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VR Platformer Moss: Book II Announced for PSVR



The long-awaited sequel in the popular Moss series, Moss: Book II was revealed at the Sony State of Play event earlier in the first week of July. The third-person VR platformer was initially released in 2018 which garnered critical acclaim and more than three years later, the announcement of the sequel to Moss has left fans just as excited with the trailer revealing several new locations, interactions, and dangers that they will face on this follow-up adventure

The announcement at the State of Play assures us that Moss: Book II will at least be released on the PSVR but any word of release for PC VR headsets or Oculus Quest has not been indicated. Though the original title was also initially released as a PSVR timed exclusive and eventually made its way onto SteamVR, Oculus PC, and Oculus Quest. There has been no release date announced or hinted at either.

According to a post by Polyarc Developer Joshua Stiksma on the PS Blogpost, the players will be taking the role of the ghostly presence from the first game that can directly interact with Quill and the world around her. Book II will be taking place right after the events of the first game where the mouse protagonist Quill saved her uncle Argus. Now the Arcane forces led by the Winged tyrant have set their sights on Quill.

Players will be treated to new mechanics, environments, enemies, and abilities. Along with new weapons like the hammer and nature attunement ability for creating new pathways for exploration, Polyarc has built upon the player’s ability to charge Quill’s weapons. This not only provides Quill unique ways to solve puzzles, uncover secrets, and defeat enemies, but it feels really good to be able to reach out and connect with her through that kind of teamwork.

In the blogpost, Stiksma states, “Polyarc’s goal is to make the most of the capabilities of VR to create truly immersive gameplay experiences that ask the player to interact with the world and its characters in compelling and rewarding ways. It takes a lot of effort to craft a world like this, and the entire team has been paramount in accomplishing these goals. We’re proud of what we’re showing the world with this trailer and are excited to share more in the coming months.”

Moss: Book II - Announce Trailer | PS VR


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