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Games on Steam: A Viking Adventure

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Games on Steam is a weekly installment that tackles the latest and greatest Indie games from this popular platform. Today, we build Viking outposts, look for mythical Doomsdragon, exchange punches with hobos, and shoot our way through the imaginary socialist country.


To kick things off, we have an immersive online survivor game influenced by a Viking culture. Set in a procedurally generated universe, Valheim tasks you with exploring a vast mystical world. On your journey, you will gather materials, craft armors and weapons, raise outposts, build impressive warships, and battle other tribes. Combat, especially boss fights, is pretty fun and differs depending on your playstyle. Although still in early-access, Varheim has more than enough content to keep players occupied for weeks.

Games on Steam: Valheim

An atmospheric open-world survival game Steam

Kyvir: Rebirth

Up next, a charming roguelike RPG/card game in the vein of Slay the Spire. In it, you will explore the dangerous dungeons of Kyvir, in search of legendary Doomsdragon. What makes it different, is the mechanics that lets you control 2 decks at once, which gives you plenty of interesting options. So far, there are only 2 playable classes, but with 100+ skills, utilities, and items to choose from, it gives you plenty of things to explore. Ultimately, Kyvir is a fun card game with great artwork, and we can't wait to see how it will evolve.Kyvir gameplayA fun card game with a unique concept Steam

Garbage: Hobo Prophecy

Garbage: Hobo Prophecy is a quirky simulation/strategy that lets you see the world from the homeless perspective. Find out how to stay fed, warm, and relatively clean, all while battling other hobos that are not all right in the head.  Create a perfect fighter by leveling up some of the 100+ skills and build a team that works together. This is only a prologue to the upcoming game that will be out sometime in 2021. So far, we are looking at a fun and challenging sim with a lot of space to grow.

Games on Steam: Garbage

A weird and often hilarious simulation  Steam


If you are into retro shooters, this one will likely be up your alley. HROK is an apocalyptic FPS set in an imaginary socialist country where something has gone terribly wrong. From the get-go, the game sets a grimy and claustrophobic atmosphere that only gets more intense as you play. HROK mixes great combat mechanics, with a 90's art style and plenty of secrets that will keep you coming back for quite a while.

HROT Gameplay

If Quake was a Slavic game Steam


Lastly, we have a great adventure called Olija, which's perfect for the fans of pixel art. After a shipwreck, you find yourself trapped in the land called Terraphage. Armed with a powerful harpoon, you have to help other castaways escape this dangerous world. Olija surprised us at every corner, from its inhabitants and great atmosphere, up to the story twists. The game also has a great musical score, which mixes lo-fi with traditional Japanese music. All in all, Olija is an intriguing adventure that doesn't overstay its welcome.

Games on Steam: Olija

Don't look up Steam

Amazing games keep coming out every week! Check out the previous edition of Games on Steam to find the best of them. 

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