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Sylvio: Black Waters — Everything We Know

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Horror-themed games have one thing in common going on for them: you almost always fall for the jump scares. Despite being a veteran in the genre, some games will still surprise you. You can attribute this to the impeccable storytelling that gradually unwinds. The sudden increase in tempo will also put you on edge. But for Stroboskop, it's a delicate balance of exploring, puzzle-solving, and audio-based mechanics.

Sylvio and Sylvio 2 are both quiet horror games that might fool you during the first few minutes of the game. The games use clever techniques to scare the life out of players. It's no surprise that Stroboskop is back at it again with Sylvio: Black Waters. The million-dollar question is, will it fly close to its predecessors and gift us with another refreshing take on the horror genre? Let's find out below in Sylvio: Black Waters—everything we know.

What is Sylvio: Black Waters?

Sylvio: Black Waters

Sylvio: Black Waters is an upcoming title that hinges on atmospheric horror storytelling. The game is a sequel to Sylvio 2, which continues the story of audio recordist Juliette Waters. Juliette communes with disgruntled spirits to survive a treacherous night. In the original title, she started her journey into the otherworldly dimensions in an abandoned family park. 

In the sequel, she journeys further into her exploration, finding herself in an abandoned apartment buried by a landslide. Black Waters sets a new scene for another gripping tale that has you exploring the alien world. 


Sticking to its precedence, Sylvio: Black Waters portrays a dark and unsettling world that waits to be discovered. You awake in a mysterious land that bears a close resemblance to Earth. You come across a device that helps you communicate with alien lifeforms who once inhabited the place. The device, via audio logs, connects you to Lee, a man who claims he was the last survivor of the alien plant that closely resembles Earth. The game follows in the footsteps of its predecessors by sticking to interactive storytelling that unravels through disembodied voices. 

From the horse's mouth, here's how the official description reads:

Players will discover a mysterious device that allows them to commune with spirits. One such voice that echoes from the device comes from a man named Lee, who claims to be the sole survivor of this place.

By tuning in to the disembodied voices of those who once inhabited this world—breaking its oppressive silence—players piece together an enthralling story of how this place came to be. Answers about the past and, possibly, the future await as players delve further into the pitch darkness at the heart of this world.


Sylvio: Black Waters

Sylvio: Black Waters is a first-person horror game that centers on exploration. Players will explore the enigmatic dimension by decoding audio-based puzzles to listen to the voices of the past. Also included are video recordings that help you uncover clues. The game also hints at using physics-bending techniques in a world that defies gravity.

Moreover, combat is present in the original title. However, the second installment has little to no elements of combat. Instead, the ghosts communicate their past ghastly lives instead of dishing out revenge. From the trailer, combat is making a comeback. Juliette, whom we assume is the returning protagonist, is seen reloading a ‘Canister Blaster' to vanquish an oddity. The game will feature air-blasted weapons that players can use for defense. This delightful update is a welcome relief, as it grants players an exciting respite from solitary sleuthing. 

The protagonist also relies on her devices to communicate with the oddities. In the previous titles, players used Electronic Voice Phenomena to vary white noise channels. The upcoming title translates this to a handheld, small-sized television that conjures glimpses of the alternate realm. By cranking a lever, players can view the world they existed in before through the diminutive TV. For audio logs, the protagonist has what we assume to be a smartwatch that acts as a conduit for the ethereal voices. It is fascinating to see the integration of modern devices into the game.


DreadXP and Stroboskop are jointly steering the development of this highly anticipated game. The original game, crafted by the sole efforts of Niklas Swanberg, featured the innovative use of voice synthesis software to give life to spectral voices. However, the second installment truly etched the series into the gaming landscape. Sylvio 2 earned the prestigious “Best Original Game” title at the 2015 TIGA Awards, firmly establishing the series' identity.

Given Stroboskop's successful history, we can expect their next creation to be their best yet. Furthermore, DreadXP is known for its expertise in publishing horror games. This bodes well for the upcoming title. 

If you're not familiar with DreadXP's portfolio, their previous works include titles such as Sucker for Love, The Mortuary Assistant, and Hand of Doom.


Sylvio: Black Waters - Announce Trailer

Has Sylvio: Black Waters sparked your interest? If so, the good news is that you can catch a glimpse of what the game is shaping up to be. Developers revealed the game's trailer during the Indie Horror Showcase. You can watch the video above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Sylvio: Black Waters is slated for release in early 2024. The game will be available on PC and unspecified consoles. As far as edits go, we anticipate that as time inches closer, the developers will share more details on special editions. 

Plus, the game is available on wishlist via Steam.

If you are interested in keeping up with Sylvio: Black Waters as it inches closer to completion, you can keep a close eye on the development via the developer's official social handle here. In case of any changes ahead of the game's launch, we'll be sure to rope you in right here on

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Sylvio: Black Waters when it releases on consoles and PC? Let us know your thoughts over on our socials here.

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