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Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Raze

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Raze



One of the main duelists of Valorant, the Bahian Raze concentrates Brazilianness, charisma and an “explosion” of damage. Equipped with a missile launcher as the ultimate skill, the agent has a complete grenadier kit. There are two C4’s, a multiple grenade and even an explosive robot. Made for aggressive players, Raze has the perfect balance between attack and defense in Riot Games‘ FPS. Of Brazilian origin, Raze carries all the accent and charisma of Bahia in his speeches and expressions. Within the game the agent imposes an aggressive style of play and is one of the most popular among Valorant players.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Raze

Raze is a duelist in Valorant. (Image: Riot Games)

Skills and tips

Bumba (C) – Cost: $ 300

“Cart” or “dog”, as some players call it, Bumba is a kind of robot released by Raze on the ground that always follows in a straight line. When it finds a target, Bumba chases it until it explodes and causes damage.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Raze

Bumba is one of Raze’s skills. (Image: Valorant)

  • Try to use Bumba to dominate specific places like the ones with the ultimate orbs. Once an enemy arises, you will have to shoot down Bumba before appearing to your teammates.
  • The cart, in addition to being fatal if caught, collects a lot of information for your team. Both in attack and defense, and it is very easy to anticipate a move using the cart. You can also use it to search for a striking. Since your enemy either targets you or the cart itself, which is a difficult choice for him.
  • The cart can be destroyed by enemies by shooting it. That is, be aware if Bumba is destroyed by enemies. Probably, even destroyed, it will give you information.

Explosives (Q) – Cost: $ 100

Raze throws a kind of C4 on the ground that when activated again causes damage and pushes or impels anyone who is close, whether an ally or an enemy. Only Raze takes no damage.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Raze

Ability Charge of Raze Explosives. (Image: Valorant)

  • Use Explosive Charge to gain speed or climb structures to surprise enemies.
  • Explosive charge can be used both to touch the enemy and to get away from him quickly.
  • Operator Abuse: With Explosive Charge in the inventory, Raze can play aggressively with the Valorant sniper rifle and if he misses the shot or puts himself in a risky position, he can use the Charge to reposition himself as quickly as possible.
  • Abuse Explosive Charge to annoy opponents and make them “jump” while entering a location dominated by your team.
  • Explosive charge is also essential to decrease the slowness that Raze suffers when activating his ultimate Spoiler-Pleaser. It is practically possible to fly with the ultimate in hand from the placement of the Loads on the ground.

Ink Cartridges (E) – Cost: Free

Raze pulls out a “multiple” grenade. In short, the grenade explodes once when it touches a surface, damaging anyone nearby. Later it becomes another four grenades that damage the area.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Raze

Raz Ink Cartridges Skill. (Image: Valorant)

  • Use the Ink Cartridge to instantly take opponents out of their position. If the enemy stays to “take the damage” he will die instantly. The explosion of the Cartridge kills the opponent even with 100 health and 50 vest.
  • Sometimes, abuse the Cartridge to dominate a wider environment. Not necessarily to kill enemies, but to keep enemies from going through a certain location until the Cartridge submunitions stop exploding.
  • Ink Cartridge can be played long with the left mouse button or shorter with the right mouse button.
  • Always remember that every two kills in a round the Ink Cartridge is made available for use.
  • Like Raze’s other abilities, Ink Cartridge also hurts allies.

Spoiler (Q) – Cost: seven points of ultimate

Raze equips a rocket launcher and fires a rocket at a surface, causing a LOT of damage in the area and with the potential to shoot down all enemies at once if they are all confined to the same location.

Valorant: Tips On How To Play With The Character Raze

Raze’s ultimate skill. (Image: Valorant)

  • Although not mandatory, it is advisable that when using Estraga-Prazeres also use the Explosive Charge to gain speed. Jump under enemies and, mainly, decrease the slowness that Raze suffers when activating the ultimate.
  • Spoiler-Pleasures pushes Raze into the air, almost like a leap. Sometimes, you can use the ability to gain even more speed with two units of the Explosive Charge. However, you will lose one of the main damage ultimates in the game.
  • Watch the angle when you release the ultimate. The damage is caused after the grenade touches the ground or a wall, that is, the ability can “get inside” the opponent without causing damage. In addition, Plagues do the same damage to Raze and allies as well.
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