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Content Creators Rally Against Twitch’s Branded Content Guidelines, Call for Boycott

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Content Creators Rally Against Twitch's Branded Content Guidelines, Call for Boycott

Content creators are calling for a boycott of Twitch after the platform announced significant changes to branded content. 

Streamers Boycott Twitch Over New Branded Content Guidelines

Twitch has issued new guidelines outlining the permissible elements in branded streams and those that are prohibited. The new rules state that logos on-stream must not exceed 3% of the screen size and must prohibit the inclusion of burned-in video, display, and audio ads. However, the guidelines allow for channel page panel ads, product placement, chat links, discussions, unboxing of products, and playing sponsored games.

In response to the new requirement of displaying a disclosure for branded content, streamers face the risk of disciplinary actions, including suspension, if they fail to comply. Asmongold, a popular MMO streamer, took to Twitter and urged his fellow content creators to either boycott Twitch or transition to alternative platforms like YouTube, Kick, or Rumble.

He argued that Twitch's imposition of these advertisement restrictions ultimately causes more financial harm to streamers than benefits them in the long term.

Streamers should seriously consider boycotting Twitch or migrating to other platforms. It's disheartening to see Twitch deeming common and harmless forms of advertising as violations of their Terms of Service, all attempting to exert more control over streamers' income.”  Asmongold

In response to the growing controversy, Twitch addressed the issue on Twitter. They admitted that the policy's language was too broad and acknowledged their mistake. Twitch pledged to rewrite the policy to provide more precise guidelines.

Twitch clarified that they do not intend to limit streamers' ability to establish direct relationships with sponsors, as they understand the importance of this revenue source for streamers. They aimed to clarify their existing ad policy, which intended to prevent third-party ad networks from selling burned-in video and displaying ads on Twitch. 

This change aligns with practices seen on other platforms. The implementation of Twitch's new content guidelines will take effect on July 1.

What are your thoughts on the Twitch branded content guidelines? Are they taking it too far? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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