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Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town — Everything We Know

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The Nintendo Direct showcase unveiled a list of interesting upcoming games that Nintendo fans will definitely ooze over. The event gave us a first glimpse of Shin Chan: Shiro of Coal Town, a new Shin Chan adventure game by Neos. The game is based on Crayon Shin Chan, a beloved manga series written and illustrated by Yoshito Usui.

The series follows a family with two kids and a dog. The plot centers on Shin-Chan, the son, and his daily adventures. Intriguing is his life, such that various video game adaptations have seen the light of day. And now, we are yet to immerse ourselves in another Shin-Chan adventure.

So what is Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town? Now that it has a worldwide release, will it become a fan favorite for gamers outside of Japan? Let's find out below in Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town—Everything We Know.

What is Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town?

Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town

Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town is a brand-new title that follows the adventurous life of Shin-Chan (Shinnossuke). The adventures of Shin-Chan began in 1990, after the debut of the manga series. Since then, the 5-year-old boy has been on an endless journey of exploration, wrapped up in wholesome gameplay.

The game's predecessor, Shin-chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation, sends players on an escapade in a farming village. Shin-can earns money running errands while also capturing the breathtaking scenes around him. He would then sell his pictures to a newspaper editor, which marks the game's main progress point.

In the upcoming title, Shin-Chan and his insatiable appetite for adventure will feature in a new town.


Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town

Now that we know who the main character is, Shin Chan and his dog, Shiro, will be exploring the dystopian town of Akita. The Nahora family has moved to another location for the summer vacation. But this town is quite different from the others Shin-chan has been to. The premise is similar to other games – catching bugs, exploring, and fishing. But there is an element of mystery in the new town. Not only are there guards donning masks, but also a tower that's holding a villain. 

To give you a clear idea of the upcoming title, here's the game's official description:

In Shin-chan: The Castle of Coal Town, Shin-chan and the Nohara family visit the city of Akita. The game shows the life of Shin Chan, full of diverse experiences with Shiro, as he travels between two worlds: the real world and a mysterious city.

With familiar characters, unique plot-stirring characters, and detailed graphics and environments, Shin-chan: Shiro of Coal Town can be enjoyed by a wide range of gamers of all ages, from fans of Shin Chan to players who want to experience a large-scale story.


From the look of things, this will be your usual boy-meets-world adventure. But the element of mystery in the narrative departs from the wacky storyline of the game's predecessors. Moreover,  expect a fair share of satire from the inquisitive explorer of endless wonders.

The simulation game will bear countless similarities to the other games before it. In another town, Shin-chan lets his curious mind lead the way. We're not certain whether he is on vacation, but given the free time on his hands, he must be out of school for the holidays.

Shin-chan will be traversing the lush-filled world, discovering new areas, catching bugs, and interacting with those older than him. 

In the series, Shin Chan's inquisitive nature is infused with categorical humor. As a child with an innocent brain, his childlike attempts to understand the world shine in his inappropriate questions. He may ask angry-looking men how many times they've been to the police station, while for the elderly, his thirst for knowing how old they are comes out obnoxiously. 

Aside from that, the trailer hints at other activities, such as wagon racing. 

Plus, if the game's predecessor is anything to go by, we assume that players will be free to do as they please. There's no clear objective for what to do. But you have to do the most within the time limit—the holidays.

Moreover, we could see the return of the achievement system that is tied to the activities Shin Chan does. Whether it's growing vegetables, fishing, or catching bugs, there's a reward at the end. 

But one thing is for certain: this is a game where you can simply appreciate the breathtaking visuals while listening to the soothing sounds.


Neos is seeing through the development of this new Shin Chan game. The developer was also behind the creation and publishing of the previous game, Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation. This gives a reason as to why the new title features the same hand-drawn background.

Neos was also involved in the development of the mobile game Crayon Shin-chan: Otetsudai Daisakusen. Going by this, we're confident the upcoming title will retain the same wacky storyline and gameplay that elevates your spirits. 


クレヨンしんちゃん『炭の町のシロ』 [Nintendo Direct 2023.9.14]

The Japanese Nintendo Direct showcase unveiled the game's trailer, which is simply breathtaking. The video hints at the gameplay, including mini-games and Shin-chan's exploration with Shiro. If this game intrigues you, the trailer will do more than whet your appetite. See for yourself in the video embedded above. Disclaimer: It's in Japanese.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town is set to launch in Japan in Winter. The developers have also confirmed a Western release but are yet to provide precise dates. The first Shin Chan game debuted in 2021, and a global release dropped later in 2022. If this is anything to go by, we can expect a worldwide release in 2025.

Interested in keeping up with the game's development? If so, then check in with the devs over on their social handles for all the latest updates here. If anything remotely interesting pops up ahead of its release, we'll be sure to fill you in on all the key details right here on

So, what's your take? Will you be picking up a copy of Shin Chan: The Castle of Coal Town next year? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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