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Fnatic Wins Valorant LOCK//IN 2023



Esports team Fnatic has come up trumps against finalist LOUD at Valorant LOCK//IN, securing a $100,000 prize and an extra seat at the EMEA Masters Tokyo.

After three long and grueling weeks of one-on-one bouts, Valorant LOCK//IN has finally come to an end. Having started with 32 of the best teams around the world, the ever-popular tournament concluded with one nail-biting deadlock event—a battle that cemented its position in Valorant's most heated highlights in its three-year run. And boy, what a final it was to watch.

Between Fnatic and LOUD, the two finalists pushed the competition all the way to the fifth map, with Fnatic claiming the first two, and LOUD snatching the equalizer via the third and fourth. All of this culminated in one final stand-off in Icebox, which led to a tidy 14-12 win for Fnatic. Oh, and in Overtime, no less. Here's how the maps played out:

Fnatic Vs LOUD

  • Ascent: 13-8
  • Fracture: 13-7
  • Split: 9-13
  • Lotus: 8-13
  • Icebox: 14-12

With the first tournament under their belts, Fnatic will now go on to secure an additional seat at EMEA Masters Tokyo, which will take place June 11th to 25th. In the meantime, a hearty congratulations is well and truly in order—to Fnatic, LOUD, and every other team that gave it their all in one of the game's biggest tournaments in the history of Esports.

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