-world exploration of Dread Delusion, you’re in for a treat. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best games like Dread Delusion that offer a similar blend of dark fantasy, immersive storytelling, and the freedom to carve your own path.

10. Witch Rise

Witch Rise - Official Trailer

Witch Rise tells the enchanting story of a young girl transformed into a piglet by the wicked Fallen Witch. Set in a magical kingdom, this first-person shooter invites players to embark on a captivating quest to break the curse and restore the heroine to her former self. The journey unfolds as players seek out four magical staffs, which are the key to defeating the Fallen Witch. The game beautifully combines medieval fantasy themes with a rich narrative. Also, the world of Witch Rise is visually stunning, featuring a lush 3D environment interwoven with charming 2D sprites. Players travel through four distinct biomes, each offering unique landscapes and challenges.

9. Cubes and Knights

Cubes and Knights [game]

Cubes and Knights transports players into the role of the kingdom's strongest and most valiant warrior, tasked with an epic quest to locate and defeat an immortal necromancer lurking deep within ancient dungeon labyrinths. Armed with a heavy sword and a sense of duty, players navigate these treacherous mazes, constructed long ago and filled with secret passages, lost artifacts, and wandering merchants.       The King's mission is clear: crush the defenders of these dungeons, uncover the hidden paths, and ultimately challenge the ancient evil that threatens the realm.

8. Phantom Fury

Phantom Fury - Official Gameplay Overview Trailer

Phantom Fury takes players on an exciting journey across the United States. This game blends first-person action with a road movie adventure. Players will explore places like seedy hotels in Albuquerque, abandoned facilities in Los Alamos, and the busy streets of Chicago. The story takes place many years after the protagonist's last battles. Players are on a mission to secure a dangerous artifact called the Demon Core. This journey is not just about fighting enemies but also about overcoming personal challenges and navigating a changed world. The road trip format enhances the sense of adventure as players move from one unique American location to another.

7. Dishonored

Dishonored Gameplay Trailer

Dishonored is a critically acclaimed action-adventure game set in a steampunk-inspired world. Players step into the shoes of Corvo Attano, a former bodyguard framed for the murder of an empress. Armed with supernatural abilities and a variety of gadgets, Corvo embarks on a quest for revenge and justice. The game’s open-ended design allows players to choose their approach, whether through stealth, combat, or a mix of both.

6. Hyperviolent

Hyperviolent - Official Early Access Release Date Trailer

Hyperviolent takes you to the dark and eerie world of Commodus Asteroid 27-C. This mining colony becomes chaotic after an ancient evil awakens. Players respond to a distress call and find themselves in the middle of this madness. The game’s graphics blend low-poly 3D with pixel art, capturing the feel of classic 1990s shooters. Additionally, the atmosphere is tense and frightening. Players explore narrow, dark corridors that heighten the sense of danger. And the feeling of isolation and the constant threat of enemy ambushes create a gripping horror experience.

5. Blood West

Blood West - Official Launch Trailer

Blood West takes players into a dark and eerie version of the Wild West, where old legends and supernatural horrors mix. You play as the Undead Gunslinger, cursed to roam the barren lands until you lift the curse. The game has three main areas: The Canyons, the Swamp, and the Mountains, and every area is filled with monsters and demons. You can explore these places freely, with over 20 hours of gameplay to complete the main tasks and even more time if you want to find all the hidden secrets. Here, you need to scout areas, sneak up on enemies, and strike from the shadows. The game challenges you to use stealth to navigate enemy-filled locations.

4. Cultic

CULTIC Reveal Trailer

Next on our list is Cultic, a retro-style first-person shooter that immerses players in the dark and twisted world of a mysterious cult. In this old-school-inspired game, players rise from the grave to face the horrors lurking within the ranks of a sinister cult. The story is set against a backdrop of blood, grit, and chaos, where you must navigate through 10 intricately designed maps. Also, the game captures the essence of vintage shooters while incorporating modern features such as physics, advanced lighting, and a fully 3D game world.

3. Hellsplit: Arena

Hellsplit: Arena - Release Trailer

Hellsplit: Arena is a virtual reality combat game that plunges players into a dark, medieval world filled with undead and supernatural enemies. The game features realistic physics and detailed graphics, creating an intense experience. The environments, from gloomy dungeons to haunted forests, are carefully designed to immerse players in a realm of horror and fantasy. The game also excels in sound design, which heightens the overall experience. Eerie ambient sounds and a haunting musical score create an atmosphere of suspense and dread.

2. Frogmonster

Frogmonster Trailer

Frogmonster is a fun action-adventure game set in the colorful world of Melora. Players go on a quest to protect Melora from the evil Runi and his creations. The game is a Metroidvania FPS adventure, filled with lively creatures, bugs, and beasts. Players meet many characters, most of whom have good intentions. The world of Melora is beautiful and full of surprises. It features over 20 unique bosses, each with their own mechanics and personalities.

1. Lunacid

LUNACID reveal trailer

The final game on our list of the best games like Dread Delusion is Lunacid, a first-person dungeon crawler. In this game, you awaken in a moonlit, subterranean world after being cast into the Great Well for mysterious crimes. This well has transformed into a chaotic pit filled with disease and hidden dangers following the rise of a monstrous beast that blanketed the earth in a toxic fog. To escape this nightmarish realm, players must journey deeper into the well, uncovering ancient secrets and encountering bizarre creatures along the way.

So, do you agree with our picks? Or does any other game like Dread Delusion deserve a spot here? Let us know on our socials here!

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