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Super Bowl LVIII – Your Sports Betting Guide

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On February 11, at 6 PM ET, the San Francisco 49ers will face Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl LVIII. This Super Bowl will be held in the Allegiant Stadium, Paradise, Nevada, the first Super Bowl to be held in Las Vegas. On the back of beating the Baltimore Ravens and winning the NFL Conference Championships, the Chiefs look set to snap up their third Super Bowl title in a mere 5 years. Interestingly enough, back in 2020, when the Chiefs won their first Super Bowl in the modern era, they faced the 49ers. Kyle Shanahan, head of the 49ers, will face Andy Reid (head coach of the Chiefs) in the Super Bowl for a second time.

The last game was tantalizing enough, with the 49ers leading the game until the Chiefs scored 21 points in the fourth quarter, pushing ahead and sealing their victory. Can they do it again or will the 49ers, who are the bookies' favourites, push on for a historic win.

San Francisco 49ers Overview

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The 49ers had quite a mixed first half of the NFL regular season. They started the season strong, winning 5 games on the go and beating top teams like the Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys, but then they struggled with 3 back to back losses. After regaining some momentum, the team registered some conclusive victories, specifically against the Eagles away, before finishing the regular season with 2 more losses. They won 12 of their 17 games and won the NFC West Division.

In the NFL Playoffs First Round they played against the Green Bay Packers, coming back from 14-21 to win 24-21 in the final quarter. Their triumph over the Detroit Lions in the AFC Conference Championships was also marked by a late push. The third quarter ended 24 all, and in the final quarter a touchdown by Elijah Mitchell, and a field goal and a successful conversion by Jake Moody gave the 49ers the game.

49ers Best Players

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Brock Purdy has established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. Throughout the season, the 49ers have relied on the 24 year old heavily, and he has delivered beyond all expectations. Purdy registered 31 passing touchdowns during the regular season and a further 2 more during the post season games.

Another top player to look out for is Christian McCaffrey, the 49ers' running back, who notched 7 receiving touchdowns and 14 rushing touchdowns during the regular season. He brings a real drive to the 49ers' offensive game. Alongside wide receiver Deebo Samuel, who has a fantastic work ethic, the 49ers are a strong unit.

  • Brock Purdy – Quarterback
  • Christian McCaffrey – Running Back
  • Deebo Samuel – Wide Receiver

Kansas City Chiefs Overview

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The Chiefs were among the favourites when they started the 2023-24 season, and after their first 9 games, they were in prime position with only 2 defeats. In the following 7 games, the Chiefs showed a small dip, losing 3 and winning 4 games, but they finished top of the AFC West Division. The team placed third in the AFC Conference standings, and so had to play in the Wild Card Playoffs. They were seeded against the Miami Dolphins, and the Chiefs had no problems beating their opponents 26-7.

The following game, against the Buffalo Bills, was far more challenging. The Bills put up a strong fight and led by 4 points going into the fourth quarter. Then, the Chiefs kicked in and Isiah Pacheco made a touchdown and Harrison Butker scored the try. This was enough to seal the victory for the Chiefs. In the AFC Conference Championships, the Chiefs faced the Baltimore Ravens. This low scoring affair also ended in victory for the Chiefs, but the Ravens' defense showed some clear fatigue in the Chief’s offensive game.

Chiefs Best Players

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Travis Kelce has blown up all over social media because of his relationship with Taylor Swift. The Grammy award-winning singer has taken the spotlight in the Chief’s games, but this has not had any adverse effect on the team’s mentality. Kelce, a tight end, has been a rock for the Chiefs, and though his form dipped in the regular season, he has come back fighting in the playoffs. Kelce made 5 receiving touchdowns in the regular season and a further 3 in the playoffs.

All eyes will be on Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs’ quarterback. He had a 67% pass completion rate in the regular season, registering 27 passing touchdowns, and made 4 more in the playoffs.

Another key player in the Chiefs’ lineup is Isiah Pacheco. When Pacheco is in his element, he is unstoppable, causing havoc among defences and making rushing touchdowns for fun, but it took him some time to find his a-game during the regular season. Nevertheless, after making 3 touchdowns in the playoffs, he is in fine form for the Super Bowl.

