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Best Fitness Games on Oculus Quest

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It's true that working out at the gym still has advantages, like more efficient equipment for building muscle and real-time feedback. However, virtual reality fitness games have advantages too, maybe even more. For one, it's fun and deeply immersive, with many options to scratch your itch for full-body engagement. Some games are solely dedicated to breaking a sweat, while others are simply so physically intensive that you're guaranteed to burn calories by the time you put your headset down. Check out the best fitness games on Oculus Quest to try out the next time you're cooped up at home and want to stay in shape.

10. OhShape

OhShape | Oculus Quest + Rift Platforms

Remember the TV show ‘Hole in the Wall'? Well, OhShape is its VR adapatation, designed to challenge you with dance choreographies that require precise posing through walls carved out in the virtual space.You’re often dancing to music with an impressive selection. With the challenges to go through, though, you’ll come out of each gaming session having worked out a sweat. Your whole body is engaged, twisting and turning to evade obstacles, punch through walls, and make captivating poses to complete each map.

9. Les Millis Bodycombat


Les Millis Bodycombat, despite drawing inspiration from eccentric martial arts, is relatively easy for anyone to jump into. It's a workout that provides different moves to master, all wide-ranging from punching and kicking to mixes of kung fu and taekwondo. While you step into a workout session from the comfort of your home, others from all around the world will join you. You'll often train in group sessions, simply using your Oculus Quest headset to enter an immersive fitness class near you.

8. Vrit

VRIT Full Release - Trailer

Alternatively, you can consider the equal parts fitness and fun game, Vrit. It’s an explosive sport on the Oculus Quest platform that you can schedule into your daily routine. In Vrit, you'll play the role of a giant monster out to destroy robots. These take place in competitive “sports battles.” While the goal is to protect the clouds from invasion, your day-to-day routine involves more intensive physical workouts, from planks to burpees and pushups. And thanks to hand-tracking, you can perform exercises without controllers.

7. Synth Riders

Synth Riders | Lindsey Stirling Music Pack DLC [Release Trailer] | Meta Quest

Rhythm games are on the rise, with Synth Riders up on the scale. You move to the beat of high-tempo music, striking down spheres (notes) while riding along lines and avoiding obstacles moving toward you. The music plays to the intensity of the game, so you're constantly grooving at pace to your favorite genres. Everything around you is transposed into a full-on, vivid, and immersive cyber-inspired musical VR world. You can freestyle dance moves, so really, the sky’s the limit in how far you challenge yourself and climb the ranks to the top.

6. Supernatural

Supernatural Launch Trailer | Oculus Quest

Just as immersive is Supernatural, which transports you to stunning locations worldwide. It’s a perfect fitness game for engaging your full body. Exercises range from intense to relaxing meditation sessions, too. You can stretch out your muscles perched on top of snowy mountains or box in outer space. To keep you returning for more is excellent music, which plays out in rhythm to your chosen workout for the day. Whether punching floating orbs or doing squats, nothing beats burning calories to Bob Marley at the top of an erupting volcano.

5. Gym Class – Basketball VR

Gym Class Basketball - VR Trailer l Meta Quest

On the other hand, fans of hoop culture will enjoy the simulated Gym Class – Basketball VR game. It’s very much a sports game that simulates the rules and players from real-life NBA games. You’ll access licensed NBA team courts and compete in full-court games against AI or friends. On the latter, you can make it a social gig, making new friends who also have a special love for driving to the hoop.

4. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip | Oculus Quest, Rift Platform

Craving some action combat? Check out Pistol Whip, a stage-based shooter game where you mow down enemies to the beat of the music. The trick is your pistol weapon serves as both a handgun and whip. You can spray live bullets or use blunt force to smash heads in with the barrel, improvising at the most intense moments. Meanwhile, you also defend yourself, whether ducking out of enemy fire or dodging bullets. In the end, Pistol Whip gracefully merges combat and rhythm in ways that leave you gasping for breath.

3. Beat Saber

Beat Saber | Announce Trailer | Oculus Quest

Beat Saber has been around for some time, yet it still remains one of the best fitness games on Oculus Quest. Donning lightsabers, you’ll master your inner Jedi and slash as many musical notes flying toward you. Keep in mind most of the beats are fast-paced, so you have to push yourself, mastering timing and precision with time. All around you is a futuristic world, completing the immersive neon world, you'll find yourself returning to every time you want to work up a sweat.

2. FitXR

FitXR | Oculus Quest Platform

Alternatively, you can check out the all-encompassing FitXR martial arts-inspired fitness game. You’re spoilt for choice here, whether practicing some taekwondo, muay thai, karate, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and much more. You can also jump into Zumba sessions if you prefer dance workouts. Either way, FitXR has a workout perfectly curated for you.

1. The Thrill of the Fight – VR Boxing

The Thrill of the Fight | Oculus Quest + Rift Platform

Boxers out there seem spoilt for choice, with The Thrill of the Fight making huge waves in the VR community. Even newcomers to the sport will find pleasure in stepping into the ring and facing off against their opponent to win. Mechanics are authentically replicated from real-life sports, so even as you play in virtual mode, skills like timing and landing the perfect knockout blows matter more. In that sense, winning feels fulfilling. At the same time, you’re destressing after a long day and keeping in shape along with it. Be sure to clear the room around you before playing; this one's about to get messy.

So, what’s your take? Do you agree with our best fitness games on Oculus Quest? Are there more games we should know about? Let us know over on our socials here.

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