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5 Best Games Like Roots of Pacha



A character irrigating a farm in faming/life sim Roots of Pacha.

Roots of Pacha is a game all about going back to the stone age and learning to farm. This all takes place in a world made of pixels. You will make friends with prehistoric animals, build new technology, and discover the meaning of love, all while growing your farm. If you are looking for other laid-back games with a similar feel, then check out the list below for the 5 Best Games Like Roots of Pacha

5. Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper Announcement Trailer

Graveyard Keeper isn't your snuggly farming sim, but it does offer fun gameplay. This is a single-player experience that is perfect for older gamers. The game casts you in the role of a graveyard keeper with some very morally questionable gameplay. You will manage the graveyard, make burgers, and negotiate with a hostile donkey. The game has more crafting than you can shake a stick at for dozens of hours of gameplay fun. This is all rolled into a wonderful pixel art style that perfectly catches the medieval vibe. There's a lot of dark comedy here, so if you're looking for a good laugh, Graveyard Keeper has it.

There are plenty of storylines to uncover, and while you won't be getting married, there's a fun main story to follow. Plenty of characters, like Gerry the Skull, will have you laughing in no time. The gameplay itself isn't hard, and there are tons of nitty-gritty details for those who love a true crafting challenge. There's even a small bit of farming to help you feed the angry donkey. Due to its engrossing gameplay loop, we can't help but to include it on our list of the 5 best games like Roots of Pacha.

4. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Trailer

Stardew Valley is one of the most recognizable farming sims out there. It has a cheery pixel art style and is known for its heartwarming storylines. The game drops you onto your grandfather's farm, where you must pick up farming. The local town is suffering, mostly due to a corporate franchise called Joja. As the new farmer, you must decide whether to side with the town or a powerful corporation. Depending on what you do, you can have a different gameplay experience. This game also offers multiplayer with up to four players at a time.

This allows you to live out your farm life with friends, and there are several different farm maps to choose from. Stardew Valley is still being updated and has quite a bit of mod support. This keeps the game fresh, and due to its friendly user interface, it can be enjoyed by a wide range of gamers. If you like planting crops, raising farm animals, and fighting through mines, then this game is perfect. As one of the best pixel art games ever made, we had to put it on our list of 5 games like Roots of Pacha.

3. My Time at Sandrock

My Time at Sandrock - A Builder's Life Trailer

My Time at Sandrock is a 3D crafting game with similar features to Roots of Pacha. The game sends you to a dystopian town named Sandrock. Here there is a lot of Desert and a town that's seen better days. You will get a free workshop, but building new items is quite a challenge. The game sends you on a long grind of collecting and converting items. You then use these converted items to make larger items, like a crane, to help the town. If you are looking for a lot of bang for your buck, then Sandrock will provide you with dozens of hours of fun. The game can even be played multiplayer on PC, with console multiplayer coming in the future. 

Of course, no sim game is complete without tons of romance options. Sandrock has a huge cast of characters you can woo. Each character has their own story, and the game is filled with cutscenes to help pull you into its world. While you won't find much farming, the crafting system more than makes up for it. It's easy to pour several hours into each session without even realizing how much time has gone by. Because of this, My Time at Sandrock is one of our 5 best games like Roots of Pacha.

2. Coral Island

Coral Island 1.0 Trailer

Coral Island is another 3D game, but with a top-down style similar to Roots of Pacha. This time, the game is set on a tropical island, where your main focus is farming. You can befriend the townsfolk, of which there is a large cast. There are also activities like diving and helping the coral reefs that you won't find in other games. This gives Coral Island a unique feel to the other games on this list. I'd also like to mention that the cast of dateable characters is incredibly diverse and not just filled with happy young adults.

Some of the topics touched on in this game are much deeper than found in other titles. The character, Suki, especially helps the game stand out as she's a single mother that you can date. If you are looking for sunny skies and a tropical environment, then check out Coral Island. It's one of our 5 games like Roots of Pacha.

1. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life - Launch Trailer | PS5 Games

Finally, we have a series that helped start the whole farming genre. Story of Seasons, formally known as Harvest Moon, is a steadfast farming sim. Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life is one of the crown jewels of the series. The game takes you through life as a farmer. You grow your farm, get married, and watch your child grow up. As you age, so does the town around you, helping you to write out the story of your life. There's plenty to do and many friendly faces to meet in Forget-Me-Not-Valley.

If you are looking for a unique experience, then this is the game for you. Not only are the farming mechanics fun, but the focus on the characters and living out a farmer's life is phenomenal. There are plenty of emotional scenes to pull you in, and you won't forget your neighbors anytime soon. Because of this, A Wonderful Life is one of our 5 games like Roots of Pacha.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like Roots of Pacha? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

Judson Holley is a writer that began his career as a ghostwriter. Returning to the mortal coil  to work among the living. With some of his favorite games being tactical FPS games such as Squad and the Arma series. Although this could not be further from the truth as he enjoys games with deep stories such as the Kingdom Hearts series as well as Jade Empire and The Knights of the Old Republic series. When not attending to his wife, Judson often tends to his cats. He also has a knack for music mainly composing for and playing piano.