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Twitch Announces New Revenue-Sharing Model, Partner Plus Program, for Streamers

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Twitch Introduces Partner Plus Program

Twitch has unveiled its new Partner Plus program, an enhanced version of its existing Partner program. This initiative aims to provide streamers with increased earning potential by offering a 70% share of net subscription revenue for a year, up to $100,000. We will explore the qualifications and benefits of this exciting opportunity.

According to Twitch's blog post, streamers who are already Partners must maintain a subcount of 350 recurring paid subscriptions for three consecutive months to qualify for the Partner Plus program. After meeting this requirement, they will automatically be enrolled in the program for the next 12 months, regardless of any subsequent drop in subscriber count.

As stated by Twitch, the Partner Plus program introduces a significant update to the revenue-sharing structure. Streamers will now receive a 70% share of net subscription revenue, which includes recurring monthly subscriptions and gift subs. The enhanced revenue model provides talented creators with the potential to earn more than they currently do on the platform. The program offers an exciting opportunity for financial growth for streamers. 

The announcement of the Partner Plus program follows a period of controversy surrounding Twitch's updated guidelines for branded streams. However, Twitch has responded to the concerns raised by content creators. The platform has acknowledged its missteps and pledged to make the guidelines clearer. Despite the initial backlash, Twitch remains committed to supporting its streamers. Starting October 1, streamers who meet the qualifying criteria in July, August, and September will be automatically enrolled in the Partner Plus program. They will receive notifications in October, ensuring an inclusive approach to participation.

With the introduction of the PP program, Twitch reinforces its commitment to streamers by addressing their financial needs and providing opportunities for substantial earning potential within the live streaming ecosystem.

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