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Valorant: Patch Notes 1.11 is Officially Released



One of the biggest requests from the Valorant community was finally granted. The left hand reaches Riot Games‘ FPS. As part of Patch Notes 1.11, players will be able to choose which hand the weapons will be in. The setup is common in other FPS games and has the taste of the general public and professional players. In addition, the update marks the arrival of the new agent Skye. The addition of the Icebox map in the ranking rotation. The map will be released for use in championships on 29 November.

Summary of Valorant Patch Notes 1.11. (Image: Riot Games)

Summary of Valorant Patch Notes 1.11. (Image: Riot Games)

Update agents



Direct from Australia, Skye will be available for use in official tournaments after 9 November. Sentinel agent, Skye can deal damage from afar and heal nearby allies using his crossbows. The Trailblazer equips a Tasmanian tiger that explodes and damages enemies directly hit. The Guiding Light already equips a falcon that, while in the air, can reveal any danger. Regrowth equips a healing statuette for nearby allies. His ultimate, Seekers, equips three figurines that track the three enemies nearby, spotting those caught.



  • Full flash time increased from 1.75 >>> 2



  • Trapwire: Disabled and revealed when dying.
  • Spy Camera: Disabled and revealed upon death



Killjoy is most effective when locking down a single site. Has to stay near her Turret and Alarmbot for them to remain active. Her global recon should be hit pretty hard here but we have slightly boosted her stalling power to counterbalance that nerf. All in all, we hope to keep Killjoy in a very similar place power wise but give her a stronger identity as the premiere on-site defender.

  • Deactivation Range: Alarmbot and Turret now deactivate if she is more than 40m away from them. Reentering the 40m range reactivates her little friends.
  • Turret: Cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 10 seconds
  • Alarmbot: Range at which Alarmbot can be detected decreased from 9m >>> 7m. Cooldown after pickup reduced from 20 seconds >>> 7 seconds.
  • Nanoswarm: Range at which Nanoswarm can be detected decreased from 5m >>> 3.5m. Damage increased from 40 / s >>> 45 / s. Damage now ticks smoother and faster while in Nanoswarm, instead of in chunks of 10 every ¼ of a second.

Competitive updates

  • Icebox is added to map rotation in ranked.
  • The map will be available for use in official competitions after four weeks of “testing” in the ranked, ie. If no problems are found, Icebox will be released for the tournament on November 29th.
  • Shorter unranked queuing times for higher ranked players.
  • Combat score adjusted to take into account non-damaging assists.
Icebox is the new Valorant map in Patch Notes 1.11. (Image: Riot Games)

Icebox is the new Valorant map in Patch Notes 1.11. (Image: Riot Games)

Game mode updates

  • The “Play all rounds” option is now available in the custom options in the game lobby.

According to Riot, the mechanism will ensure that, when the option is activated, the game does not end after a team has reached 13 rounds in a custom lobby. The option will keep the game going until both teams play 12 rounds on each side. The option emerges as a strong mechanism for teams that want to train competitively.

Game systems

  • Attackers who lose and survive without planting Spike will receive fewer credits (1,000).
  • Defenders who lose and survive after the Spike detonation will also receive fewer credits (1,000).
  • Dying for Spike will no longer count as death in the AMA statistics.
  • Additional savings information will appear in a floating tip when hovering over the exclamation point next to “Min. Next Round” in the Store.

Quality of life

  • Left-handed perspective model available to players. It is now possible to change your first person perspective to the left hand when entering the settings menu and changing the model to “left-handed”. This change will also make everyone have the same left-handed perspective for you in spectator mode.
  • It is now possible to send a direct message by clicking on the friend’s name in the chat instead of having to type it in full.
  • People who are AFK or off the game screen for more than five minutes will be marked as “absent” on the Social Panel.
  • Adjust the colors of the teams to remain fixed throughout the game for spectators, instead of the Attacking side always appearing in red and the Defender in green.

Bug fixes

  • Jett can no longer get a boost on the rope with the advance.
  • Group invitations are no longer active on the Social Panel after being declined.
  • Spike’s location cannot be seen by players when they return to the match.
  • The pieces of wall of Sage no longer break if someone dies on top of them.



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