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Soulmask: 5 Best Tips for Beginners

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Soulmask: Beginner Tips

On May 31, 2024, CampFire Studio dropped their newest title, Soulmask, introducing one of the best Sandbox Games of the year. The survival game provides unique gameplay in a primitive world that oozes authentic ancient life. Playing as the lone tribal leader, you carve your path to survival and dominance in a land where only the strong survive. Dive into the primitive world with mysterious faiths and recruit tribesmen to build your clan. 

Uncover the truths behind the mysterious world and its uncanny masks, colossal beasts, and guardians. And when the ancient tribal clans come calling, unleash your wrath in a life-and-death struggle. The game gives you and your tribesmen enough weapon styles and combat skills to conquer. But truth be told, Soulmask isn’t your typical open-world survival game. Still, that’s not enough to deny you the realism of Soulmask. Here are Soulmask's 5 best tips for beginners that will help tap into its remarkable gameplay moments.

5. Do not Overlook the Tutorial

players assembly at the start of the game

A good deal of survival game developers include a tutorial that typically helps players navigate the game's early stages. It appears to be the norm for many players in every other game. While tutorials are often helpful, many players tend to overlook them.

It sounds okay to do so if you’ve got your hands on a few prequels to the title. However, for a new installation like Soulmask, the first few steps might feel a bit buggy for beginners. Therefore, the tutorial helps by holding your hand for a few hours before jumping into the main game. 

Again, going through the instructional steps for just a few minutes still puts you at a disadvantage. It will tell you about the crucial mechanics of the game’s playthrough and the features that actually matter. Besides, Soulmask’s features can be a little difficult to grasp, so only completing the tutorial can truly help beginner players enjoy the game right when they start the game.

4. Pick the Right Mask for You

Character with a mask

Soulmask's gameplay begins with players escaping a malignant sacrificial ritual before they encounter a mystical mask. The mask forms a crucial part of the game’s storyline and holds a powerful secret that changes the world as you know it. For beginners, it’s easy to think the first three masks you encounter are all you have, but that’s far from the truth. There’s a collection of ten impressive masks for you to discover.

Notably, the masks are rather mysterious and appear as mere cosmetics at first. However, each of them is different, both in physical appearance and in the skills you equip with them. First, you can customize each of the accessories to fit your style. But beyond that, each of them aligns with a specific playstyle and provides your character with unique bonuses. For instance, the Civilization mask, which is among the starting masks, offers you defense and survivability. Players get a stamina boost of +5 and a maximum load of +10. When sleeping, damage taken decreases by 5% and morale recovery speeds increase by 50%. Therefore, understanding the accessories and knowing what to pick at a certain level makes your journey a breeze. 

3. Take Care of Your Food and Health Reserves

Food resource menu

You are the last person blessed with the mysterious mask in the old, desolate land. Other tribes will constantly hunt you at every step you take. You are constantly up in arms to survive, engaging in fierce life-and-death battles with the enemy tribes. And since the tribesmen you’ve fortified in your clan are there to back you up, it only means one thing. Food and health are critical in Soulmask. 

Luckily, the game mechanics provide players with different options for food and recovering health points, which you need to know as a new Soulmask survivor. Food materials are available, both cooked or roasted, along with raw, uncooked food options. Look for cooked meat, smoked ham, and fried rare steak for maximum recovery. These boost your HP to its maximum and add a short-lived secondary passive healing ability. Raw foods like nuts can be found in the wild and are the easiest resources to bolster your healing speed. Nuts specifically improve your HP slightly and lift your character’s mood. Bandage is also an essential recovery item you can craft or obtain from fallen enemies.

2. Situate Your Fortresses and Campfires Near the Resources

Soulmask fire

You can do much on Soulmask, from farming, rearing pigs, and exploring the vast land to cooling off with a cigar or beer after a long day. Of course, you need resources for all these activities, but tribal warfare is the epitome of Soulmask’s gaming experience. It’s amidst the struggles that you need the items most to keep your warriors healthy and energized for the clashes. And having them close to your fortresses and campfires proves to be advantageous. 

Therefore, before building your base, make sure you have nearby access to the trees you need to build. If there are bushes to cut down and provide firewood, construction trees and stones, the better. Also, ensure the base is in proximity to a water source and food. That way, your clan won’t have to go far hunting for food or moving materials to build the fortresses. 

1. Leverage Your Weaponry and Combat Style

Soulmask Dual Spade

Soulmask offers players an extensive weapon selection and combat styles. With more than 8 weapon styles and over 75 combat skills founded on realistic physics, you are enough to survive. You only need to know how to use your weapon selection, armor, and combat styles to your advantage. All this while keeping your favorite style in mind to make your gaming experience even more fulfilling. 

For instance, if you love outdoor aiming with spears and arrows, you have the weapons to take down the flying creatures. And if brutal attacks with melee weapons fulfill your soul, unleash terror on foes by smashing their skull with a sledgehammer. 

So, what’s your take on our Soulmask 5 best tips for beginners? Do you think they are useful? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments section. 

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