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Lies of P: Best Combat Styles



Lies of P: Best Combat Styles

In Lies of P, combat styles are like a stepping stone for your character. The style you pick at the start influences your build, which is how your character develops. While each style affects your stats in a big way, you can adjust them later as you level up to create your ideal fighter. These styles also come with different starter weapons; however, you're free to find and use others throughout the game. Basically, each style has its advantages and disadvantages, letting you choose how you want to approach combat. 

At the start of the game, once you depart the train car at Krat Station, you'll find a weapon on the workbench. At the beginning of the game, there are three different playstyles, that are pretty familiar to players who have engaged with other soul-like titles. You can always pick and equip the weapons you like as you progress with the playthrough. And by that, you will be funneling your Ergo into the relevant stats when you find something that works for you. There's even a chance to switch styles later in the game, so you're not stuck with anything forever. Here is a quick ranking of Lies of P's best combat styles.

3. Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

Path of the Bastard: Dexterity

The Path of the Bastard focuses on speed and dexterity. The method works well and is the most technical. Unlike the Sweeper combat style, the Bastard is more powerful in the middle to late game. This style allows you to develop a build with a lot of stamina and technique, but it comes at the expense of other physical characteristics. The build will significantly reduce your physical attack stats. However, this isn't a deal-breaker because you won't be fighting any adversaries head-on, but using a stealth technique. 

The style mostly emphasizes light weaponry and even begins with the lightest and quickest assault weapon. With high Technique and low Motivity, you should only pick this option if you have extensive expertise with comparable titles or desire a very difficult task. The Wintry Rapier is a fast weapon that allows you to deliver quick attacks in this style. If you want a speedy build, this is the finest Lies of P weapon to go for. This weapon and combat-style combo make it easy to dodge assaults. However, all of that comes at the cost of surrendering your blocking abilities. 

These lighter weapons absorb extremely little incoming damage through routine blocking. Therefore, learning attack patterns and mastering the perfect parry can help you maintain your health and stay in the fight. The Path of the Bastard is also effective against other Technique bosses in Lies of P, including Survivor and White Lady. It does, however, come at a significant cost to your Vigor. As a result, the Bastard battle style also appears to focus on increasing stamina, whereas Sweeper relies on high vitality to refill health.

2. Path of the Sweeper

Path of the Sweeper

The Path of the Sweeper combat style is based on heavy weaponry. It relies heavily on strength. Unfortunately, this style sacrifices speed and agility. This option significantly increases your build's strength, HP, physical attack, and physical defense. Naturally, this comes at the cost of a significant reduction in your ability to dodge. Therefore, if you plan to play the relentless warrior, it would be better to look for alternatives to this path. You will have a lot of success early on with weapons like the Police Baton. 

Sweeper weapons are also more adaptable for weapon construction at the beginning of the game. Many Amulets prefer the Sweeper build because of the life-regeneration function employed after stopping an enemy's assault. The Greatsword of Fate is a tremendous inducement to use such a setup. It is one of the greatest weapons available, particularly early on, and your character will swing it as if it were stuck to his arm. Notably, the build is not for beginners and will require some expertise from earlier Soulsbourne titles to provide fun gameplay.

If you know you are not quite good at parrying or want a more forgiving experience in the first few hours of the game, this combat style best suits you. The huge weapons can withstand a lot of damage with frequent blocking, and your assaults will shock adversaries in fewer blows. The Sweeper has a slower move set, which is its disadvantage. Some bosses are particularly harsh on charge strikes and combinations. This is where the Sweeper may take a beating, primarily due to its time limitation.

1. Path of the Cricket

Path of the Cricket

The Path of the Cricket provides you with a devastating saber that is intended for a balanced playstyle. It is more frequently known as a quality build among the Souls-Like community. Its overall versatility makes it the most beginner-friendly. This combat style ranks the highest in Lies of P, with frequent slashes dealing modest damage. It is undoubtedly a go-to style for most players, regardless of expertise with the genre. The combat style does not lock players into a certain lane early on, and you can easily adjust your build if you change your mind. 

Path of Cricket focuses on striking a balance between strength and speed, the two most important aspects of battle in Lies of P. It’s designed to appeal to both newcomers and Souls veterans, with an excellent stat composition. Choosing this fighting style will allow a player to develop a build that is both complex and flexible. The Puppet's Saber appears to be the best weapon here for a balanced build. It is also ideal for new players to become familiar with fighting basics. 

The style is also Lies of P's most balanced class, with respectable stats. It lets players adapt to the bosses in the game and adjust the playstyle according to their move sets. Players can also easily start and invest in advanced construction. And if you determine that Motivity or Technique are not for you, a simple switch in the early game with Sophia will save you, Ergo.

So, what’s your take on our ranking of the best combat styles in Lies of P? Let us know your thoughts here on our socials or down in the comments. 

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