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Players huddle around a festive campfire in Sky Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light is a title that is not only ambitious in its trajectory but phenomenal in the experience it offers players. The game hopes to highlight the social aspects of the MMO genre by bringing everyone together through its peaceful gameplay. The game focuses heavily on player exploration & discovery and how our discoveries connect us to others. This makes it a game that fully embraces its very tangible sense of community & freedom. The beautifully designed open world within the game also marvelously frames the fantastic nature of its gameplay. So, if you would like to learn more about this ambitious & promising title. Here is Sky: Children of the Light — Everything We Know.

What is Sky: Children of the LightObserving a mountain in Sky Children of the Light

As alluded to above, this game focuses heavily on the social aspects of the MMO genre. It manages to accomplish this through systems that not only encourage player cooperation but reward them for doing so. The game famously set a record for the most people present at a virtual concert, making massive waves among the gaming community. The game is an adventure that players can wholeheartedly cozy up to throughout their playtime. Within the game, there are several ways to enjoy the experience. Regardless of how you enjoy this title, however, one thing remains the same: the game's endearing commitment to the game's community.

StoryCharacters traveling through a meadow in Sky Children of the light

The story of Sky: Children of the Light is one of the game's core aspects that it hopes to highlight through the player experience. Players are tasked with freeing the spirits of their ancestors, which makes for a great motivator throughout the journey. To accomplish this, players must maneuver throughout the game's beautifully designed realms. Here is where they will meet & work together with other players. The game gives players options to either free them once they locate them or they can allow them to return to their celestial home. Regardless of what you choose, the journey to save them is made all the more magical by the presence and cooperation of others.

GameplayPlayers soaring with one another in Sky Children of the Light

The core gameplay within this title not only wholeheartedly encourages social interaction through its gameplay mechanics, but it also instills a sense of wonder within the player. This is due to the nature of the game's art direction and general feel. The excellent direction of the game's art can also be seen within the structure of levels within it. For those unaware, in this title, players are able to travel through realms that have been specially tailored to invoke certain emotions in the player. As they make their way through these breathtaking locations, players can find candles and plants. These are used for players to interact with for different purposes. Candles in the game are used for currency to obtain in-game items, as well as collecting light throughout the game.

Collecting light and finding your celestial brethren is part of what makes up this game's core gameplay loop. Additionally, within the game, there are seasonal events that players can participate in. Within these events, players can use particular candles called Seasonal candles within the event for event-exclusive items. This makes the participation in these events, as well as the importance of these items, feel all the more spectacular. The other activity players can participate in is collecting the leftover light within these items.

One of the most prominent aspects of the game is the social aspects of it. For example, players can meet players early on in the game and travel with them throughout their journey. This not only makes the journey feel all the more magical but can open some interesting gameplay opportunities. Throughout your travels, you will have to replenish your resources, where cooperation can come in extremely handy. Sky: Children of the Light‘s gameplay is one of the key factors attracting players to this fantastic title.


Sky: Children of the Light - June 2019 Trailer

The trailer for this game reveals quite a lot of information to the player. To begin with, the stunning environmental design is on full display straight out of the gate. The trailer opens up with a wonderous, evocative landscape in the clouds. Shortly after the opening, we can see the majestic creatures as they soar through the skies, as well as ancient ruins for players to find and explore. Also showcased within this trailer is the game's stellar flight mechanics. These flight mechanics appear to be silky smooth and really capture the freedom that flying through the sky evokes.

Following this, the player can be seen traversing several different landscapes, each of which has a unique look and feel to them. This not only showcases the visual variety within the game but also gives players a taste of what to expect from the in-game locations. After this, we see the player traveling through a forest with a companion, again emphasizing the game's cooperative nature. Players can be seen conversing with spirits as well, giving the trailer a serene tone. In contrast, the location we visit within the game appears to be much darker, with a more dreary ambiance than the first location. Here, players are shown traveling through the area once again, relying on one another to progress. To close this section, throughout the trailer, you are able to see the interconnectivity of the game's worlds, how they interact with the player, and much more.

Release Date & PlatformsPlayers traveling through the snow in Sky Children of the Light

As many players might already be aware, Sky: Children of the Light has already been released on a number of platforms. The game is available on PC, PlayStation 5PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android devices. No matter where you choose to play, however, the experience is stunning across all the platforms. In closing, the commitment this title has shown not only to its community but to new players of the game as well is nothing short of inspiring. The game offers a fantastic range of experiences for players to partake in alongside one another. These experiences are undoubtedly part of its magic.

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