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Climber scaling rocky terrain in Cairn

What does it mean to climb a mountain? Is it merely a physical endeavor, or is it a profound journey that tests the limits of human endurance and spirit? The developers behind acclaimed titles like Furi and Haven, have announced their next ambitious project: Cairn. This upcoming game, intriguingly described as a “survival climber,” promises to push players beyond their limits in a realistic and challenging ascent. What mysteries does the unforgiving Mount Kami hold? What sacrifices will climbers need to make to achieve their dreams? Here's everything we know about Cairn.

What is Cairn?

Climber approaches tent with another person inside

Cairn is an upcoming game set to redefine the climbing simulation genre with its innovative approach to mountain ascents. The game introduces a unique blend of survival mechanics and climbing simulation, challenging players to scale the imposing Mount Kami. This peak, never before conquered, offers a sense of freedom and adventure. Players will navigate the rock face by moving their arms and legs in a natural way, facing challenges that test their determination and strategic planning.

The mechanics of Cairn focus on a fluid and realistic climbing experience. Players can explore the mountain and choose their routes, finding the best holds to progress. The high-altitude environment adds realism, and hence will demand players to manage their physical condition and use climbing equipment wisely.

This game promises a rich and engaging experience, emphasizing the thrill and peril of high-altitude climbing. Plus, the intuitive controls and realistic simulation create an authentic adventure, where players must read the rock face and adapt their strategies. Also, the freedom to climb anywhere on the mountain, combined with the need to manage resources and physical condition, ensures dynamic and replayable gameplay.


Climber in Cairn game explores ancient ruins

Cairn centers around Aava, a professional climber determined to conquer Mount Kami, a peak that no one has ever climbed before. This mountain is known for its dangerous terrain and hidden secrets. Aava's journey is more than just a physical challenge; it’s a deep exploration of human determination and the cost of obsession. As she climbs, Aava discovers remnants of past climbers, mysterious artifacts, and hidden stories about the mountain. Each step brings her closer to uncovering the mountain's secrets and understanding her own motivations and the sacrifices needed to achieve her dream.

The story of Cairn explores themes of freedom and sacrifice. Along her journey, Aava meets unexpected companions and encounters the spirits of climbers who failed before her. These interactions provide her with help and new perspectives, challenging her physically and mentally. The harsh conditions and dangers of the mountain test her resolve, making every decision crucial. Here, players will see Aava's transformation, learning what it truly means to strive for something beyond reach and the real cost of pursuing an unyielding dream.


Climber navigating a narrow crevice in Cairn

Cairn promises to offer a highly realistic and intuitive climbing experience. Players can expect to navigate the treacherous slopes of Mount Kami by carefully selecting the best holds and placing their hands and feet with precision. The controls will likely be seamless, allowing for smooth and natural movements. However, this realism means that every climb could be a test of concentration and skill. Missteps or miscalculations might lead to falls, adding a thrilling layer of tension to each ascent.

Players will step into the shoes of Aava, a professional climber aiming to conquer Mount Kami, a peak that has never been reached. The journey will not be just about physical endurance but also about the personal challenges Aava faces. Along the way, climbers might meet unexpected companions and hear from those who remain on the ground, adding depth to the story. The decisions about what Aava is willing to sacrifice to achieve her dream will intertwine with the physical challenges of the climb.

The game will also give you the freedom to choose your route up the mountain. Players will likely be able to explore the mountain, study the rock face from the ground, and plan their paths carefully. Furthermore, survival elements will add another layer of complexity to Cairn. Players will need to manage resources like pitons, chalk, finger tape, food, water, and medicine. So, setting up bivouacs to rest and recover during the long ascent will be crucial. The high-altitude environment will challenge players to forage for resources and maintain their physical condition. Additionally, Cairn will offer significant replayability through its Expedition mode. Players will have the option to choose between Aava or another character, Marco, and tackle different mountains with various climbing styles and challenges.


Climber ascending mountain in Cairn game

Cairn is being developed and published by The Game Bakers, a French indie studio known for their unique and high-quality games. They previously created Furi, a fast-paced action game, and Haven, a romantic adventure. Now, they're exploring a new genre with Cairn. The game is led by creative director Emeric Thoa and CEO Audrey Leprince, with audio by Martin Stig Andersen and Lukas Julian Lentz, and art by comic book artist Mathieu Bablet.


Cairn - Reveal Trailer

The developers have shared a brief reveal trailer. In the trailer, we witness Aava scaling the mountain, showcasing the game's stunning realism. You can watch it on your own in the video embedded above.

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

Player exploring a serene landscape at sunset

The Game Bakers plan to release Cairn in 2025, with the game available on unspecified consoles and PCs via Steam. Although specific details about special editions remain undisclosed, more information will emerge closer to the release date. Also, to stay updated on the latest news and announcements, follow the official social media accounts of the developers here.

So, are you ready to conquer Mount Kami and test your climbing skills in Cairn? What excites you most about this upcoming survival climber? Let us know on our socials here!

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