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Twitch Rival Kick Bold Move – If You Switch To Kick You Will Get Paid to Stream, 1 Viewer or 100,000

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Kick streaming platform

Kick, the crypto-backed streaming platform, has unveiled a game-changing plan that will revolutionize the streaming industry. In an effort to create a more inclusive and equitable environment, Kick has committed to paying every creator, regardless of their size or number of viewers, based on the hours they stream. This groundbreaking move not only has a significant impact on the company itself but also sends ripples through its competitors, including streaming giant Twitch.

Kick's commitment to compensating creators based on their streaming hours positions the platform as an attractive option for diverse creator talent. As news of this groundbreaking initiative spreads, creators of all sizes and niches may be enticed to explore the platform's offerings. By broadening its pool of creators, Kick can diversify its content library, appealing to a wider audience base and enhancing its overall competitiveness.

In addition, Kick will also pay streamers 95% of subscription revenue. This surpasses Twitch's 50/50 share and outperforms YouTube's generous 70/30 split. Although the revenue share is more significant, the platform's overall numbers are lower. According to projections, Kick will have 1% to 7% of Twitch's current total viewers.

Competitive Impact on Twitch and YouTube

Twitch, as one of the major players in the streaming industry, may face a notable impact due to Kick's progressive approach. With the ability to attract both established creators and emerging talent, Kick presents a compelling alternative to Twitch's dominant market position. Popular streamers on Twitch such as Felix “xQc” Lengyel have moved to Kick. According to reports, xQc recently signed a $70M deal with Kick. The move also comes after Twitch announced a new revenue-sharing model where the company will split 70-30 revenue with its streamers. 

Kick's ambitious plan to pay every creator, regardless of size or viewership, based on their streaming hours marks a significant turning point in the streaming industry. Furthermore, Kick's plan sets a new standard for the industry, placing pressure on other streaming platforms to rethink their creator compensation systems. Kick launched early this year and launched its mobile app in March. 

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