  • Patrick Mahomes – Quarterback
  • Isiah Pacheco – Running Back
  • Travis Kelce – Tight End

Betting on the Super Bowl LVIII

This Super Bowl is already set to become a historic game. Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship has brought masses of attention to the NFL, and with top quality players on both sides, it looks like its going to smash viewership records. One thing's for sure, is that the gambling scene is going to get really big. The Super Bowl looks set to break new records as nearly 68 million Americans have said they want to bet on the Super Bowl. In money terms, the gambling industry is looking at $23 billion in wagers, up 35% from last years Super Bowl.

So how can you get in on the action?

Check out our guide to the best Super Bowl betting sites, and if you are not a user at any of them already, then you can also pick up a generous welcome bonus – by following our links.

There are lots of different ways you can bet on the Super Bowl, and you don't need to stick to simple “who will win” bets either.

Betting on super bowl lviii

Top Betting Picks

On our reviewed Super Bowl betting sites, you will find no shortage of Super Bowl props and betting markets. Getting in on the action is easy, as you can sign up at any betting site within minutes, top up your betting account using a safe payment processor, and then start placing your bets. The real question is what to bet on.

  • San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs?
  • Brock Purdy or Patrick Mahomes?
  • Christian McCaffrey or Isaiah Pacheco?

Game Winner Bets

All the betting sites lean more towards the 49ers, but the odds for both teams are quite close. Even looking at the point spreads, most betting sites give lines of -2 or -2.5 on the 49ers and +2 or +2.5 on the Chiefs.

By picking a moneyline bet or a point spread, you are essentially picking which team will win. However, the spreads can change the criteria you need for your bet to win. A -2.5 spread on the 49ers will mean they need to win the game by 3 points or more, so basically a field goal. You don’t need to stick with the official line either. If you think the 49ers will win the game by, say a touchdown, you can pick a line of -5.5, which will come at longer odds.

Total Points Bets

Some punters find more success in betting on how many points will be scored in a game. Like the point spreads, these bets use a betting line. You can place a bet on the game to end with over the line or under the line. Of course, you don’t need to stick to the official line either. You can always look in the alternate total points betting market and look for a higher, or lower line.

Also, it is important to note that the total points bet relates to the combined score of both teams. If you want to bet on the points scored by a single team, you can look for San Francisco 49ers Total Points or Kansas City Chiefs Total Points betting markets.

Quarterback Wagers

Passing yards and total passing touchdowns are the ones to go for if you want to back one of the quarterbacks. Again, Purdy is tipped by the bookmakers to beat Mahomes, but the gap between the two quarterbacks is not massive.

Look for bets such as total passing yards, total passing touchdowns and you may even find some betting sites have head to head quarterback bets.

Touchdown Props

Unlike the quarterback bets, there are loads more players to pick from when you look at the touchdown props. You can bet on Travis Kelce, Isiah Pacheco, Christian McCaffrey or Deebo Samuel, among more.

You can bet on a player to score 1 or more touchdowns, 2+, and even 3+ touchdowns in the Super Bowl. There may also be betting options for which player will score the first touchdown in a game and who will score the last. There are even yes/no markets for players to score at any time during the game. Therefore, you can even bet on players to not score a touchdown during the Super Bowl.

Quarters and Halves

Going on previous games, both teams have shown a lot of resilience in the final half or quarter. You can find moneylines, point spreads and total points bets on each individual quarter and half of the game. There may also be bets on half time and full time result, in which you have to predict the winner at both intervals during the game, for much longer odds.


When talking about parlay bets, most players think of betting on different games. But you can also place same game parlays, or combo bets. The same game parlay combinations and offerings vary between sportsbooks, but for the Super Bowl you can probably find some fantastic selections.

Imagine combining a moneyline, total points, anytime touchdown player bet and a quarterback passing yards bet all in one.

Live Betting

The rivetting betting action does not stop there either. Once the game starts, you will have loads of live betting markets to pick from. If you have a good knowledge of American football and can pick up some early signs of where the game is headed, you can use those instincts to your favour. Live betting is not only about placing bets either. For some of your selections, you may be offered cash outs too. Nothing beats a little extra security, especially if you have a high cash out offer and don't want to risk waiting for the end of the game.


The Super Bowl LVIII will really be a landmark event. Hopefully, the game lives up to all the hype and we will see lots of points on both sides. And, with some luck, you may be able to make some good profit on your betting predictions.

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