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Roots of Pacha: 5 Best Tips for Beginners



Roots of Pacha is a unique farming sim as it's set back in the stone age. There are no fancy tools to help you out here, and the game relies on you to discover farming. Things like irrigation don't even exist yet, and no one in your village is taming animals. When you drop into the game, you are placed in a village that needs a bit of help. While they're doing a decent job at keeping everything running, things could be better. Your task is to get a viable farm up and running to provide for the village. In the guide below, we are here to help you get started with the Roots of Pacha: 5 best tips for beginners.

5. Stock Up on Basics

A campfire in Roots of Pacha.

Everyone knows how easy it can be to get overwhelmed in a farming sim. You go to make a new piece of furniture and boom you are all out of wood. One of the best ways to protect yourself from resource scarcity is to gather them up early on. While it can be tempting to push for bigger and better things, it only slows you down in the long run. Start your game by building up a supply of the most basic materials, and stock up on seeds. You're always going to need a supply of wood and stone, even when you move on to the stronger versions of these resources.

Nothing is worse than having to suddenly halt your progress in a new area to go and collect a handful of wood. Having a surplus of resources gathered when you start the game also ensures that you can move along faster and farm more efficiently. Be sure to take time to gather up each new level of resources to keep this same energy going. Resource management is one of the most important elements of the game, and why this is on of our Roots of Pacha: 5 best tips for beginners.

4. Get to Know The Village

Having a partner in Roots of Pacha.

One of the main features of a game like Roots of Pacha is the villagers. The villagers not only help to build the world around you, but if you are a romantic at heart, one of them can become your spouse. This can't be done quickly, as you will need to build up your relationship with them. All villagers have different gifts that they enjoy, and learning them early on is a huge advantage. If you can figure out what someone likes in the early hours of the game, then you can start befriending them. This is almost a must as it takes quite a bit of in-game time to make friends.

Character's growth cutscenes are locked behind certain levels of friendship. While you can ignore this feature of the game, doing so will likely make your playthrough feel a bit hollow. Even if you can't give gifts, at least make sure to talk to each villager once per day. Since Pacha is a farming sim, we couldn't help, but add relationship tips to our Roots of Pacha: 5 best tips for beginners.

3. Start Contributing

The village in Roots of Pacha.

You are not going to get very far in this game without acquiring currency. In Pacha, you don't get coins or gold, you get Contribution. This is done by donating items to the contribution bin in the middle of the village. At the end of each day, you will get a Contribution based on what you donate. Contribution can be used in stores and helps to raise your village's prosperity. When prosperity is raised, the village has the ability to grow and unlock new technology. In some cases this can even unlock new establisments.

Even if you only have a few items to contribute each day make sure to do so. The earlier you start this process, the more you can do without having to stress yourself out. You can even focus on growing crops or gathering items specifically to contribute. Since the contribution is such an important part of the game, we included it in the Roots of Pacha: 5 best tips for beginners.

2. Expand Your Farm

A character irrigating a farm in faming/life sim Roots of Pacha.

When you first get started, your farmland is covered in rocks, weeds, and wood. While it may seem like a good idea to just clear out a small patch we advise against this. Go ahead and spend a few days clearing out the whole field. This will give you a larger range to plant crops and give you a decent amount of starting resources. This is even more important if you are playing in co-op as it gives everyone room to do their own farming.

As days go on, new debris will appear in your field. Make sure to clear these out as they pop up to keep it from getting overrun. Field maintenance is a must to keep everything running smoothly and a great way to get some extra resources. If nothing else, then you can even take turns clearing the field if you're playing with a friend to make the task less tedious. While field clearing is a boring part of farming sims, it's also one of the most important placing it on our list of the Roots of Pacha: 5 best tips for beginners.

1. Follow The Tutorials

Playing the music mini-game in Roots of Pacha.

Finally, it's extremely important that you don't just speed through text. By doing the tutorials and paying attention when new technology is introduced you can learn a lot. Roots of Pacha does function a bit differently from other farming sims on the market. In order to ensure your having an easy experience, the tutorials were put into place. They describe how to perform tasks,  what certain items do, and how each new type of technology can improve your farm to make gameplay a bit less grindy.

While listening to NPCs explain the functions of a new feature may be boring it's a necessary evil. You never know how easy it can be to miss a gaming feature until you've done it, especially in a game with so many complicated mechanics. Tutorials may be boring, but their effect on gameplay helped them to get on our Roots of Pacha: 5 best tips for beginners guide.


So, what's your take on our picks for the Roots of Pacha: Pacha: 5 best tips for beginners? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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