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Steam Deck gets Windows 10, Valve confirms Windows 11



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After a successful launch on February 25, Steam Deck continues to create buzz. And now, the handheld console is once again the center of discussion with the release of Windows 10 drivers. Deck owners can now install Windows 10 on their devices.

The drivers will be released for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPU. As of now, there would be no audio support as AMD is still working with the audio drivers. This means that the 3.5mm audio port and Steam's speakers do not provide audio yet. For audio, users will have to opt for Bluetooth or USB audio devices.

Further, Steam Deck will soon get Windows 11 drivers out. But currently, the handheld console does not support fTPM which is needed for Windows 11. Valve's Deck will be capable of dual booting, but it is not yet functional. The feature would be enabled once SteamOS 3 is ready to ship. So, to install Windows 10 now, users will have to replace SteamOS.

Valve's new Deck can be dubbed as a handheld x86 PC that can support and run any desktop operating system. But to be fully functional, it will require native driver support. Steam Deck comes with SteamOS pre-installed on it. The Linux-based OS runs Windows games via Proton emulator.

SteamOS, the operating system that comes with the Deck, is designed especially for Steam Deck. The OS delivers decent game support right now. Of course, it does not support every single game on the Steam store just yet. Users cannot install games from other sources like Microsoft Store. And to get games from the Game Pass, you need Microsoft Store. This is why users are eager to install Windows on their Steam Deck and access a wider variety of games.

On a completely different note, a recent statement from Valve has stated that they were working hard to address the supply shortages. Steam Deck will soon be made available in more regions later this year.

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