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Sea of Stars: Everything We Know

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Imagine a world where the sun and moon have incredible powers, where an evil alchemist threatens everything, and where two special children are our last hope. This is the world of Sea of Stars, an upcoming RPG that will take you on a magical adventure like no other. With its captivating story, exciting gameplay, and stunning visuals, this game has got gamers everywhere buzzing with anticipation.

But what lies beneath the surface of the Sea of Stars? What mysteries and challenges await those brave enough to embark on this epic journey? These questions resonate within the hearts of gamers everywhere, stirring their curiosity and sparking their imaginations. If you're an RPG fan eagerly anticipating this game and find yourself pondering the same questions, then you're in for a treat! You won't want to miss scrolling any further, because here's everything we know about Sea of Stars.

What is Sea of Stars?

Sea of Stars: Everything We Know

Sea of Stars is an upcoming turn-based RPG that invites players on a grand and enchanting adventure. Drawing inspiration from the classics, this game weaves a captivating tale centered around two Children of the Solstice. These young protagonists harness the powers of the sun and moon to wield Eclipse Magic, the only force capable of countering the abominable creations of the nefarious alchemist known as The Fleshmancer.

In Sea of Stars, players can expect a delightful blend of modernized RPG elements and nostalgic charm. The game promises engaging turn-based combat, immersive storytelling, and interactive exploration. By incorporating a unique combat system, where well-timed actions increase damage output and reduce incoming damage, the gameplay offers a strategic edge. With seamless navigation through a visually stunning world, courtesy of a custom-made render pipeline, players will find themselves engrossed in an awe-inspiring journey. Overall, this game promises to be a captivating and nostalgic RPG experience that combines the best elements of classic games with modern innovations.


In Sea of Stars, players are immersed in a rich and expansive narrative that unfolds across a mesmerizing world. The story centers around two Children of the Solstice, a young boy named Valere and a girl named Zale. These chosen heroes possess the unique ability to harness the powers of the sun and moon, enabling them to perform Eclipse Magic—the only force capable of countering the sinister creations of The Fleshmancer (described as an evil alchemist).

As Valere and Zale embark on their dangerous journey, they encounter a diverse range of characters and experience captivating storylines. Their adventure blends thrilling moments with heartfelt emotions, exploring themes of bravery, friendship, and self-discovery. Along the way, they face unexpected challenges and uncover the true strength that lies within them, as they strive to protect their world from the encroaching darkness.


Sea of Stars features beautiful pixel-art graphics that bring the game's world to life. It offers an exciting and easy-to-understand gameplay experience that combines modern features with nostalgic elements. The combat system adds a unique twist to turn-based battles, making them more engaging and fun.

During combat, players need to time their actions correctly by pressing the action button at the right moment. This increases their damage and reduces the damage they receive. It's all about timing! Players can also unleash powerful combo attacks and use special locks to hinder enemies when they're about to unleash powerful spells or attacks. Moreover, the game eliminates tedious transitions and random encounters, allowing players to explore the world seamlessly. They can swim, climb, vault, and jump effortlessly.

Furthermore, players will experience epic moments, funny situations, and heartfelt encounters. The developers have added surprising twists and events to keep players engaged and entertained. Besides combat and exploration, Sea of Stars offers various activities to enjoy. Players can go sailing, cooking, fish, or relaxing in a tavern and listening to wonderful songs. In short, the game provides a well-rounded experience, paying tribute to classic games while adding modern touches.

That said, developers have stated “Sea of Stars features six unique playable combat characters, each with their own backstory, personal objectives, playstyle, special skills, and synergies with the rest of the party. In this multi-layered story, motivations sometimes align in unexpected ways. ”


Sea of Stars is developed by the talented team at Sabotage Studio, known for their critically acclaimed game “The Messenger.” The same team behind The Messenger has fully transitioned to working on the game, ensuring that the same level of passion, expertise, and attention to detail will be present in the new game.

The developers have revealed that the development process for Sea of Stars began with the team's lifelong hobby of creating a shared universe for their games. They started building the technical foundation for the game in late 2018, and after the successful release of Picnic Panic in July 2019, the entire studio dedicated themselves full-time to the development of Sea of Stars. So, they have got ample time to give their best to develop the game. Also, the game draws inspiration from classic titles like Super Mario RPG, Illusion of Gaia, and Chrono Trigger.


Sea of Stars | Release Date + Switch Demo Announcement Trailer

The first reveal trailer, unveiled in 2020, left gamers craving for more. Since then, the developers have treated us to an announcement trailer and a series of tantalizing short videos. These glimpses into the game provide an immersive experience, giving us a taste of what to expect from Sea of Stars. From epic battles to mesmerizing exploration, the trailer showcases the game's captivating gameplay and stunning visuals. If you haven't witnessed this spectacle yet, don't miss the embedded trailer above.

Release Date, Platforms & Editions

Sea of Stars Game

Fans eagerly anticipating the release of Sea of Stars can mark their calendars for August 29, 2023, when the game is set to launch. The game will be available on both PC and console platforms, ensuring that players can embark on their epic adventure regardless of their preferred gaming system.

You'll be able to dive into the game on platforms such as PC (via Steam), Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Excitingly, you can already add the game to your wishlist on these platforms, so you won't miss out when it finally arrives. As for special editions, the developers have not yet revealed any details. But keep an eye out for any future announcements—they might have some surprises in store for fans of Sea of Stars. Also, you can follow the official social media account of the game for the latest updates about the game here.

So, what do you think about Sea of Stars? Are you excited to embark on this turn-based RPG adventure? Let us know your thoughts on our socials here.

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