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5 Best Games Like My Time At Sandrock



My Time At Sandrock is a charming, cozy farming/crafting sim. In it, players will be tasked with aiding the townsfolk of Sandrock, all while progressing their own abilities. This makes for a great gameplay loop that it, as well as games like it, utilizes. These games offer an astounding amount of replayability for the player. As well as an excellent balance between challenging and rewarding gameplay. That said if you are in the market for something similar. Please enjoy our picks for the 5 Best Games Like My Time At Sandrock.

5. Palia

Starting off today's entry of the best games like My Time At Sandrock, here we have Palia. While it might not be fully released yet, the playable Open Beta phase of the game has already attracted tons of attention. Serving as a beautiful combination of farming/life sim elements with the cooperative nature of an MMO, this title has an astronomical amount of potential. In Palia, players are able to learn about the residents of its unique world, all while shaping said world in their own way. Whether you are someone who is more quest-oriented or more of a life skills/crafting enjoyer, there is something here for everyone.

Couple this with the game's unique and endearing art style, and you have a recipe for success. That is not all this title has to offer players, either. The crafting mechanics in the game require players to put forth considerable effort for wonderful rewards. You can cook, smith, and participate in many other activities that have become staples of the games, similar to My Time At Sandrock. So, if this sounds like it could be up your alley, check out Palia, one of the best games like My Time At Sandrock.

4. Disney Dreamlight Valley

We are staying somewhat in the same vein for our next entry. Here, we have Disney Dreamlight Valley. Using the fantasy-filled world of Disney as a base for a phenomenal life sim is, in a word, genius. The inherent coziness that comes with seeing your favorite Disney characters and exploring a vast world with them is, in many ways, unmatched. Everything from gardening to cooking and many more of your life sim staples are available here, all with their own magical touches. Players can customize their homes to a respectable degree as well, making a house feel like home.

The amount of content available within Disney Dreamlight Valley is also fantastic. This is due to the fact that each and every character present within the game has their own story arc. These arcs flesh them out as characters, as well as the world. This makes it the kind of experience that players can not only connect with. But also build a strong bond with the player, all while offering a fantastic place for self-expression. All in all, Disney Dreamlight Valley is one of the best games like My Time At Sandrock you can play today.

3. Wildmender

We are changing things up quite a bit with our next entry. Here, we have Wildmender, an open-world survival game with an emphasis on bringing life back into a barren desert. This premise alone makes Wildmender really intriguing, but it is how it pulls off this premise that really makes this title shine. Players will be outfitted with a multitude of tools at their disposal to use in order to revitalize the area. Along the way, they will encounter many creatures and biomes during their journey. This not only gives the world of Wildmender quite a bit of variety but also feeds quite well into the game's survival mechanics.

Seeing the vast space of sand slowly become more populated with greenery is a feeling that never ceases to be satisfying. To aid in their survival, players will have to live off of the land. This will see them searching for resources and attempting to scavenge for whatever they may find. Additionally, for players who want to bring their friends along, the game features a four-person co-op. All around, Wildmender is one of the best games like My Time At Sandrock you can jump into today.

2. Coral Island

We are following up on our last entry with another strong title. Coral Island is a farming/life sim title that has recently celebrated its 1.0 release. With that release comes tons of content for players, both new and old, to enjoy. This is great and only serves to make the more vibrant world present within Coral Island gleam ever brighter. Despite being in Early Access, this title not only has tons of features for players to enjoy but, perhaps more importantly, has a fleshed-out world in which to enjoy it.

The game features many systems that players will no doubt be familiar with. These include genre staples such as farming crafting and more. However, Coral Island does feature a plethora of people to get to know, with well over seventy characters for the player to befriend. This makes the game's world feel all the more inviting in a way that not only incentivizes the player to interact with them but encourages them to do so. In short, Coral Island is one of the best games like My Time At Sandrock to date.

1. Moonstone Island

We are closing out our list today of the best games like My Time At Sandrock with Moonstone Island. For players who enjoy their cozy games with a bit of a creature collecting twist, Moonstone Island is for you. In this creature-collecting life sim, players will meet an assortment of unforgettable characters and go on many adventures throughout their playtime. The central premise of the game sees players attempting to become an Alchemist. In doing so, they must travel the world in search of knowledge in order to further their goals.

The worlds within Moonstone Island are procedurally generated, meaning you can always find something new to explore. There are around a hundred islands in total, making it a varied experience throughout. There is also an in-depth skill system for players to utilize and make their own unique builds in the game. Added to this, there is crafting, gardening, and much more. So, if you are in the market for games like My Time At Sandrock, give Moonstone Island a try.

So, what's your take on our picks for the 5 Best Games Like My Time At Sandrock? Let us know over on our socials here or down in the comments below.

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