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Elon Musk Confirms Twitter Streaming for Gamers in the Works After Twitch Incident

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Elon Musk Confirms Twitter Streaming for Gamers in the Works After Twitch Incident

Twitter could just be Twitch’s potential streaming rival. Just after Elon Musk took over Twitter last year, he has strived to make the site more broadcast-friendly. In his recent tweet, he shared that this may soon become a reality following Twitch’s recent incident.

Elon tweeted, “OK fine we’ll do it.”

Elon’s tweet was in response to an aggravated Twitch user’s tweet. The user, @stevenmarkryan, tweeted that the streaming giant, Twitch, was begging to be disrupted by Twitter. Another Twitter user also tagged Elon Musk in a tweet expressing how awesome it would be for Twitter to enable “streaming for gamers” to which Musk agreed.  

Popular streaming giant Twitch will soon be losing its huge usership. The streaming service rolled out new rules on June 6, which directly affect streamers that earn from branded content on the site. What does this mean? A huge number of your favorite streamers may opt to leave the streaming site altogether. These new rules are set to be implemented on July 1 rendering sponsored content on the site. 

After the announcement of the new rules was put out, streamers were quite vocal about how unhappy they felt. Some of them, such as Asmongold, took to Twitter to announce their plans to depart their streaming service. This move may just be the end of the streaming service whose reason for existence is the streamers, who are making their exit plans.

In case you aren’t aware of the new regulations, they are;

  • Limiting on-stream logos to 3% of screen size
  • Burned-in display Ads are prohibited (burned-in Ads are Ads that are pre recorded and inserted into the stream)
  • Burned-in audio Ads are prohibited
  • Burned-in video Ads are NOT allowed

Twitter is not the only site trying to capitalize on Twitch’s controversy; Kick, an upcoming streaming site, has also begun to take its place in the streaming space. Elon’s tweet, however, doesn’t guarantee Twitter’s entry into the streaming space given his knack for wild tweets.

What are your thought? Do you think Elon Musk is bluffing or we will see Twitter Streaming soon? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.


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