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5 Best Multiplayer Games on Steam Deck 

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As the temperatures rise up and people flock to the local pool or beach, there's no denying that summer is officially here. But if you want to stay home, fight the heat, and have some fun, we've got five of the best multiplayer games on Steam Deck right now. This list has something for everyone, from adrenaline-pumping shooters to strategic deck builders. So, if you're looking for a new game to play with friends or just want some ideas on what to play next, keep reading for our top five suggestions!


5. Phogs

Phogs is one of the multiplayer games that not only works perfectly on Steam Deck but is also quite stimulating to play. The game suits the summer moods as it is just a fun-filled, relaxing adventure for you and your buddies.

The game features a double-headed dog, red and purple, out to explore and simply ‘be a dog.' You'll have to bounce through different hurdles to reach your desired goal as you play the dog. At the same time, you'll have to solve various puzzles and even kill some cartoon monsters threatening your world. 

Now the game gets a bit tricky when trying to control the long stretchy belly to send the dog to complete a specific task. Imagine trying to roll a cylindrical barrel up a hilly slope without hands or feet. Then add the aspect of being a two-headed character controlled by two separate controllers. Phogs is honestly a game worth a grab. The world in Phogs is fun and has catchy graphics and smooth controls to make your gameplay such an adventurous scene.


4. Rocket League

For the lovers of blood-thrilling racing games, Rocket League is your pick. Prepare for a fantastic summer if you have a stable internet connection and at least 14GB memory capacity. Rocket League lets you and your team compete in an invigorating car sporting experience. The epic control and multiple game levels will never dull your summer. You can choose to play normal, hoops, snow-day, rumble, and rumble based on your expertise. 

Unfortunately, the free-to-play game was not available for download on steam decks. However, a few sites allow you to download a Steam Deck version without complications. Whether a newbie or a champ, Rocket League is a superb online co-op game option.


3. Cuphead

If you want to escape reality for a while and engage in an endless loop of terrifying and brutal fights, Cuphead is your game. The game is a thrilling, action-filled adventure that will have you forgetting the boredom that can come with summer.

Cuphead is an intense shooting game that employs the old cartoon characters in an endless maze of horror. The game improves with friends as it is an extreme test of endurance and reflexes. You will have yourselves screaming and shouting your hearts out as you try to escape and shoot multiple fast-moving enemies.

One aspect that will make you love the game is that you never get bored at any point. The end of one level introduces a new and even more difficult series. With a tag mate, the game gets even more invigorating as you struggle to remain alive, kill the enemies and quickly revive your friend when they die. Coupled with epic design and smooth controls, Cuphead promises an adventurous summer.


2. Brothers: A Tale of 2 Sons

Brothers: A Tale of 2 Sons is a game worth checking out for gamers with a duo that can strike an excellent harmony in gaming. The adventure features two brothers on a journey to find a cure for their sick father before he dies. The game will not necessarily have your heart pumping aimlessly. However, you will have to battle and maneuver some orcs, aggressive dogs, trolls, bullies, and even wolves. At the same time, you will need to save characters in trouble on your way.

Due to its emotional setting, Brothers: A Tale of 2 Sons is a perfect fit for family members or close friends. It is a great bonding activity that will bring you fun while at it. However, the flip side to this game is that the multiplayer mode uses one controller. That means that you can only use one hand to control either side of the control. This way, each player will be in control of one of the brothers.

The game gets even trickier when you have to calculate each move together. There are hurdles in which you need each other to work hand in hand to complete successfully. Regardless, this game will certainly bring you closer to that particular person during the summer.


1. Valheim

If you're looking for a Viking-themed adventure that you can enjoy with friends this summer, Valheim is the perfect game for you. The 4GB game simply needs steady internet connectivity to give you and your team an adventurous experience. Lest we undersell the title, Valheim is a brutal escapade that will have you clenching your teeth, hoping you have what it takes to survive countless horrors.Your main task is to destroy Odin’s enemies in the dreaded Valheim to regain its glory and make it habitable. With that said, in a troop of up to ten vikings you'll face deadly monsters in battle. In combat, you need to destroy before the rivals kill your character.

And although you can play the game in single-mode, Valheim is more exciting with a team. The team will make the combat much easier and lower your chances for destruction. And hey! Its summer, gaming is more epic when you can share the rush of Valheim with friends.

The nerve-racking, action-packed game has epic graphics, excellent sound mixes, and a fantastic layout to grasp your attention throughout the gameplay. So go ahead and invite your friends to enjoy Valheim.

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